Obama and the liberals are making a huge mistake pushing national health care. It will spend money faster than the Iraq War. I've been in China where they have nationalized health care, and it is very good. Lots of options acupuncture, herbs, drugs, western medicine, etc. However, they have a completely dfifferent government than us, less overweight and unhealthy people, and tolerate few, if any, lawsuits. Until our government and society is less tolerant, and yet, encouraging overweight people to los weight, shuns lawsuits, and de-emphasizes maximum profit in health care, then we we will be ready for national health care. Until then, we can only hope to regulate it and keep it affordable for everyone who has a legitimate complaint that doesn't involve complications from over-eating and frivolous lawsuits. The Communist Chinese do this, why can't we? Besides, many of the liberals wanting health care reform will never use it. They have the money to pay for whatever health care they so desire. Who are these people fooling?