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There are 36 comments on the Carrollton Free Press Standard story from Nov 5, 2013, titled Carrollton Free Press Standard News | Voter turnout 'light'; election officials pleased with perf.... In it, Carrollton Free Press Standard reports that:

Board of Elections officials predicted that 45 percent of the county's 18,128 registered voters would cast ballots.

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Uhrichsville, OH

#21 Nov 7, 2013
To Parent:

"To your opinion, I get we have to pay salaries. But You never addressed My response with the trailers? How were they planning on buying trailers hooking up elect ect. we are so broke but yet they got the money for that. That was my hardest statement to over come, and the fact he could not give me a answer. If it wasn't for that I would have voted for the levy. Maybe the school should consider how it approaches its levys and the questions asked with better resp. I wasn't born in the 70"s so can't answer that. I'm on boarder of sandy vally worse comes to worse thats will my kids will go. Thats called making the smarter choice."

Aside from making absurd statements, your English is terrible. I feel sorry for your child. Any how, this response isn't about your "use" of the English language. This response stems from the fact that you said that you would send your child to Sandy Valley. Sandy Valley actually passes levies. Their school looks like a castle. They actually care about their children.

I want the students of Carroll County to enjoy the same educational opportunities as students from schools like Sandy Valley. That only happens if people like YOU educate yourself.

Instead of finding reasons to vote no, why not try to find reasons to vote yes? Just a thought...
Tired of the Game

Minerva, OH

#22 Nov 7, 2013
From the looks of the spelling and grammar , I think they ALL must have gone to Carrollton schools . What does that tell you ? Argue as you may folks, until the people feel the school district is doing a better job NO one is going to vote for ANY school levy for Carrollton Exempted Schools and that's a sorry FACT .
FU tired

Uhrichsville, OH

#23 Nov 7, 2013
You can stick it in your @$$, tired of the game. A school district doesn't get an excellent with distinction score without doing something right. To pretend the school isn't doing a good job at educating is just plain absurdity.

Dover, OH

#24 Nov 7, 2013
FU tired wrote:
You can stick it in your @$$, tired of the game. A school district doesn't get an excellent with distinction score without doing something right. To pretend the school isn't doing a good job at educating is just plain absurdity.

Geez, get over yourself. An excellent rating has a lot to do with parents who care and take responsibility for their child's education. A new, pretty building doesn't do that.
As far as Sandy Valley, that building already has some MAJOR issues. Certainly not worth the burden put on the property owners. These NEW expensive schools are only made to last on average 25 years. Not worth the money.

The future holds potential with the internet home schooling, reduced building, busing, teachers and expense. Much safer too. Don't have to worry about the past abused student coming to gun everyone down.

Louisville, OH

#25 Nov 7, 2013
Roger, your comments are a joke. This levy wasn't about a new shiny building, let's keep that in mind, shall we? It was about keeping our old, out of date, falling apart buildings running as is without making ridiculous cuts that will endanger the quality of the children's education. For you to insinuate that the excellent rating has mostly to do with parents and next to nothing to do with the stellar performance of the teachers shows exactly how out of touch you are. Great teachers get great results. Great teachers can help the children in this community despite the community's lack of support. If the parents cared about their child's education, they would stop running down the school and support it, knowing that, in order to give their child the best future possible, education must come first. You, sir, are the one needing to get over yourself. You have no answers, only insults and fear tactics. How can supporting education be a bad thing? How can you sit there and argue that these teachers have not done their absolute best despite the ignorant and hateful (like yourself) in order to help our children better themselves? Most of these children spend more time with their teachers getting an excellent education than with their parents. Is that the fault of the parent? Not always. Some parents have to work late shifts, others just don't care. Yes, some parents support their children and help them with their homework and encourage their efforts in education. From where do the children receive the homework? From where can they learn about any number of subjects from a college educated and state certified professional in the field? Your offspring can stay home and learn from your infinite fount of knowledge, Roger. The majority of children, however, will not be able to stay home or go to your homeschool, which I am sure you will be opening any day now, as you are, after all, the expert here. The majority of children will have to go to these run down buildings we call schools in Carrollton and wonder why the roof is leaking, why there are not enough desks to seat everyone, why they can't get individualized attention when they are having difficulty understanding. THESE CHILDREN will get to go home each night and ask their parents why they have to sit in a building with no heat and why they have to sit in a building that is a century old. What will the parent answer? "Well, honey, it was good enough for your great grandparents, it is good enough for you. We can't afford any more taxes anyway." Then, that parent will go to the refrigerator and pop open another can of beer and sit back in front of the television, or, perhaps, they will light up another cigarette, which they certainly had no trouble affording, and help perpetuate the ignorance from their mind to that of their malleable child's.

It is incredibly harmful to neglect education. You ARE hurting the children by time and again voting no. The state has cut funding and is failing our children, and the community refuses to even give an inch in the way of financial responsibility and is failing our children.

Dover, OH

#26 Nov 7, 2013
Dear Athena,
I can only imagine you are so offended and threatened because you are a teacher.
I think you should read both posts again and realize who the "hateful" one is.
It is a shame you think that Carrollton parents sit around and drink beer and smoke
cigarettes. And you don't spend more time with my children than me and my wife. I have
heard other teachers make that same self-righteous, erroneous statement before. I can
hope and pray that you are not a teacher because I wouldn't want you to influence mine.

Louisville, OH

#27 Nov 7, 2013
I am not a teacher. I am offended because I graduated from Carrollton High School and have seen how other communities support their children. I have seen the benefits of valuing education. I hope that you do not speak so ill about the school and teachers around your children as that will only diminish the value of education in their eyes. I am offended because I know that I received a quality education from my alma mater even though the buildings were already crumbling when I was there; yet, the community refused even then to pass a levy. I am offended because I have seen what stellar teachers like those at Carrollton can do when in facilities that will allow the students to excel even more than the buildings we have now can even fathom. I am offended that, despite excelling at Carrollton and having quality teachers, I have been at a disadvantage from the moment I stepped foot on a post secondary campus because I have had to play catchup with my peers as they were exposed to more opportunities than I was. Why is that? Because they come from schools that are supported by the community. They had facilities that allowed for smaller class sizes and a wide range of class choices. They grew up understanding there is value in education. These are the same children who now, as parents in their hometown, vote for levies as they want their children to have the same and better opportunities than they had. I want my children to have better than I. I had amazing teachers and a wonderful experience at Carrollton despite the poor building conditions and the knowledge that if I asked anyone to help improve the schools so we could all better ourselves we would get met with disdain and hostility. I am offended by such thinking. I always have been. I am sickened that the community has failed to wake up and show support for the schools, even when it is begging for support as the state has failed it. I am outraged that voices like yours continue to muddy the waters of what really needs to happen. I am offended, outraged, sickened, and disgusted. So, perhaps you can understand, I have a little issue with ignorance such as yours and those opposing education, whatever your reason may be. I may even have some anger for those like yourself unwilling to help support the schools as my children deserve the best, as do yours, and can only achieve that with help from the entire community. I, however, contrary to what my angered words and your wishful thinking may want to imply, do not hate anyone. Jesus, a teacher we surely all know well, taught me to love even those who anger me at times.

United States

#28 Nov 7, 2013
Don't even attempt a reply Roger. You just got your ass kicked!

Dover, OH

#29 Nov 7, 2013
Sure thing Athena, (lol)

Mount Vernon, OH

#30 Nov 8, 2013
There are many people in the Carrollton school district who have plenty of money to support a levy and there are those who can't afford more taxes. I have no data, but I can bet that the haves voted no in larger numbers than the have nots. The haves want to keep their money and get more--it's the rich, greedy way in this country. The haves are creating many problems in this country with their attitude of "I have it and you didn't work hard enough for it so don't deserve it." Personal piling of money is more important than the good of the community--the education of our future children. These haves are leaders, go to our churches, and just pretend to care.

Canton, OH

#31 Nov 8, 2013
Dear Athena,
You cannot have it both ways. You cannot brag on the stellar education that you received, despite the buildings crumbling around you adn then make a statement about having to play catch-up at a post-secondary level, because their parents voted for them to have a nicer building to learn in. Are you serious? If the teachers here did a fantastic job then transitioning into post-secondary should have been flawless.

The quality of the education has nothing to do with where you are learning it. This country is so spoiled. Look at educational structures around the world and what they are being taught far surpasses the United States. The fact is that I do believe that our teachers are doing an amazing job! Which leads me back to your comments. Please do not embarrass yourself further by stating that your post-secondardy experience has been playing catch-up, by blaming it on the building that you sat in.

Butler, OH

#32 Nov 8, 2013
In response to Bob

Anyone I know that "has" something, has earned it. 95% of the people I know who "have-not" have only themselves to blame. I imagine you buy into the "share-the-wealth" dream of Obama's socialism.

I think Carrollton people are extremely generous, especially at my church.

If the school system is not backed by the hard working,generous people of Carrollton, then that speaks volumes. The answer to that statement might be the impetus.
Possum Gribble

Dayton, OH

#33 Nov 8, 2013
Tired of the Game wrote:
Some countries people would give their life to vote but in this country people think they are just too busy.
Yeah, and some countries' people would risk their lives just for a Big Mac, but that's niether here nor there. I'll vote if I care about the outcome of an election, but most candidates are so far from what I want that I effectively have no choice because I'll get the same crap either way. Just because I don't exist in a state of total desperation like people who would die to vote doesn't mean I have to appreciate my own crappy options. Just because I don't have to eat poop doesn't mean I have to like drinking piss.

Louisville, OH

#34 Nov 8, 2013
Let me clarify a few of my arguments so you can, perhaps, better understand why the condition of a school building here in Carrollton, Ohio affects the learning quality of its students when compared to other students here in the United States with better facilities. Take the condition of a building as a symbol of how the community values its students. If the structure is crumbling, the value placed on education is crumbling. Yes, learning is affected by these conditions. How is that? Aside from students being able to visibly see that their learning space is subpar along with the knowledge that this could be remedied with community support, the lack of the community to even care for the building in which their children learn is just a small piece of the puzzle. In a school falling down around its students, when funding has been denied, the children not only are deprived of a decent physical learning environment, but also they are not given access to smaller class sizes. They are not given access to a myriad of class options. Take, for example, a school district like Kent Roosevelt. The students in that district are in a beautiful complex, one that, mind you, shows them every day that the community cares for the future and wants them to excel. They are given options of classes, not just the bare bones standard curriculum with a couple of electives thrown in the mix. These children are given the option to learn from six languages. SIX LANGUAGES. That is just the language department. Students are able to be exposed to so much more than the students at Carrollton, and that is a direct result of the community passing levies. You are the fool if you think that being in a community willing to give their children options such as these are not setting up their children to succeed and be better prepared when stepping into the post secondary world. Sure, Carrollton graduates can excel in post secondary. That is clear, and we could spend all day listing the successful students that have passed through these hallways and gone out to better this world. However, it is simply an ignorant statement to say that they would not have been able to be better and go further, faster, if they had a stronger foundation from their primary and secondary years.

You mentioned structures around the world that are in a sorrier state than Carrollton's yet they surpass our own abilities. In this scenario you mentioned, this is only true because those communities recognize that in order to get out of their horrible circumstances, education is key. These places do not have ANY way to better their structures, but, if they did, people would die to do it, as they want to know that their posterity have a better chance in this world than they do. These people recognize education is the way out of poverty and a way to better not just their own lives but also the lives of everyone in the world.

This is simply not the case in our area. Carroll County DOES have the ability to create better structures and the resources to do so; it just refuses. The voters voting no in Carroll County are not placing the same emphasis as those 'around the world surpassing us' and therefore, yes, our students will not be as prepared because they will not have been taught the value of education from their community. They will not have been exposed to knowledge to which their peers have had access for years. Yes, that DOES put them at a disadvantage when going into the world. That DOES make even the best and brightest at Carrollton have to play 'catch up' when they go out into the competitive world of post secondary education, especially because they WILL be pitted against those coming from supportive communities; communities that understand that, in this part of the world, a functioning building IS the foundation to house better classes and therefore a better education. Those graduates come back to enrich their community and help foster a new generation in their learning.

Uhrichsville, OH

#35 Nov 8, 2013
Augusta Elementary - over 100 years old
Delroy Elementary - over 100 years old
Carrollton Elementary - over 100 years
Bell Herron Middle School - over 80 years old
Carrollton High School - over 50 years old

The message we send to our kids is that we don't give a crap. That's why people are upset. Former graduates of Carrollton, like Athena, want to proud of their community. The overall problem is that most people in Carrollton have a loser's mentality.

"It was good enough for us ONE HUNDRED YEARS AGO. It should be good enough for kids now." It's sad. Your children deserve better!

Newark, OH

#36 Nov 11, 2013
Athena, you are so well spoken and so right in your thought process. Thanks for taking the time to express your comments.
Realist, people at your church are generous. They are supposed to be. That's part of being religious. Did they vote to help the schools? And, yes, I voted for Obama in both elections and support his efforts.

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