Lancaster Teen Shot To Death At Party...

Lancaster Teen Shot To Death At Party - wtvr

There are 100 comments on the WTVR story from Jul 18, 2010, titled Lancaster Teen Shot To Death At Party - wtvr. In it, WTVR reports that:

A Lancaster county teen was shot and killed early Sunday morning at a party. It happened in the 400 block of Nuttsville Road.

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in the distance

Lorton, VA

#22 Jul 19, 2010
to racist rich:
I understand it puts a strain on the police and other departments. If there were a place for people to hang out it would happen alot less if at all. Something organized for the younger crowd with security. There is no where to go for "those people" to hang out. I also understand there has been places like such and some people do ruin it for others. but there is never proper security at these places either.

But you didn't have to be racist about it. Its people like you and there is no need to take that route. You make a good point, but using the terms you used is not a good way of communicating it. Your solution of "Killing them off" is what an ignorant person would say. Accidents do happen racist rich. You didn't know the young lady in question so have some respect for her family and people lives in general. Enough is enough. But as long as there are racist "white" people like you running things.. Nothing will ever change down there.
Sympathy to JS

United States

#23 Jul 19, 2010
You have my deepest sympathy at heart. I didnt know her personally but Knew of her. She seemed very sweet and charming. Im sorry this had to happen. Its just some ignorant people out here that doesnt know how to act. I'm a friend of the family and if there is any thing I can do to help please let me know.
Tyesha croxton

United States

#24 Jul 19, 2010
at rich n no sympathy. i dnt know who da hell yall think you are. but yall have lost yall damn minds! she wasnt asking for anything it was a wrong place wrong time moment. so dnt u dare say a thing like dat. if it was ur friend or fam u wouldnt be saying dat. so u should shut ur dam mouth! n u rich. blacks my damn ass. white people do jus as much a black people. so lets not play the prejudice card here.....please know god will handle u. u need to think before u speak! dam yall are assholes. boy yall going to hell wit gasoline draws oN! KABOOM
Tyesha croxton

United States

#25 Jul 19, 2010
No Sympathy wrote:
I have Morals & Respect. That is why you don't find Me at "TRASH PARTIES" "At 5 AM!!" with DRINKING, DRUGS, and "STUPID People, playing with or shooting off guns (ILLEGAL!!!)- But I suppose You go to those type of events, I don't fear judgement day, but Maybe You Should! Grow Up, there are laws against a lot of what happened, but I suppose that doesn't matter to you either?!? Kids today,for the most part,are not taught Values, Morals, or Respect! And sometime when there were, they just CHOOSE not to follw them.?!

maybe u werent taught morals n values. if u were so damn smart u wuda neva said a thing like this. your mother didnt teach you a damn thing. it was a terible situation how do you think her family feels. you jus dnt know what a fool you are. jus know god is going to get you judge meant day. n u wnt be happy with the results! emm emm i would be ashamed to have a child like you to say something like. this ugh fools

Newport News, VA

#26 Jul 19, 2010
Im not even going to comment on the racist, ignorant comments on here..Because I Have no time to waste on them. But What I Want to say is
I DONT CARE if she was partying until 7am....she didnt deserve what happen to her. This isn't and will never be a race issue It's a human issue, This is an innocent life loss and she has family and friends who love her.If you had an ounce of love in your heart you wouldnt be able to type those racial and ignorant comments, I am the first to agree these parties are gettng out of control and its a damn shame that people have to go grab a gun to prove a point. But I would never say she deserved to die because she chose to be there. Im praying for peace in the family's heart especially her mother. And saying a special prayer for those with the ignorant comments because it is plain to see you NEED it! STOP THE VIOLENCE EVERYONE! TIME TO COME TOGETHER.
Tom Davis

Lawrenceville, VA

#27 Jul 20, 2010
The Lancaster County Sheriff's Department has refused to release anything on this. As one citizen from Lancaster County told me: "There's a killer on the loose." With today's communication sources ... their living in the past. People want to know what happened. These people are the citizens of Northern Neck Counties and also citizens who vote in Lancaster County as well.
Fun Police

Washington, DC

#28 Jul 20, 2010
No sympathy wrote:
He was not a "TEEN" at 18 he is an adult...
Not an expert on this but I am pretty sure you are a teenager until you are 20. You are still a prick though.
Shaquan Ball

Chantilly, VA

#29 Jul 20, 2010
I am the victims brother. Thank you for all the love and support.For the people who have negative stuff to say why post it? No innocent person deserves to die whether or not she was at a party till 5 am. Just try and show some respect. One love
from the area as well

Norfolk, VA

#30 Jul 20, 2010
Rich wrote:
Oh boo-wooo cry me a river. I live in the area and I'm sick of these parties putting a strain on the sheriff's, police, fire and ems departments. Anytime these groups of blacks get together, there's nothing but problems. Why can't they act civilized in public and learn to drink and have a good time. As usual some coward little puke has to play bad boy. Bottom line is If you go to a gang banger party YOU MAY GET SHOT, STABBED OR ARRESTED OR ALL THREE. I tired of hearing all this crap about what a great kid he/she was and how they didn't deserve to die like this. My advise to the police is stay out of the area and let these fools shoot it out. All year there have been shootings from these parties in Richmond, Essex, Tappahannock, Lancaster and Westmoreland Counties. Enough is enough!!!
Why is it that everytime some crime happens the race card is always pulled. I am a african american and I dont party dont drink and I attend college full time. So before you start to pull the black card think twice. There are many educated african americans in todays society. It is just too sad that you fail to realize that there are just as many ignorant trailer park trash whites as there are blacks. THINK TWICE BEFORE YOU OPEN YOU RUDE MOUTH JERK!!!!!!!!!!


pissed off

Lottsburg, VA

#31 Jul 20, 2010
It is common to place the responsibility of the actions of some one an entire ethnic group.However
every race has various personalities on both sides
of the coin, ie. good/bad. any and everyone that has co-existed within a diverse group of individuals knows despite skin color, or to put it metaphorically, the extent of their tan or lack thereof, decisions are made from the inside. Spur the moment choices sometimes not well thought. But keep in mind, in every race, every culture, there are far more individuals with good intentions than bad.....but if you observe "any" environment, bad always speaks louder, for the need to validate their behavior, a means of self- gratifying thier actions, the good always whisper, for good intentions need no gratification. Knowing their intentions were and are sincere is gratifying subconciously, for they are done without the need for recognition. Just food for thought.
Tiffany Butler

United States

#32 Jul 20, 2010
I dnt understand y the race card is being pulled cuz race dosent have anything 2 do with this. Jasmine Smith wuz my friend, we were pretty much lik family. She wuz the most funniest person 2 b around & she had this pretty laugh which just made u laugh. she didnt deserve wat happened 2 her & itz pretty sad that there r ignorant ppl on here sayn that pretty much she did bcuz she didnt @ all. ok so she wuz @ a party @ 5 in the mornin, watz the big deal??? She iz young & wuz just trying 2 have fun with her family & friendz!! She wuz only 19 & itz ashame that she cant live the rest of her life bcuz sumbody wanted 2 b dum & pull out a gun & start shooting!! Itz not lik she got the fightn & he just shot her or anything lik that, she just happened 2 b standing n the wrong place @ the wrong time & reguardless of who wuz standing there it still isnt rite!! I understand that the boy who shot her turned himself n but just lik her family & im sayn it doesnt change the situation or the way they feel & it dang sure doesnt bring her bak! i wish all of u on here who r tlkn stuff bout her could have met her bcuz if u had met her i GUAREENTEE u wont b feelin the same way!! I just dnt c how anybody on here can say anything negitive about jasmine & y she wuz there @ 5 & stuff lik that bcuz u werent there & u dnt kno exactly wat happened & apparently u dnt kno her!! so honestly all of yall have no reason 2 say anything!! She wuz my friend & itz just ashame 2 hear wat ppl r sayn about her & how she deserved it, bcuz yall dnt kno her, but i promise u if u ever got the chance 2 meet her or ever got the chance 2 cum n contact with her u wuldnt feel the same way!! I wonder if that wuz ur friend or ur family member wuld yall b sayn the samething?? R.I.P. JASMINE WE LOVE U & REGUARDLESS OF WAT THESE IDIOTZ R SAYN ON HERE WE KNO WHO U REALLY R & WE R GOIN 2 REMEMBER ALL THE GUD TIMES WE HAD WITH U & NOT THE NEGITIVE THINGZ PPL R SAYN!! WE LOVE U & WE ALREADY MISS U!! U WILL TRULY B MISSED!!
To shaquan

Waterloo, Canada

#33 Jul 20, 2010
Shaquan Ball wrote:
I am the victims brother. Thank you for all the love and support.For the people who have negative stuff to say why post it? No innocent person deserves to die whether or not she was at a party till 5 am. Just try and show some respect. One love
You and your family has my deepest sympathy, I am extremely sorry for your loss and may you all have peace knowing she is in a better place. My prayers are with you.
Merry Point

Irvington, VA

#34 Jul 20, 2010
The girl didnt deserve to get shot. I dont give a damn.I read all these comments and tears came to my eyes i cant believe how selfish some of yal are man whats wrong with yall????? From what i have heard and read she was a good girl. my deepest sympathy to her fam and friends esp her brother who commented on here, stay strong man screw the negative stuff ppl are sayin they wont there and they should keep their mouths shut if they know whats good for em cuz they just ignorant they are beneath you and your family and they are beneath Jasmine remember that one love my brother. Like 2pac said how many brothers fell victim to the streets rest in peace young jasmine there's a heaven for a g (good girl) in this case. Life goes on. R.I.P JASMINE.
DistntCuzn ofVictim

New Orleans, LA

#35 Jul 20, 2010
Appalled black woman

Richmond, VA

#37 Jul 20, 2010 when "white kids" go around shooting up college campuses and kill families I am to assume all white people are trouble??? People need to think before they talk. You negative judgemental people are assholes! How are you going to blame a victim for one bad apple's actions. R.I.P. Jazz

On another note before long yard parties are going to be banned from the NNK. People just don't know how to act and do not think of the consequences for their actions! GROW UP PEOPLE...Just because you tote a gun doesn't make you a man, woman OR GOD!

Atlanta, GA

#38 Jul 20, 2010
DistntCuzn ofVictim wrote:
<quoted text>
Your welcome! People can be so ignorant at times. You and the rest of her family and friends have my deepest sympathy and I will keep you and the rest of the family in my prayers.

Smithfield, VA

#39 Jul 20, 2010
umm okay yeah "Rich"'s not like Jasmine went to this party expecting to get killed..She didn't deserve this..She was in the wrong place at the wrong time..You should really get your facts straight before you start talking stuff..
richmond by farnham BK

Richmond, VA

#40 Jul 20, 2010
This sucks and any fool that can leave a negative comment about a 19 year girl dying a party, must have never partied before or is just to OLD to remember being young. Get a heart!
Lancaster Resident

United States

#41 Jul 20, 2010
I am a resident of Lancaster and yes it is true violence has picked up in this area as well as others, however what happen this weekend was a tragedy. I think that if you are having these parties you need a permit and security must be there. Everyone is saying that she shouldn't of been there that late, but maybe whoever threw the party should of stopped the party along time ago. How can any of us say this should of been done or that should of been done when at the end God has the last word. God saw an Angel and he decided to bring Ms. Jasmine home out of this cruel evil world. God Bless her family. I still believe they need to release information on what's going on with this case because I live in Lancaster and I am so sick and tired of people getting away with this type of stuff.. If you ask me the ones who threw the party should have some blame no security underage drinkers out past curfew what in the hell were they thinking now. Oh and to the ignorant racist grow up you are a cowart do you need love and attention come on don't put it on blacks cause whites do things hispanics mexicans everyone so don't just point at blacks. However, I do not think to many believe this black on black killing needs to stop...One Live To Live, So Live it Love it and Cherish it.. Be Blessed

Lancaster Resident

Antioch, CA

#42 Jul 20, 2010
Being someone that attend some of these parties how does race play a part in any of this . 4real there are white boy an girls that also that attend these parties an there is no problem between them an the black people that attend it all just for goodtime to be had but the judgement of some people does effect others (can't help it ). But in the northern there are other crimes that are commited an its an they are just as bad like the white man who overdosed in wispering pines the white guy that was ran down an murder because of a love triangles I can go on an on but I won't because tragedy transends raceit should never said it because there young an black it shouldd be said they were ignorant an made a stupid choose to shoot off everone on here should be ashamed of stupping to a level of ignorace of a few man an woman in the northern neck everyone keep ur head up an talk to youth an make them relize there chooses affect a lot of people.

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