Tobin Center death probed

Tobin Center death probed

There are 34 comments on the Salem News story from Oct 20, 2007, titled Tobin Center death probed. In it, Salem News reports that:

“That is the thought at this point”

Special to the Salem News LISBON - Authorities are investigating the death of a 14-year-old boy who died of a suspected accidental drug overdose while incarcerated at the county juvenile detention center. via Salem News

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Saturnalia Maximus

Redding, CA

#1 Dec 19, 2007
Regarding the passing of Paul Donavich while in custody in a juvenile detention facility. There is one or more Staff member at that facility that are quite guilty of negligent homicide. Not only were you not attending to your charges, your extreme and blatant indifference to this young-mans safety is a crime of the 1st order. You know who you are. Now at least attempt to act like you care, and do the right thing. This young-mans blood is on your hands, and playing Pontius Pilate will never wash away your quilt in his death. He would have been better off left on the streets. Quite obviously. Do the right thing, and accept your responsibility to your Superiors. That is, if they even care. My God what were you people so busy doing to allow him to just lay and die? Disgusting excuses for peace officers to say the least. Pathetic. Relatively speaking, the boy was just a baby. Obviously your
head count, to justify next years budget, is your
1st and only concern. This kids drug use was a call
for help. One can only pray you receive the same amount of compassion young Mr Donavich received.
you dont need to know

Youngstown, OH

#2 Jul 30, 2008
well all i have to say is who's damn fault is it that they were in juvi, and who's fault was it that they snuck in shit and OD'd on it??

San Jose, CA

#3 Aug 21, 2008
I was really sorry to hear about Paul Donavich, I know his father very well, and whether they snuck the drugs in or not is the problem, where were the guards the checked him and his friends? He was just a kid among all of those adults and they work their every day and did not seem to care they just come to work and hope the day goes fast and do not care about others, they could have checked better, and I would bet in the future they will think twice.

Madison, OH

#6 Aug 27, 2008
Columbiana County is so corrupt it isn't even funny. Judge Tobin is as CORRUPT as they come with his lackey Bobby Herron at his side. The Tobin center has destroyed more lives than they've saved. Children Services has send many, many, many innocent people to prison and guilty people have walked with the right amount of money. I hope you choke on your guilt down there.

United States

#7 Sep 11, 2008
those guards should have done their jobs but they are only there to do 8 hrs and get paid for it for doing nothing boy i wish i had that kind of job dont you all they care about is putting their 8 hrs in

Rogers, OH

#8 Sep 18, 2008
you dont need to know wrote:
well all i have to say is who's damn fault is it that they were in juvi, and who's fault was it that they snuck in shit and OD'd on it??
well aren't the guards paid to search and pay attention anyways i know my tax dollars help pay them .

East Liverpool, OH

#10 Oct 13, 2008
This is in response to the stupid comments that people make--
You NEVER laugh because someone dies--what the hell is wrong with you--grow up--
If the people in the Tobin Center did their damn job maybe this wouldn't have happened--
the most effort that they put in was to try and cover it up--
and the other comment i need to make it is to the "you don't need to know"
--people make mistakes--especially when they are young--i'm sure you've made one or two--so how bout not posting dumb ass comments:)..thanks..
wampum pa


#11 Oct 13, 2008
Its horrible in all states and counties. The corrupt bullshit is everywhere. Sad it didn't matter to them a life is lost again. Unless it was one of their own.

East Liverpool, OH

#12 Jan 13, 2009
This is Pauls dad, This is to the haha and the you don't need to know , Maybe someday it will happen to you and your family, there is know one on this earth that knows how it feels to loose a child unless it has happened to them The Lord knows who makes comments like this and someday maybe you'll be sorry you acted like this. My son was not perfect and was only 14 years old and did not deserve to loose his life in that place. Thanks for the nice comments, To the others If you can.t say something nice why say anything at all.
A little insight

Columbus, OH

#14 Feb 20, 2009
After visiting a myspace page of Paul's sister and looking through her pictures, I came to find an album of Paul. He seemed like any other teenager, except that he was obviously not around proper things that a teenage boy should have been exposed to... guns, cigarettes, etc. For whatever way he went wayward and ended up in this hall, had those drugs in his system, and did OD, it's a sad scenario. It's a difficult thing to hear of a teenager's death. But, as much as it was the hall's responsibility to take care of such checks, it was also Paul's responsibility to get himself to a right place - and out of the drug scene.

I suppose I'm neutral... and condolences go out to those who were hurt during that time (family, friends).

Youngstown, OH

#15 Mar 18, 2009
ummmm....maybe if the people he hungout with werent such drugy douchers....

Youngstown, OH

#16 Mar 18, 2009
paul donavich was an epic failz in school. he deserved to die. dumbfuck. stupid druggie.
morphine patch

Youngstown, OH

#17 Mar 18, 2009
nommm nommm nommmm

Belle Vernon, PA

#18 Mar 18, 2009
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA THAT DUMB BITCH IS DEAD.....THANK GOD!! Now my tax dollars won't go to supporting his dirty ass kids because he is on welfare XD

East Liverpool, OH

#19 Apr 2, 2009
I cannot believe that some people chose to make such cruel remarks about Pauls death.You people come from the bowels of the earth!Nobody!Even you ignorant people who would stoop so low to laugh at this deserve to die this way let alone die young.I did'nt even know this young man or his family but I still have EMPATHY,SYMPATHY & COMPASSION towards them as I know first had what it feels like to loose a loved one.The hurt,the pain,the quilt never goes away,ever!!!You obviously don't care about your comments.Did you even think before you spoke how this would hurt his family?It does'nt matter if I don't know this family,it does'nt matter if I was brought up in the church,I know right from wrong and I would never say the hurtful things you said.Shame on you,I am outraged.Your cruel comments should not be aloud to be posted!!!!!!

Youngstown, OH

#20 Apr 6, 2009
all the people that are sayin mean shit about him should really stop. you didnt even really know him.
young welfare

Youngstown, OH

#21 May 11, 2009
yo yo yo dogg. Let me rap with you cats. I never really new "lil homie" but guess what. I just saved a bunch of money on my car insurance by switching to geico.

Irwin, PA

#22 May 18, 2009
To those making the very ignorant an rude comments god forbid anything ever terrible happen to someone YOU love. You are the Pieces of shit if you can sit there an say haha he died wtf. How does that make you a better person bc you are alive an well an ungrateful each day to those who say he was a waste well I really hope to find out what you do with you life. Chances are you will be behind bars getting ass raped...Have a little compassion you young dumb disgusting assholes. I didnt know him of his family but I am very sorry you are suffering with the loss of him. You cant fight every negative comment an those ppl are just cruel an they dont matter. God bless you all.

oh an to the dumbass that tried to make a stupid little rap go somewhere else this isnt american idol idiot!!

East Liverpool, OH

#23 Jun 2, 2009
It's funny to me that people make the comments that they didn't know my brother..don't pretend that you do..
it's also amusing that those of you posting ridiculous comments have the time to do so..really, are you 5? don't you have lives?
If you "hated" him so much..then why do you spend your time writing things about him? Oh--that's right..because you have nothing better to do..such a pathetic life you have...

Even though you are a bunch of stupid little fucks..i would never wish this to happen to anyone..i don't know why anyone would wish death upon someone..especially someone so young

I actually have a reason to view things about my brother whereas you do not..hoping that something on this page will make me feel better..i come to read these disgusting comments..i hope you feel good about yourselves you ignorant fucks..

to those of you writing the nice comments..thank you..
my brother was at a rough point in his life..but really was a good person..and i miss him more and more everyday..
spencer crow

Beaver Falls, PA

#24 Jun 11, 2009
First off lil paul was a really close friend of mine he is the third ive lost in a short amount of time! to all of u postin negative comments FUCK YOU SUCK A DICK CHOKE AND DIE! i live in new brighton if u have anything to say bout that come c me and if the dumbasses at the tobin center were doin there jobs such as makin them shower when they return to the facility and walkin around checkin the cells every15 min like they pose to this would have never happened all they care bout is getttin there 8 hr pay its not that hard to watch kids that r LOCKED in a cell what kinda genious do that take? and when u over dose u dnt jus die right there ur body tries to fight it off such as throwin it up my friewnd was found in a pussle of his own puke that obviously says they werent checkin on every one every 15 min cuz u dnt jus od n die that fast

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