Child Death at VCU Medical Center - wtvr

Child Death at VCU Medical Center - wtvr

There are 82 comments on the WTVR story from May 11, 2010, titled Child Death at VCU Medical Center - wtvr. In it, WTVR reports that:

Sources tell CBS 6 News that on Tuesday, a six year-old boy from Chesterfield County died under anesthesia while receiving dental work at VCU's Dental Clinic.

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not a teahead

Atlanta, GA

#61 May 13, 2010
Isn't the student supervised by a certified professional. FIre the director.

Loma Linda, CA

#62 May 13, 2010
there are way too much bashing without enough information. i am sure everyone involved in this case were diligent on making the best outcome for the case. general anesthesia is performed for kids who are not cooperative in a dental chair or those who need tons of dental work. yes, there are risks involved with it, but it's all about benefits and risks. if you think they are just baby teeth and do not take care of it, you are looking at pain, infection for those kids. there was a case of a kid who couldn't get dental care and died due to brain abscess. no one will push you into getting things done, but hopefully give you enough information for you to make the right choice. there are many kids/adults that go through general anesthesia everyday, but sometimes bad outcomes do happen. i pray for the family and their loss.

Saluda, VA

#63 May 14, 2010
mom of 6 = TROLLLLLLLLLL Rawr garblegarblegarble...

Silver Spring, MD

#64 May 14, 2010
I think it is silly to point fingers. No one knows exactly what happened. I am 100% certain it was not due to neglect. The students at the dental school are hard workers and I believe they can be more knowledgeable than experienced dentists because they are passionate and excited about the work they do. They are up to date with information and not burnt out. Be careful when pointing fingers, especially when the full story and the circumstances surrounding it are not known.

Richmond, VA

#65 May 14, 2010
VCU health systems have a bad reputation, but I will tell you 1st hand, that they are great doctors there. First of all, it is a teaching hospital and they do employ some of the best doctors in the world. This was a tragic accident and my condolences go out to the family. Anytime that anyone is put under for any reason, there is always a risk of something going wrong. Even if you have been put under before and everything was fine, next time you might not be so lucky. The mother took her son to his pediatrician just days before and the doctor gave her the OK to have the procedure done. The doctors can never be 100% certain that everything will be fine.

Again, I am sorry for this mothers loss and my condolonces go out to the family.
Dental professional

Decatur, GA

#66 May 14, 2010
Dental work done under anesthesia is not performed by dental students. It is performed by a qualified pediatric dentist who is doing a residency. Also if something went wrong while the child was under anesthesia it is not due to the work that was done but by the anesthesia that was administed by the Anesthesiologist that was there. I really wish that people who do not know what they are talking about would stop posting nonsense on the internet.

Lumberton, NC

#67 May 14, 2010

Only doctors perform this type of treatment on little kids. You have no idea what you are talking about. Don't discourage people from dental care. Deomonte Driver, a child in Maryland, died from a brain abscess that resulted from untreated dental disease from "baby teeth" that people believe are gonna just fall out anyway. Educate yourself before you write so ignorantly! If this weren't a serious issue, then the wait for kids' dental treatment wouldn't be months long.

Google: Deamonte Driver people and educate yourself!

Lumberton, NC

#68 May 14, 2010
Dental Professional is right.

Let me explain something to you folks out there.

1. If you have a tumor in your breast remove...the Anesthesiologist puts you to sleep b/c it would hurt like hell and an Oncology Surgeon removes the tumor (so you don't die)

2. If you have SEVERE dental needs, have some special need or are too young to receive a mouthful of "shots" to numb you, then then child is put to sleep by an Anesthesiologist, the dentist does the work, the Anesthesiologist wakes the child up.

This child died due to complications from anesthesia not dentistry! If he went to sleep for ear tubes, then he could have succumbed during that procedure as well.

The risks of anesthesia are as follow: fever, infection, throwing up, coma, abnormal breathing problems, brain dysfunction, or DEATH!!! This is on every anesthesia form you sign and you accept these risks. Hopefully you will READ medical documents before you sign them. kanye West's mom died from complications from anesthesia when she tried to have plastic surgery done and she didn't tell the anesthesiologist she had heart problems.

Richmond, VA

#69 May 14, 2010
Psykomom wrote:
Let me 1st of all say that my heart especially goes out to the student dentist that was treating the child. Has anyone considered what this has done to that individual? I pray that person wants to continue in the field of pediatric dentistry if the findings are no fault of theirs. Yes I'm feeling lots of compassion for the mother and hopes she never read these comments. I say that because some of you are questioning why she ok'd the procedure. I've read all the bashing about the facility and find it ridiculous. That clinic is very needed for indigent clients and a very valuable service is rendered there. The way this is going on a plenty of parents will stop seeking dental care for their kids because of fear.I don't mean to sound heartless, but **** happens. Mothers can die during childbirth, folks can die during sleep. God uses us all and maybe this child was used to enhance children dentistry. Please PRAY for a positive outcome. Maybe if this procedure was done 20 or 30 years ago, there wouldn't be so many adults with dentures. MOMS teach your kids good dental hygiene and get regular checkups.
Maybe if this child and his sibling were taught good dental hygiene and had frequent dental visits neither would have ever had to have ever had to have had their teeth capped. Frequent brushing, flossing and dental checkups at a very young age are so necessary. Maybe parents don't know any better. I'm sure there is plenty of free literature in any dental clinic or office.

Petersburg, VA

#70 May 16, 2010
Who cares wht kind of insurance tht family hv!? Tht Child or Baby died.

I make pretty good money 4 myself, and I don't mind paying taxes 4 the less fortunate.

Times r hard! U can hv something 1 day, and gone the nxt!

So, jst because they had medicade; Should they receive less trt ment.

Let's look @ the big picture, and worry about wht kinda of insurance they had. Bye the way; How do you know wht kinda of insurance the family have?

Petersburg, VA

#71 May 16, 2010
Typo, 3rd paragraph & last paragraph: and not worry about wht kinda of insurance the family have!
Ms Young

United States

#72 May 17, 2010
From Richmond wrote:
Someone needs to be held accountable for this. What in the world could they have been doing to a 6 year old that he would need anesthesia? Normal dental care does not require that. Stop letting want a be dentists or doctors work on you or your children. I feel so sorry for the family.
FYI, Isaiah's teeth were so rotted that caps were needed. Parents who put their children to bed with a bottle, let them hold a bottle or sippy cup full of pop, juice or milk in their mourhs all day, or don't brush their childrens' teeth cause horrendous dental issues in pediatric dental patients. Anesthesia in these cases is imperative.

Petersburg, VA

#73 May 18, 2010
W/ur comment: I agree 2 disagree. The reason I say that is because regardless. This child died, number 1 & number 2: U can not hold the family accountable 4 the child needing caps on his teeth!

At least she had him at the dentist 2 get it fixed! & 2: U don't know if the child was in the crip suckin on a bottle!

I'm not worried about the situation of that baby's parent, because she was not the 1 that caused him 2 pass!@ least she was tryin 2 get his teeth right!

We need 2 stop blaming the parents and their SITUATION that u think tht they are in, and let the judical system do it's job!

This family is going thru a tough time right now, and no one have the right 2 place the blame on her.!!!!!!!!!

She and her the r the victims, not VCU!!!!!!!!!

Penhook, VA

#74 May 22, 2010
Dental professional wrote:
Dental work done under anesthesia is not performed by dental students. It is performed by a qualified pediatric dentist who is doing a residency. Also if something went wrong while the child was under anesthesia it is not due to the work that was done but by the anesthesia that was administed by the Anesthesiologist that was there. I really wish that people who do not know what they are talking about would stop posting nonsense on the internet.
Dental professional... please refrain commenting on the professional aspects outside your specialty.To say that the death occurred as a result of "anesthesia" is unsubstantiated. When a patient throws a PE during an anesthetic, is that a result of the anesthesia? Anesthesia providers (anesthesiologists and CRNA's) are highly trained, qualified and vigilant. I have no doubt that the anesthesia providers in this case did everything possible. My heart goes out to the family. However, I'm sure the clinicians involved are devastated. Please avoid pointing fingers We all want the best for the patient. An attitude like yours elicits dangerous conditions.

Austin, TX

#75 May 24, 2010
tuatha wrote:
<quoted text>
First of all dental procedures regularly use general anesthesia even in pediactric cases. There was nothing stated in any new cast that this was a "simple procedure" either. Please read the facts before trolling the forums for responses. This is the second news site I've come across your posts and it's quite frankly depressing that the American public is so ill nformed about our basic healthcare. As far as medicade goes, the hospital recieves a reduced amount of money regardless of the type of anesthesia used. The cost to you is defrayed because the american public foots the bill for you.(yes this is our tax money hard at work to pay for your kids needs.) So stating that MCV is "bulking up the bill" is not only slanderous but also ignorant. In real world senario's it does happen yes but to generalize every hospital in that catergory is obscenely steriotypical. I am sorry you have had negative experiences with dental work in the past but do not bash MCV and steriotype the established medical field for a bad personal experience.
AMEN. People - Please pretend to have at least a slight knowledge of dentistry and how incredibly complicated the practice of dentistry is before making such uneducated and unfounded comments.

Austin, TX

#76 May 24, 2010
jannie wrote:
<quoted text>Some of that is true but how bad can a 6 year old teeth be they are going to lose them anyway so why subject them to this stuff just do the cleaning and advise the parents to make sure they brush and floss.
the truth

United States

#77 Jul 13, 2012
I would not reccomend the dental school (except for the family practice) for anyone. if you do not have insurance than a bunch of inexperience students will perform whatever you need done. The doctors basically do people any type of way especially the oral surgeons. so do not go and get your wisdom teeth pull. patients do not have privacy during their procedures and that white lady at the front desk with the long brown hair anb black glasses think black people dont have money. because she sure treated me that way. she kept repeating my co pay like i didnt have the money. I was ready to punch her racist ass. but if your going for a teeth cleaning the family practice is great. but definately go somewhere else if you need other procedures done
Roya Levi DDS

Torrance, CA

#78 Jul 16, 2012
This is indeed a very unfortunate incident, and my heart goes out to the family of this poor kid... Thankfully, however, cases like that are really exceptional. In fact, anesthesia is very commonly used in pediatric dentistry. Moreover, it allows for dental work to be done without which the infectious process of caries would not be stopped and a child would lose his/her teeth. And yes, kids do get caries as early as 1.5 years of age! This is a real example:

Alpharetta, GA

#79 Oct 6, 2012
As a former employee of [email protected], I would like to make people aware that people that are hired are often not qualified to do the job they were hired to do. Example: lead assistant in department of endodontics was a former machinist that was not x ray certified and was defiantly not formally trained. He had no certifications to do that job. He was the son in law of the director of human resources. They place assistants that are not certified to do sedation sin departments not that sedate. Oh yeah that assistant was never formally trained but she was trying to get into dental school so I guess that qualifies her to handle an emergency. She must have learned something from her boyfriend pediatric resident. Years later she did get into the school. The director of advanced education clinics Bobbi Gibbs works with her husband also made a director and daughter who also has a nice position. How does a used car salesman become a director of instrument management services? Wake up people. That place does have people that care but it is run by people that have no clue or expierience. Want to sue them, start subpoenaing resumes of the people that screwed up.
dental equipment


#80 Oct 8, 2012

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