Who would really wear a little 81 gay...

Who would really wear a little 81 gay sex patch and support HA shit?

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Proud American

Cresskill, NJ

#1 Feb 6, 2010
Stop the delusion the conclusion is clear Hells angels have harmed raped molested and murdered to many American women and children to be supported


Only cowards and punks join and support men that do and support these lowest types of crimes.

Anyone with children and a wife or like women and children should not be supporting a club of goofy out of shape losers that seem to take out their lack of manhood on women and children'

Why do US Hells angels have such a large percent of members that commit these types of crimes?

Cresskill, NJ

#2 Feb 9, 2010
what kind of sick degenerates support Hells angels and wear 81 crap

Dubuque, IA

#3 Dec 25, 2010
Why dont you ask that question to anyone wearing Red&White? Im sure they would be glad to explain it to you.

Moline, IL

#4 Dec 25, 2010
Prae wrote:
Why dont you ask that question to anyone wearing Red&White? Im sure they would be glad to explain it to you.
The person you're probably trying to address over this issue is either wearing concrete slippers or been ran through a tree chipper.LOL
screamin demon

Aiken, SC

#5 Feb 21, 2011
Sounds like some over educated idiot has been watching the history ch again. Please be sure to stop the next 81 patch you see and ask him about his recent molestations I am sure you will get exactly what you need. Do it soon you are waisting my oxygen.


#6 Jul 29, 2011
81degenerates wrote:
what kind of sick degenerates support Hells angels and wear 81 crap
decent tax paying citizens that let people be people


#7 Jul 29, 2011
81degenerates wrote:
what kind of sick degenerates support Hells angels and wear 81 crap
Lotsa buff good looking intelligent men & women with university degrees......folks that believe in Freedom of speech and the power of love and not the love of power ..about 100,000 people or more & me


#8 Jul 29, 2011
support wear comes in all sizes sm,med,large,xl..good people come from all walks of life..so do bad..just like a coin there are 2 sides to every story and then there's the truth


#10 Jul 30, 2011
81 are freaks wrote:
In the USA alot of the Hells angels use women names also I think it makes some of the men they date in the 81 wearers club feel less Gay.
Michael Yevtuck said the USA hells angels act like libeling , scratching, biting crack whores in a temper.
Who is the leader of the gang thats made for you and Me ?
Mickey Fcken A Yevtuck
The USA hangels are scared to say who their USA leader is. cowards aren't they
Google Michael Yevtuck and see the Tuff revenge of the USA hells angels
The USA angels libel and threaten me and my family because I beat up or smacked around most of the USA angel over many decades.
USA hells angels should be thrown out Of HA world,
USA Hel;ls angels are not a 1% bike club they are biting scatching Crack Hoes with big mouths they can't back up
wow good thing I live in canada LMAO


#11 Jul 30, 2011
WoW good thing I live in CANADA
OUR GAYS hide behind nothing they are proud of who they are
Who has the time to care what hat tshirt jacket ect anyone wears ...must be bored or no nookie


#14 Jul 30, 2011
Are they sexually gay or is this just a name they are given
81 supporter

Cambridge, Canada

#17 Oct 19, 2012

If you dont respsect the MC. You guys are just losers, with no lives.
get in line with the rest of the dumbies.
keep the stupid comments to yourself and your mouth shut!!!

Ontario CANADA
Evan Politico

Stamford, CT

#19 Oct 21, 2012
Why am i in Manorville now

Sorrento, Canada

#20 Jan 26, 2013
Prae wrote:
Why dont you ask that question to anyone wearing Red&White? Im sure they would be glad to explain it to you.
Couldn't have said it better myself
JC Chicago

Crystal Lake, IL

#22 Mar 31, 2013
Wow! Obviously this guy is quite misinformed.
Do some more homework on the positive accomplishments of my Brothers.
It's too dam easy for you "whiners" to pick on Bikers.
If you Really want to do a piece addressing violence and abuse toward women and children, look no further than your inner-city (and now suburban off-shoots) Black and Hispanic gangs.
Even the "Mafia" has more discipline, and respect in regard to women and children when it comes to business than those guys!
And so do Bikers.
Also, to add the "gay" slur in relation to HA?, this author is either "high" on something, or a homosexual himself.
(Probably in to Leather!!!!)
81 Supporter 4 life


#24 Jul 19, 2013
I CAN BE PROUD TO SAY I AM A 81 supporter and always will hey dont hide up here theu proud indaviduals and I Support all the 81 supporters on.here.u guys.that post this u must be fags and try to blame it on a motercycle club, u guys must have a penis in.your mouth and get a life u haters I garentee u cowards couldnt say it in.there face why not stop living.in your parents basement and stop jerking it to.internet porn and go out side and get laid somthing else cause u.guys arent going.no where hating.on 81s.
K-Town 81 supporter

Kelowna, Canada

#25 Aug 11, 2013
Is this idiot for real. Ill proudly support the red and white. It's the only real form of Loyalty and respect left. Not to mention they don't molest kids or rape and pillage plenty of hotties like the boys. They do many benefits for kids and if you lucky enough to live near a clubhouse you wouldn't even have to lock you house or car doors you would be that safe.

Freedom Loyalty and Respect is what they stand for and not just their freedom but all of our freedom. maybe do a little research before posting such idiocy next time.
support 81

Shawnee, KS

#26 Sep 15, 2013
Can you wear an I support 81 patch on your vest

Bampton, UK

#27 Feb 18, 2014
I grew up with my parents in the HA, with my Dad and my Step-dad on opposing factions in the 80's in England. Whilst I agree that the lifestyle in general is not child-friendly (ie you see a lot of stuff that you shouldn't), I also have found over the years that these crimes, and in their proportions, are evident in all walks of life. Recently in England Private Schools, some of which world renowned, have been forced to reveal the extent of illigalities in their schools. 6,000 VICTIMS of sexual abuse, thousands of drug and violent cases on record over 50 years none of which were told to the Police by neither School or victim. I recently worked for the UK's biggest Supermarket chain. Whilst working there a gang was arrested for prostitute trafficking and on any given shift I could of had a drug of choice there and then on the premises. It would be implausble in an organisation the size of HA to police ths effectively,they are literally a slice of the community. I would have to conceed that some chapters are infested, but then I've worked in places where, from Manager downward everyone was ripping of the store or using it for illegal or certainly immoral practices. However n England the HA are possibly vey different frm the States in the respect that here they support actvities in the communities, they run and invest in legal businesses, they also support smaller clubs in localised areas to start up things like Gym's, bike workshops, and often contribute when asked to anything that seems feesably linked in some way. They know the Police are watching them and they have a huge patch on their back that is hard to hide!! Illegal activity needs to be done on your own steam and away from any Club meetings or houses etc.
In short this is on every street, some sick fuck is abusing their children or someone elses, someone is a violent alcoholic, someone is a drug addict, someone is stealing from their job and so on... the action and the culpret are to be hated, not any club or job or whatever that they are associated with. Out of genuine interest, what is the basis for these comments? Was there a particular incident? Reply please Proud American PS to post an add I needed to be plugged with Alcohol advertising, how mant people die of Drink related disease or accidents annually?? It's a strange world
Saskatoon pride

Saskatoon, Canada

#28 Feb 25, 2014
I think it's retarded how they coming to our city and claim to do such good my brother actually got the shit kicked out of him for even be around the Hells Angels clubhouse literally phone stolen everything I think that the Hells Angels clubhouse should be removed from the city of Saskatoon

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