Just another example of the ruination of a once-proud state of our Union, by stupid children who once upon a time screamed obscenities at Richard Milhous Nixon. I can't BELIEVE our hallowed history is being dumped on, in this fashion.
*"Wind farm"*!! Makes about as much sense as "dirt farmer". But, again, this is standard thinking, from those who whet their innocence on The Electric Prunes.
I've said it a hundred times, I've had it published, I'll comment again for your benefit, my mantra:
"The Gipper leaves office, and it all goes to Hell."
Indeed it did. Where are the hardhats, now that we need them?
FOOTNOTE:...you know, if I was my friend, The Wind, I'd not get too happy with marginalizing the United Coal MIners. Yes, I happen to have strong opinions, but those good old boys are a lot less forgiving, than I.