"The election polling results are suspicious as well. For example... how can 108% of registered voters vote? How can areas that heavily rely on industry demonized by the Obama administration vote almost unanimously for Obama? How can people (even people I know) show up to vote at their polling places, only to be told that they already voted when they didn't? How come many deployed military never received their ballots and never got the chance to vote?

There was a lot more fraud and shadiness in this election than there has been in the past and that has been reported in the news. I don't know if there was enough fraud to shift the vote one way or another, but the fact that there has been any fraud is enough to make people wonder about the authenticity and validity of our election processes."

Point #1: It is ridiculous to think that 108% of voters voted. Impossible. You dreamed that up.

Point#2: How can people show up at the polls and be told they have already voted? If a pollbook worker makes a mistake and checks off the wrong person, this year we could not go back and correct it. When the person who has NOT voted comes in that person votes a Provisional Ballot. No one is told they cannot vote.

Point #3: I have seen no news stories or evidence that there was a lot more fraud in THIS election. Not every county (counties pay for elections, not the state or the federal government) has enough money to buy great voting equipment and to train and employ really good pollworkers. Albemarle has great machines and workers. I would think that if people were REALLY concerned about having the best at election time they would lobby their county officials to spend more on voting procedures, but...the money is not there in most cases when counties don't have enough money for schools. Most people don't understand how this stuff works.