After reading a letter in the transcript which detailed how the Town Moderator, John Murphy and an unnamed Selectmen handled town matters, well, it just cofirmed what anyone who's lived there over 30 years already knows - it's dirty dealing. How can Murphy take a vote that needs to be 2/3 in favor to pass and do it as a voice vote?? So, what, the loudest people win?? WTF? Then he (Murphy) apparently has never heard of Robert's Rules of Order which are designed for use in ordinary societies rather than legislative assemblies, and it is the most commonly adopted parliamentary authority among societies in the United States. This is seemingly too complex for Murphy. But the most blatant misuse of his authority was when a measure was voted on and it was voted down. The issue was whether or not to view a video about the school project. Murphy went around and asked others involved if they would give up 5-10 minutes of their time. Once he had enough "time", he showed the video anyway. This is an complete misuse of his authority. If the video issue was voted down, then it doesn't matter if you have more time - the vote was NOT to show it. When a resident (rightfully) disagreed with Murphy, the Moderator threatened to throw him out. The resident was well within his rights to make those statements and Murphy was abusing his authority, indeed, overstepping his authority by taking the unethical stance that he could stop this man from making his request and then threatening to toss him out.
There was also the mention of a Selectmen saying that if the school project was voted down, they would keep bringing it up to vote until the people who are against it gave up. That Selectman should be thrown out on his ass. This town, in a matter of 10 years, has turned into a snotty, yuppie, "we'll do what we want and screw the elderly,longtime residents and blue collar families"kind of place. It is the perfect antithisis of what this town once was - a friendly place where people helped each other and cared about each other and people weren't looked down on, disrespected or ignored if they were elderly or not in the "right" financial bracket. The Selectman and Moderator are a glaring example of small town politics at it's most unethical, bordering on criminal. They should be ashamed and embarrassed by their actions. I know I am (and disgusted as well).