You residents may not know it, but not only do you have the drug dealers getting busted, etc., but you also supposedly have a "man" and his wife living there because he skipped out on child support. The 3 children he left were 11,10 and 8 when I had the order modified. Now they are 24,23 and 21. He was ordered to pay TWO HUNDRED a month for three kids and I have chased him all over the country. W.M., I think I found you again. Instead of moving, why don't you just save the money and give it to those kids. It's not even about the money now; it's the principle. If he is there, he will pull a midnite move, quit his job, deal more drugs (pills are his neche, so be careful)or steal from his own neighbor. I hope that parents there are treated better as far as the family division goes, I hope that the parents take care of their children. My SECOND husband and I took care of ours; now it's time to pay your dues, Bill. Lovely town, I've read about it and would like to visit someday.