Do you think the "To Catch a Predator...

Do you think the "To Catch a Predator" series goes too far?

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“Out of my mind. (or not)”

Since: Jun 07

Norman OK

#1 Jun 30, 2007
MURPHY, Texas A sting in which police teamed up with "Dateline NBC" to catch online pedophiles was supposed to send a flinty-eyed, Texas-style warning about this Dallas suburb: Don't mess with Murphy.

Instead, it has turned into a fiasco.

One of the 25 men caught in the sting a prosecutor from a neighboring county committed suicide when police came to arrest him. The Murphy city manager who approved the operation lost his job in the ensuing furor.

And the district attorney is refusing to prosecute any of the men, saying many of the cases were tainted by the involvement of amateurs.

"Certainly these people should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, but the fact that this was all done for television cameras raises some questions," said Mayor Bret Baldwin.

It is the first time in nine "Dateline NBC: To Catch a Predator" stings across the country in the past year and a half that prosecutors did not pursue charges.

"Dateline" has made prime-time entertainment out of contacting would-be child molesters over the Internet, luring them to a meeting place, and videotaping their humiliating confrontations with reporter Chris Hansen.


Zoe, KY

#2 Jul 2, 2007
I hate that show. My wife and I both hate it. It isn't right or lawful to lure someone to a home, pretending to be a minor, and then cuffing them because of their intent. Humiliating them in front of the world is even worse. This is the shittiest show in television. Just because a guy goes to a house, thinking he's gonna meet up with a minor doesn't mean he's a predator. He gets caught before he does anything. Some of those men have admitted their curiosity but may have never went far. But it was too late to find out. I thought enticement was illegal and it should be. There are many things about the human mind we don't understand and shouldn't condemn people for our ignorance. I understand removing people from the streets that literally harm others but these guys never actually did anything to harm anyone. Hell, one night a perfectly normal guy, bored out his ass could have happened to go on a chatroom, not knowing about child molestors, and happened to start talking with some girl(dateline) and the conversation carried through. A majority of all men in this world love young teen size girls. David Hamilton proved that years ago. I understand if some guy comes to a house to meet up with a 10 year old. But to meet up with a teen isn't a crime. The media has a lot of insecure people believing that nonsense and the law is screwed up because of it. I say wipe off the records of sex offenders who did nothing more than have consenting sex with a teen.

Zoe, KY

#3 Jul 2, 2007
I have to add that no one considers the fact that a teenage girl has a brain and can influence just about any guy if she wants too. To say that just because a guy is older he should know better is dumb and reckless and doesn't fit the reality of human sexuality. It starts during puberty. Again, try using 10 year olds not teens.

“I love biochemistry!”

Since: Mar 07

Houston, TX

#4 Jul 5, 2007
I will admit that I am somewhat tired of the show, but if it keeps a predator away from my daughter, then kudos. Maybe it's entrapment, maybe not. What man should be allowed to pursue a young girl though? I don't care how fast girls are maturing physically...they still shouldn't be at fault if a man is pursuing them because of their age. We wouldn't be having half of the problems we currently do if people still had morals. People of all ages are just trying to 'hook up' due to it's glorification on tv and throughout other media. Parents need to keep a closer eye on their children if they are concerned about it, and punish them for inappropriate behavior. Adults that pursue children, whether they 'know' they are children should be punished for their crimes.

Liberty, MO

#5 Jul 18, 2007
Im suprised that some people see it as a bad thing. Everyone of these guys made a choice not only to talk very explicitly with a known minor but to also show up at her house. I think its ridiculous that you'd want girls to be harmed before these perverts can be arrested.
Yes teenagers do have brains but you need to emphasize developing brains. They are easily influensed and brainwashed, so they should never be blamed for these kind of choices.
So i want to ask you... Is it ok for 50 yr old to have sex with a 14 yr old if they both "say" they want to? What if that 50 yr old is her dad?

United States

#6 Jul 18, 2007
I've never watched an episode all the way through. It's too upsetting. I find myself cringing not only at the disturbed display of these men but also the shamful exploitation of them by NBC. The first few episodes may have been a good lesson, showing what goes on inside a pedophile sting operation. However, eventually it's like 'I get it! Drop your net anywhere in America and you're going to pull up perverts.' If NBC were doing something to try and solve the problem, that's one thing. But it's just a freak show, plain and simple.
mark evans

Stoney Creek, Canada

#7 Jul 18, 2007
This show is cruel and unusual punishment. These guys should sue NBC. These girls(decoys)are just as bad as the men. They suggest things to get a response and lure the men over with promises of sex. On tonight's show the girl asked the man to bring marijuana. She also suggested things they can do (sexually) together. If the girl said no or get lost or I am not interested go away, these men would not pursue them. They are just as much as fault as the men. they are sluts and karma will get them back. There will always be 13 and 14 year old girls and boys out there ready and willing to have sex with an adult. It has been going on for thousands of years. My Aunt was married at 13 back in 1919 and had her first born at 14
My brother who was 25 got his 15 year old girlfriend pregnant in 1978. they are still together and have 4 children now the oldest is 27 now. He is no pedophile.

“I love biochemistry!”

Since: Mar 07

Houston, TX

#8 Jul 19, 2007
Well, my daughter is 12, and there better not be any 22 year olds pursuing her. That goes until she, as well as all of my kids, are of legal age, and out on their own. I can also tell you, that they won't be dating any 25 y/o's when they are 15 either. If the 25 y/o doesn't understand the reasons, I would take whatever routes available to stop them from pursuing my child. Seriously, you have to wonder about any adult that pursues a child. I do concede that it would be fine for a 16 y/o to date a 19 y/o, and I would let my daughter at 15 date an 18 y/o. Age difference, however, matter less and less as the ages increase. I have no problem with a 20 y/o dating a 30 y/o.

If you listen to all of the commentary through the dateline investigations/stings, they say that the decoys do NOT make the first contact. They wait for someone to contact them, and state their intentions before luring them in. As far as I'm concerned that isn't entrapment. Neither is arresting them when they show up to do 'whatever' with the decoy. They are grown men who know and ignore the laws. They ARE perverts, and deserve every bit of punishment. They will continue to do the same things if they aren't stopped.

Tod, I have to wonder about your justification. Yes things were different in 1919 and 1978. In the early 1900's it wasn't unusual at all for girls to marry that young and start a family. Of course, it also was very uncommon for them to do anything outside of being an obedient housewife. In 1978, most girls that got pregnant, ended up married due to parental pressure, religious reasons, etc. Also a very different time period from today.
Nothing but shock TV

Lacey, WA

#9 Aug 6, 2007
I have a friend who watches this show all the time and swears by it. Personally it just turns my stomach plain and simple.
Yes there are perverted people out there and yes they should be punished for committing crimes but luring them is and then publicly humiliating them is not right in the least. I mean if we are going to go this far why not bring back public execution?
All this is doing is playing on is peoples need to villify others because of their own insecurities, if I believed for a moment that these guys were getting the help they deserved and that Chris Hansen actually cared about them getting that help then that would be different.
Its not even really believable for me to think that he even cares about saving kids, the bottom line is this is shock TV for profit, to line their pockets and nothing else.
Seeing a guy who has otherwise never commited a crime in his life lured to a private location out of curosity and an overactive sex drive and then being broken down into tears on live tv before he is arrested and questioned is not entertaining. Does this guy have problems? probably, but I ask you this, would this guy have done this had the setting not been available to him?
Sure there are more severe cases where some minister wants to have wild sex with a 12 yr old boy or something and has reoffended etc.
But all I ever see on there is some guy usually a bit homely showing up thinking he might have a chance with a cute teenage girl and then having his entire life ruined infront of the whole world.
The fact is that its hypocritical to say as a guy that you would not find a hot girl with nice features attractive even if she was 15. I mean ya you should have some restraint and control but what is really the issue here for people? that there are horny guys out there or that their kids are accessible to them, wake up america! its called parenting, try it, educate your kids about internet safety and don't let your daughters dress like whores and try and attract older guys, cause ya know what? its only a matter of time before she does and gets raped and honestly I just don't have much sympathy for anyone that stupid.
And I think there is a clear difference as stated above about ages where guys should be attracted to a female. Are these guys being arrested really pedophiles? or just horny guys? would they still have come if the girl had been 18? my guess is they would have however they are deprived probably insecure and/or have some deep sexual need which clouds their judgement. They should get help but to label them along side real sexual predators who rape and molest real children is wrong especially on live television.
my 2 cents.

Hopkinsville, KY

#10 Sep 18, 2007
The show is entrapment which is illegal. For some reason our court system seems to look the other way. Also I really don't see any crime being committed. The girl/boy they are using is of age so really none of these guys were trying to get an underage girl cause it was someone of age who invited them over. Nothing illegal in that.

“I love biochemistry!”

Since: Mar 07

Houston, TX

#11 Sep 29, 2007
However, the point is that they 'thought' the girl/boy was underage, and there is indeed something wrong with that.
Ma Ma Me AAA

United States

#12 Oct 1, 2007
Why don't they go after the thousands of catholic (suppose to be) priest's pedophiling young boys? Like all the ones in California who got off because the cult paid off about 60 million to the authoritys! I mean why don't they ever go after those weazels? They have absolutly ruined many a young boy for life! It is still going on to the max, yet the news media and T.V. never mention this. That would make a good show, really exposing these pedophiles who love little boys they can violate easy!

Christchurch, New Zealand

#13 Dec 12, 2007
Another silly American law: you can get done in court for sending objectionable material to a minor when the person at the other end of the line is not minor at all... it's basically entrapment

England, AR

#14 Dec 29, 2007
No I think they should keep up the good work! I want to know if I can Help? I have three daughters and I want to put the bads guys in jail.

England, AR

#15 Dec 29, 2007
Frank wrote:
Another silly American law: you can get done in court for sending objectionable material to a minor when the person at the other end of the line is not minor at all... it's basically entrapment
why do you say that are you one of those sick people? well I think you are.
Paul Hakel

Canton, OH

#16 Jun 15, 2009
The whole concept of the show is "too much"! They make it even worse for people who already have problems! They violently arrest, they humiliate, they psychologically undermine any sense of healthy self-love! There's probably some sting operation out there that would fuck over EVERYONE! Everyone has problems and experiences brokenness, why don't they have a TV show about TREATING people who prey rather than a show about making fun of them! This is no better than the childish bullying of gradeschoolers!

Union, NJ

#17 Jun 24, 2009
I agree with this to some degree about setting up these so called predators but they were in the wrong for trying anything with a little boy or girl should not be tolerated anywhere. Ok here's my problem, I am single and I don't get out much and I have 2 kids. I use internet dating sites to try and find a partner or a nice woman to go on a date with and because of the shitty things dateline has done with there show I'm screwed because I have talked to many woman online and the one thing that stands in there mind is that damn show and I hate that show now. What about us good guys who just want a regular relationship, I think the host of the show should also talk about the good things too and maybe emphasize that there are predators but don't condemn us all!!! He has done more than just make us aware he has made people antisocial and paranoid. Thanks so much Chris Hansen, I hope I misspelled his name. Basically I'm disapointed "Thanks NBC"


#18 Jul 26, 2009
I got a problem with a BlueTickLAM on aol he posts alot of sexual stuff not caring and when you tell him to stop he does it again sometimes not caring how old anybody is in these chats ! he's been reported many times & still allowed to be back online they just warn this nutcase/pervert not to say those things. i wory for kids saftey cause if an underage person is in these chats or on boards they may befriend this fella & something may happen. So many kids/teens are so like trust everyone now days today including online. This guy has been going at it for months voting for his own comments etc...... he says it's a joke. but i think omg is he a preadtor.


#19 Aug 26, 2009
Be careful for this preadtor I reported him to the police they can not do anything till they find more info on him........ harleydakotadog type in his screename you'll see what he's typed about children on aol. Sick fu**!

Marietta, PA

#20 Aug 30, 2009
This show puts a terrible light on the male population. Lots of men are at least a bit curious. To chat with a teenager makes some feel young again. But for whatever reason they do it, these men's lives are destroyed on national TV. What they are doing may be illegal or wrong ethically, but that's no reason to treat them like circus animals. This show has morally fucked itself over.

Msnbc should not be allowed to broadcast this. If they can pass a law that says it's illegal to talk dirty to a supposed teen then what's wrong with passing another unjust law?

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