Residents upset after stray bullets f...

Residents upset after stray bullets from police shooting strike homes

There are 64 comments on the WTKR story from Sep 17, 2009, titled Residents upset after stray bullets from police shooting strike homes. In it, WTKR reports that:

Norfolk police shot a man waving a gun Wednesday night, but now neighbors are angry that their homes are riddled with bullet holes.

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Ellicott City, MD

#21 Sep 18, 2009
Tell Andy to take Barney's bullets away!

United States

#22 Sep 18, 2009
I agree that he had to be shot, but come on. If they can't do their job because they are scared or nervous......they shouldn't be on the job. Period. Can you imagine if one of those bullets had hit an innocent person, a child. Would anyone be charged with a crime? A badge shouldn't excuse bad behavior and bad choices. That is why so many cops are such PR*CKS! They act like the power tripping safety patrol from junior high.

Boca Raton, FL

#23 Sep 18, 2009
they hit him twice.once in the arm and chest.unless my cousin has ninja skills i don't see how all the rest of the bullets missed him.i would like to apologize that this situation happened and fortunately no neighbors or cops were injured,well other than the officer bit by the k9.

Oxford, OH

#24 Sep 18, 2009
sounds like to me a few officers need to take gun training again.. WOW.. I'd be 37 hot too..

Virginia Beach, VA

#25 Sep 18, 2009
There are about 3-4 people who have commented on here that ARE NOT retarded! Maybe it's true, you sit in your house and watch TV and think that is the real world...Maybe you are just misinformed...If your a little slow flipping the burger at McDonald's, or drop it on the floor....or you miss a stud when your nailing...No Big Deal....No pressure, you not going to possibly DIE from your delay or mistake....If you think its so easy and a cop always has the luxury of time to slow down, breathe slowly, line up his target, slowly press the trigger, and ensure a direct hit...when someone is or appears to be trying to kill them...THEN YOU ARE AN IDIOT!!!

Frederick, MD

#26 Sep 19, 2009
Where is the genius that is going to start screaming about gun control? Oh wait thats not going to me me, because gun control means hitting your target. To all you people that think it is easy to hit somethig that is moving try going out into your backyard with a pellet pistol and doing "double taps" (fire two rounds rapidly and hit the target with both). It is harder than you think! I've been doing it since I was about 14 years old and I'm 27 now. You have to anticipate the motion of the object you are going to hit from the first shot and then you have a fraction of a second to track and fire a second shot. I interface with police at work all the time and the sad truth is that those that walk the beat don't get to spend enough time at the range to keep their skills honed unless they happen to be SWAT. I go to the range every weekend and go through about 200 rounds in a day. Also police are usually using SIG P226's, Glocks, Rugers, and a couple of other side arm manufacturers weapons. All things considered they did a ok job with shot placement under stress with the department issued POS they had. Give them Kimbers and they will print 8 rounds in an area the size of a credit card at 10 yards every time. Sometimes they have to shoot till neutralization occurs... Me personally it is call 2 to the chest and 1 to the head!

Bridgeton, MO

#27 Sep 19, 2009
WOW!! Even when the police get the job done people complain. Maybe the cop should have drawn straws to see who gets to shot the bad guy holding a gun and allegedly shot his girlfriend or maybe even ran into one of their homes. Can't get a break. Maybe the police should just stop, tell the bad guy-hold on, let me see if it is safe to stop you from doing what ever it is you are doing!! Police can't do their job and no one wants to help the cops by giving information to help them catch the bad guy, what a catch twenty-two. Thank God no one other then those involved was shooting. I would also ask that people look up the term adrenaline and how it affects your judgement, especially in stressful situation. or better yet ask a policeman, nurse, doctor, fireman, paramedics, armed forces personnel, gangbanger with a gun and facing someone with one too, etc you get the picture. Take care.

Sioux Falls, SD

#28 Sep 19, 2009
Wow...people are mad because the police opened up on this guy...who, by the way, got what he had comming. Had the police not shot him they would still be mad. Bad guy with gun running lose...not something I would want in my neighborhood...would settle for a couple of holes in my house instead. By the way, as a former police officer (shot in line of duty) police are trained to shoot til the threat stops. It might be 2 shots or 10...two officers on scene that could be 20+ rounds. And for you cop bashers that think these guys need more training...have you ever been forced to shoot someone that's trying to kill you? With the adrenaline pumping through your body and the gun recoil from your first shot makes it very difficult to hit center mass twice! It's not like deer hunting people. Thank God these fine officers are physically ok and got to go home to their families. Hope they are back on duty soon, protecting everyone from the scum bags that walk the streets.

United States

#29 Sep 19, 2009
seems like a couple of officers should be spending their free time on a shooting range to me. If you cant hit a perp within 75 feet of you, you need more practice, practice, practice!

Bringhurst, IN

#30 Sep 19, 2009
Kudos to all you defending the actions of the police officers. It's not easy to shoot a gun...especially when your adrenaline is pumping and you really don't have time to line up your shot. The main focus of the police officers is to eliminate the threat. So your house got a few bullet holes in it, better than the bad guy storming into your house and taking you and your family hostage, isn't it? Call your insurance company and get it fixed. Stop complaining about the people that are out there trying to make your neighborhood a safer place for you and your family. If you feel the need to keep complaining, become a cop and see if you can handle the heat any better!! Ignorant people really annoy me!!
Marc L

Stony Point, NY

#31 Sep 19, 2009
Yeah, maybe the cops should have decided before hand how many rounds they were going to fire, stop after said amount of rounds, check to see if the criminal they were firing at was down or was he still able to shoot them, then decide whether they needed to fire more rounds. It's just common sense. Holy cow people are stupid.
Marc L

Stony Point, NY

#32 Sep 19, 2009
garygx wrote:
seems like a couple of officers should be spending their free time on a shooting range to me. If you cant hit a perp within 75 feet of you, you need more practice, practice, practice!
Have you ever fired a hand gun? I am guessing not. They are not that accurate at 75 feet. Even at a range, in a non lethal situation, consistently hitting a target at 75 ft in rapid succession is very difficult. Seems like somebody should know some facts before they form their opinions.
old medic

Champaign, IL

#33 Sep 19, 2009
i'm with old GI on this one. cops have to make split second decisions to shoot or not shoot. if they waited a split second the perp could have shot them, and now he would be on the loose. then everyone would be on here saying "Why didn't they shoot him" so to quote old GI "all you arm chair quarterbacks..STFU"
old medic

Champaign, IL

#34 Sep 19, 2009
"If you cant hit a perp within 75 feet of you, you need more practice, practice, practice!"

i'm sure your stationary targets that don't shoot back are pretty easy to hit...... try hitting something thats moving, probably taking cover behind something, shooting back. all while your calling for backup, coordinating with your partner, taking cover yourself, and trying not to shoot anyone else.
garygx STFU

and well said robin!!
Dumb Chappies

Dacula, GA

#35 Sep 19, 2009


#36 Sep 19, 2009
Trigger happy cops!
Been there

Brownsville, TX

#37 Sep 19, 2009
I have one question for all of you that are putting down the officers involved in this shooting....Have any one of you even been involved in a shooting, one where the suspect has been reported to have already killed someone, and he has a gun? Police have training, but it is not the best due to budget cuts and and many other things. if a suspect has a gun and is not doing what he is commanded to do, it is a scary thing, even for the police, they are human too. when you get into a shooting with an armed CRIMINAL, and make all perfect shots, then run your mouth. or when you have the guts to protect your community, state, or nation from people like this and are willing to put your life on the line for people who are constantly complaining about the results, then run your mouth. untill then thank a law enforcement officer for what they are doing for you, they do what you are too scared to do!

High Springs, FL

#38 Sep 19, 2009
The officers hit their target under stress, although only a couple times. Unarmed civilians can't know how an adrenaline rush will affect their fine motor skills until they're forced to act. Then, they can comment. Get your carry permit and be vigilant, or hush.

Nonetheless, the guy shouldn't be alive after that many shots. Still, cops+1.

Virginia Beach, VA

#39 Sep 19, 2009
garygx wrote:
seems like a couple of officers should be spending their free time on a shooting range to me. If you cant hit a perp within 75 feet of you, you need more practice, practice, practice!
Your an idiot...I bet you couldnt hit a truck at 25 yards under stress

Saint Louis, MO

#40 Sep 19, 2009
Cops, always looking for a way to shoot their guns. Just can't get out of being little boys.

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