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#1 Jun 20, 2012
who is this guy, whats the story behind him

Oneida, NY

#2 Jun 20, 2012
weed & pills
who wants to know

Syracuse, NY

#3 Jun 28, 2012
what did dave do now? he' always been a little off. Besides, who wants to know? Ya he smokes his weed, but what's wrong with that. stuff should be legalized anyway. I've known dave for a very long time, and last time I saw him, I'd have to say he really hasn't changed in the last 15 years. So anyone else know anything.

Newark, NJ

#4 Dec 14, 2012
He's a piece of shit. Who ruined my family's life. I hope I never see that crack head again. Cause I will mess his shit up...

New York, NY

#5 Dec 14, 2012
you ruined your own life crackhead JAY
someone who does know

New York, NY

#7 Jan 17, 2013
i would love to know who was asking also..why all the sudden asking questions about man who is spoken for? and idk who put on here that he does pills and how people think they know..i really hate this topic thing people start toooooo much shit.

Bristol, VT

#8 Jan 17, 2013
Really he is one of oneida drug dealers. He does to smoke pot and sells pills to drugie scumbags.

New York, NY

#9 Jan 18, 2013
well let me tell you something ...he use to be and i would know considering i have been with him for going on 6yrs there hunny and you are the sameone talking shit about joanne so hmmmmm who is starting shit now...keep davids name out of your mouth..thats the best thing for you...i know exactly who you are and i have heard your messages on the phone and im sick of you talking shit about my it..idk who you THINK you are but you dont know me hunny and you are spreading shit about the wrong person get your facts straight, and get a life

New York, NY

#10 Jan 18, 2013
hes a rat rated on jamie. scumbag both him and jamie are scumbags

New York, NY

#11 Jan 18, 2013
i think he like,s

New York, NY

#12 Jan 18, 2013
he loves

Berne, NY

#13 Jan 18, 2013
Ha you don't know who I am. I am one of todds friend nice try. You had a kid with a drug addict that makes you mother of the year.
Really joanne started a bunch of shit for everyone.
So little miss want to be you don't know who I am so nice try. Get. All your info right.
Wow you heard voice mail messages but I have called todds phone really its ok for your drug addict boyfrien to call his baby mother a slut don't dave have enough problems of his own instead of getting into todds.
Just like dave sent gary to todds ex house to try to break her and her new boyfriend up right. Even todd admitted that to her.

Berne, NY

#14 Jan 18, 2013
Maybe joanne should keep her mouth shut and stop telling todds kids things that dave does because my son knows todds oldest and he talks.. I am sick of todd joanne and dave hurting todds kids.

Syracuse, NY

#16 Jan 18, 2013
Ok ppl lay of dave.. i have known dave for many years.. he is a good guy.. ya he may have some problems but doesnt mean shyt.. todd is a druggie just like kalenna is. kalenna is a wack job and a half.

New York, NY

#17 Jan 18, 2013
you know what then y hide??? yeah i am mother of the fn yr..i stay home with my kids 24/7 and and i have two kids with him get it rite david is alot of things but a drug addict aint one of them so you aint seen my bf must be in a long time and david calls it as he sees it..has a big mouth and aint scared to use it...and also thats bs joanne wudnt say david smoke or takes pills because HE DONT and he is an ass in other ways so the people that know him dont have to lie about him to try to make him look bad he does it to him self in other really dont know who i start running your fn mouth to me!!!! you asked if anyone on here knew joanne just so you could start bashing her..and took it appon your self to start bashing david...whom i know the truth about and what ur saying is a bunch of why in the hel wud anyone believe ur bs about joanne????david knows alot of people so if they r reading this they know its bs..david has changed alot in the past 2yrs...and i dont have to do research really i could careless about your guys high school bs i only got on here because someone told me the dumb bs you guys were saying and someone brought my kids into it and thats a big mistake...but in the same sentence sit there and write stuff about OTHER people hurting "someone elses kids" right.... david loves kids and would never funny they ask where dave is when they go there because he plays and jokes around with them..again get it right...and you guys keep sayn druggie well who did i hear was red flaged from oneida hosp..and others and the pain clinic for script shopping cause they r a fn pill head....just keep davids name out of ur bs he is a friend of todds so aint i..just because he aint kissing "her" ass dont mean he is a bad dad...and trashing their grandmother infront of those babies is fu--ed up and makes "her" mother of the yr..talking like that infront of your kids is immature...and u say these guys r friends with ur sticking up for someone who really needs to clean out her own faults b4 she goes calling out others and hmmm dont start shit because she cant come up with any thing else..todd dont have to jump when she says it and he would want to be around the kids every day if he didnt have to listen to her and the drama that comes with HER IT AINT GOT SHIT TO DO WITH DRUGS SHE IS RUINING IT FOR THE KIDS they like it there...she start the shit i have sat there and yeah heard the messages heard her mouth infront of kids ect...and the letter..GROW THE FK UP would ya

East Syracuse, NY

#18 Jan 19, 2013
Ummmm of course Cooks GF is going to say he isn't a druggie because she is, she was up at Sarah's(who can't stand Andrea or Dave most the time) pregnant and drinking not just a drink multiple including liqour & not to mention she was popping any pill for pain she could get her hands on, GOING HOSPITAL & DOCTOR HOPPING (hypocrite).... She has 2 kids with Cookie the only 2 she does anything for or acknowledges, she gave birth to 5! O and Dave's own Mom & Sister (sarah) both have contacted DSS so HOPEFULLY SOMETHING IS DONE!I used to feel bad when Dave would bring the other girl around knowing about Andrea and now I see why hes probally shitting his pants knowing he's stuck with her for the rest of his life & hopeing the other girl will change that. They should both worry about themselves and not throw bricks when their home is made of GLASS!!!! Spitting out kids and choosing what ones you take care of is gross not to mention the ones you take care of, you do by leaching off the system; why dont neither one of you have a job?? Atleast for Dave I can say he tries to work. Are you really that selfish that you didnt care what could happen to that baby from your drugs&booze lets not forget the ciggerates alone could of made it really sick!! MOTHER OF THE YEAR AWARD??? NOT A CHANCE UNLESS U GET IT BECAUSE YOU GOT LUCKY AND THEY ARE ALIVE & HEALTHY

New York, NY

#19 Jan 19, 2013
Sarah needs to know her scumbag husband cheated on her many many times and i know people with cell phone pics to prove it. screw dave cook screw jack mane all scumbag drugaddicts. jacks a pos

Syracuse, NY

#20 Jan 20, 2013
really list names of the ppl he cheated on sarah with but FYI sarah and jack are not married!!!

Syracuse, NY

#21 Jan 20, 2013
and if you read the paper Jaime rated on herself!!!
kalenna friend

Syracuse, NY

#22 Jan 20, 2013
Joanne M. Hartwell, 51, of Grand Street, Oneida was charged Aug. 9 with two counts of Endangering the Welfare of a Child. Hartwell is alleged to have used pepper spray during a dispute in the presence of a 10-year-old and a 1-year-old, which resulted in the 10-year-old needing medical treatment.
Seriously no wonder why Kalenna does not trust todd or his mother around her children. Oh wait this was a mistake right? she pepper sprayed Kalenna's daughter. Todd walked out of the hospital that night because he was stoned and drunk. When he was suppost to be taking care of the children because it was his weekend.
Really Todd wants to spend time with his children yeah ok everytime Brianna has called him he always says he is with Dave.
you hear things Andera from Todds psycho mother. seriously she makes up more stories then Stpehan King. Oh wait she was in a accident 9 years ago everyone should feel sorry for her right. Why she is crazy .
Andrea you have the nerve to talk about Kalenna being a bad mother. She takes care of all her children with no help from Todd. She has custdy o all of her children, Andrea how many children do you really have that you dont have custdy of ?
Kalenna has a real man who takes very good care of her and her children. Wy would she want Todd who can't even take a shower ?

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