North Chili native John Servo is a fulltime bass player in Boston. Servo returns to Rochester on March 22 to play a show at Monty's Krown on Monroe Ave. John's band is called the Kode. The group plays video game music.
The Kode is the only Video Game rock group in America that meticulously covers Nintendo and Sega game songs in their original tempos. Arrangements and harmonies are carefully kept intact, accurately detailing every nuance. The Kode goes one step further, adding solo sections & forming chronological medleys of the already tight arrangements. Live sets feature music from Mega Man, Contra, Super Mario Brothers, Sonic The Hedgehog, Mike Tysons' Punch-Out!, Castelvania, Zelda, Ninja Garden, Paperboy, and countless others. What sets The Kode apart from other VG bands is the close attention to detail.
In 2007, the Kode signed with Bennett Alliance, a Boston-based record label. The Kode is set to release their debut album on March 9. The Kode has performed at major clubs and concert events throughout the northeast. The Kode has also shared concert stages with many notable VG bands, as well as jazz artists like David Fiuczynski of the Screaming Headless Torsos. Fans can re-live their childhood as they thrash the night away to the video game sounds of the Kode. Since 2006, the Kode has quickly garnered a loyal cult following throughout the United States.