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New York State Police Sylvan Beach Troopers

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Local Yocal

Altmar, NY

#1 Mar 11, 2010
I noticed they sit in their car at the station and watch girls with binoculars.

What kind of patrol is this?? Spring break for police, watch crimes commited, like people driving through cross walks while people are in them. No tickets.

THey don't work, they play.

Altmar, NY

#2 Mar 11, 2010
Come on, you can't seriously believe they are looking at girls this time of year. Could it be that they are doing something else? I think the Troopers are extremely professional and I am glad we have them. Am I wrong?
Local Yocal

Altmar, NY

#4 Mar 16, 2010

STabbing in Sylvan Beach The Resort Area New York.

Come on down everyone to Sylvan Beach, We have stabbings and drugs, attempted rapes, going on all the time and this is only the locals.

So Bring your families down, and enjoy the resort location.

Proud Sylvan Beach Resident.

Long Eddy, NY

#6 Mar 18, 2010
My only issue is I got a cell phone ticket when I was not on my cell phone when I seen the same cop in the last 3 months with the cell phone glued to his ear while driving at least 20 times.

Manlius, NY

#12 Mar 25, 2010
Police are exempt from cell phone law and seat belt law whether you know it or not dumbass, call the blind gov. if it really urks you that bad.
yup your dumb

Mooers, NY

#13 Mar 26, 2010
They use their cell phones for personal calls, they abuse this rule..

And cops are corrupt. Look above @ all the issues posted.

Here is some local stuff

Greg Malta Jr. was arrested by his own department after he allegedly drove his patrol car around the bases of the school's baseball field. Malta Junior

another Herkimer Police office, a

Robert Risi

The name goes on an on with corrupt cops in the area.

State trooopers running bases with their car.

State trooper David Volz of Oriskany was charged with stealing mulch. 2009. in Rome NY.

Cops NEED TO BE controlled. The Crimes the commit. yup, calling people dumbass sounds like he is a cop. And one of the bad ones.

Mooers, NY

#14 Mar 26, 2010

I can find more.. And we have so many local cops in our area from last year that commited crimes, and those that were not caught.
Mean Mr Maccatayda

Whitesboro, NY

#15 Mar 26, 2010
I Think this fellow's post last month on the "Sylvan Beach" Facebook page sums it up:
"With an entire State Police barracks & additional frequent patrols by the Sheriff's Dept., Oneida Indian Nation Police & summer police bicycle patrols, Sylvan Beach has plenty of "love" to spread around...Oh yeah, & lots of tickets issued to the sheeple during their numerous unconstitutional (violates the Fourth Amendment) traffic stop dragnets to "justify" those patrols too!
This ain't 1973 People! There isn't any rouge motorcycle gangs like the Outcasts rollin' thru town or 4 strip tease clubs within a 1/4 mile. Why aren't the local Gendarme being sent to where the crime actually IS Like downtown Utica or the south side of Syracuse?!?STOP TURNING MY VILLAGE INTO A SIEG HEIL BROWNSHIRT POLICE STATE!!!"

Mooers, NY

#16 Mar 26, 2010
I agree, with video cameras in the area, this is the only way we can protect ourselves. Most police do not video in the car. They know they have the power to do what they want, they are above the law.

Its a monopoly there is no one to protect us. Police need to understand that the bikes @ the beach are not violent offenders, they are just people out trying to have a good time.

Give us the same freedoms that you expect your family should get. We need to police to police.

2 NY Governors, 1 had to resign. Not to count President issues. guantanamo bay, the war we are currently in. We are helpless. We need to see the records of police officers. for instance...

Check out this story..

Rome NY had to pay!!! Violation of civil rights. We should not have to read the police.. we should feel safe when they are around.

He was aquited.. But check out the story 2010... We live in ny this is oregon we don't hear so much. People get power trips. Go after the real criminals.

I have video from Lazy local police, will be posting this online.

Mooers, NY

#17 Mar 27, 2010
Another Dirty Copy Story Local March, 2010

6 year old grandson of the Sherrill City Police Chief overdosed on methamphetamine. Yup, sounds like the cops are above the law again, only way they get caught is by video or if they kill someone.

Mooers, NY

#18 Mar 27, 2010

Find out how much people teachers make, city employees. How much it costs and how far your tax dollars go.

Manlius, NY

#19 Mar 27, 2010
Stupid shit has been going on for years with cops just now the papers like to put any bad news they can get their hands on out there. A few idiots give all cops a bad rep. And ignorant people such as some of the above are the ones that do that. Thousands and thousands of cops out there and because of a few idiots that finally made it out in the newspaper, the public assumes cops all are like this. That is until you need them... of course then they are heroes...

Harrisville, NY

#20 Mar 27, 2010
New subject. Joe Benedict may be fired for misusing village equipment and abuse of his cell phone and computer at the office. His wife Laurie can no longer be supervised my him at the office.
Time for a change anyway. He thinks Sylvan Beach is his personal property.

Mooers, NY

#21 Mar 28, 2010

Old sylvan Beach Mayor Paid $120,000 and plead no contest to fraud. Thomas G. Statkewicz.

It happens all the time.

As for Joe Benedict, He is a good Guy, if this did happen tell him to stop, and we need to keep him, he is stall very good and honest. Just tell him to stop stealing what is comparable to paperclips.

As for Yup. A few bad Cops, hmmm.. Just last year we had to many. Read the posts. To Many local cops that have turned out bad. And these are only the ones that got caught. We need to police to police in this police state. And when I called the cops to try to find who stole my items, they did nothing, and go pack to issuing traffic infractions. CATCH THE REAL ROBBERS and BAD people.

Stop being TRAFFIC Infraction cops sleeping, do the job you were hired for. Go on foot patrole, make your presence known, say hello to locals. Get the heck out of your car and start looking like a security guard, walking around. Protect people, and make them feel comfortable with knowing you are around to protect them and not just issue traffic violations.

Its not that Hard cops congregate @ dunk and donuts. So how about they take a walk on breaks instead, become the cops of the old day, socialize with the community, ask them how everything is, be concerned and compassionate.

Mooers, NY

#22 Mar 28, 2010
The Media is not just starting to post on Bad Cops, check google, check the links, these stories go on from years before. The recent and local issues have just been highlighted.

Sorry Yup, but its no conspiracy that cops are being reported if they are even found breaking laws. You know how many have not been found out.

Stories online go for years back if you want I can look up more.

Looks like you enjoy cops talking on there phones to friends and families. Ya. They are above the law!!! I think not. I think they abuse their privileges. They need to be respectful and abide laws as we all do. Follow the laws. They need to check there policies and procedures and follow them.

Stop Traffic Infraction Cops.

Mooers, NY

#23 Mar 28, 2010

Get off your hi Horse, Protect and SERVE!!!


Black River, NY

#24 Mar 29, 2010
Cops are the same as us. a few bad apples ..spoil the rest of them
Mean Mr Maccatayda

Whitesboro, NY

#25 Mar 31, 2010
Fred wrote:
New subject. Joe Benedict may be fired for misusing village equipment and abuse of his cell phone and computer at the office. His wife Laurie can no longer be supervised my him at the office.
Time for a change anyway. He thinks Sylvan Beach is his personal property.
This is what I heard (with apologies to Joan Baez...):
I dreamed I saw Joe Vill-(age) last night,
alive as you and me.
Says I "hey Joe, Ya goin''cross the bridge to get gas today?"
"I never buy" said he,
"I never buy" said he.

"The town Bosses trusted you Joe,
they trusted you Joe" says I.
"Takes lots of gas for my truck 'n' Harley"
Says Joe "gas I didn't buy"
Says Joe "gas I didn't buy"

"In Sylvan Beach City, Joe," says I,
Him loafing by my bed,
"They framed you on a siphoning charge,"
Says Joe, "That ain't my hose,I said"
Says Joe, "That ain't my hose,I said"

And standing there as big as life
and larceny in his eyes.
Says Joe "What they can never fill
went on to pour in mine,
went on to pour in mine"

From Wampsville up to North Bay,
in every dive and gin mill,
Where shirking men drink every night,
it's there you'll find Joe Vill(age),
it's there you'll find Joe Vill(age)!

Moravia, NY

#28 Apr 4, 2010
thy like to stop bikes on the beach hm so thy don't have to work to hard !!!!!!

Syracuse, NY

#29 Apr 4, 2010
Police officers work hard to keep you all safe, you are lucky they take the risk they do to keep you all safe. Its a hard job, we are lucky they chose to be officers and not pursue any other path in life but to protect us.

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