Sheriff turns over box of cash amid i...

Sheriff turns over box of cash amid investigation

There are 2359 comments on the Omaha World-Herald story from Feb 26, 2008, titled Sheriff turns over box of cash amid investigation. In it, Omaha World-Herald reports that:

“There may be a perfectly valid explanation for having such a box of cash. Maybe he didn't know about it when asked about it. But it's very peculiar”

State investigators are looking into why a small-town sheriff had several thousand dollars in a box in an office closet, and why he initially denied its existence to a state auditor. via Omaha World-Herald

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Marlene Oelsligle

Norfolk, NE

#21 Apr 1, 2008
Joe you have a good point and unless MR> OBSERVER wants to be honest with himself he cannot even face the fact that he has a name. Honesty--ya know there are far more crimes than two as you are mentioning. there has been several crimes with no results. Please know the facts before ya start blowing. Oh thats right babbling is your vocabulary. Are you one that got away with something and for sure don't want anyone opening a can of worms. If ya have such a solution for everything lets meet and visit. Ya know I can be homest and I'm not ashamed to tell you who I am why can you not buck up.(BY the way I really don't thnk you can twidle anything the way your thought process must run) Wow what a limited point of view. Don't tell me that they don't know what is done or who done it. If you have all the answers then face me face to face. I do want to tell you that you do not have a clue and also you prove tome that any of this is not true. Hey Joe that is a good conclusion that the other thirty six must have been invited. I am sure that the 16 that were charged just had the guts to face the music!!!! Ya can't settle anything with the town council in Neligh as they have all they can do to function without anything else. I do not even want to get started on that either. I am thru arguing as ya can not argue with thin air and beside I do think that Mr. Observer will find out THE REST OF THE STORY in the time coming. What goes around comes around and honesty will previal. Always does!!!!!!!!!
At least this has been very entertaining to see that there really is people whom cannot see further that the thumbs they twiddle.
Mr Know It All

Neligh, NE

#22 Apr 1, 2008
I think Marlene is just a pessimist. In her warped points of view the Neligh city council isn’t good enough, the county supervisors aren’t good enough, the sheriff’s office isn’t good enough…I think since Marlene seems to know everything and is SUCH an honest person maybe she should run for office. So with that, why don’t you run for office Marlene. Bring you great views and honesty to a position where you can actually take action and get to the bottom of the numerous problems that you say are present. Heck, run for sheriff in the next election since you know so much about law enforcement. The Observer is right. If you have opinions its ok to express them, but there is a point where you go way overboard and get too worked up. Oh yeah, you don’t need to know who I am and I’m sure The Observer has the same opinion. All you need to know is that there are some county citizens that have different opinions than you and they don’t need to identify themselves or sit down face to face and waist their time speaking with someone who is STUCK on a couple issues and does nothing but repeat what they said two weeks ago. You can try to convert as many people as you want, but you need to realize that there are people in this county that KNOW more about what’s going on than you.
tilden person

Neligh, NE

#23 Apr 1, 2008

Madison, NE

#24 Apr 2, 2008
There are many faults in our system of Government, but it is the best in the WORLD. A recall was attempted on Mr. Hamilton, and failed. The unsoved crimes spoken of were investigated by the State Patrol and the Atty. General. Charges would have been brought if there had been enough to go after someone. Personal grudges do not make it right for the constant complaints that continue to go on. The former officers all had an chance to solve these crimes and also cme up empty. One thing about it, if you do nothing, you can not make a mistake, or open yourself up to such disregard as some have shown torwards our elected official.

Brook the editor does not live in our county, but does report on it, I do find it funny that he fails to do so in his own county???? Are they spotless????

Mr. Hamilton does bring in outside agencyies to assist and takes full advantage of thier help. I have known him for a number of years, and can assure you, he takes the Office duties to heart and does everything expected of him. He is human and I am sure mistakes are made, you do not see him pointing fingers at anyone. The unsoved crimes here have been looked at by many, and yet he just takes the blame. Wonder why????? He could just as easly go public and say the AG's office did not solve the cattle problem. He is a man of honor and the county is luck to have such a man. I am know he would love to solve a 100% of all crimes, but so would every other law enforcement agency.

It is time to let the man do his job, and move on to bigger and better things.

Madison, NE

#25 Apr 2, 2008
I agree with Mr Know it All. Marlene needs ot move on and get a life. I wonder were she gets all her information, smeone who has an ax to grind???? Is she being used to send thier message???? She led the recall, and I am sure, embarrassed to turn in the results.
Marlene Oelsligle

Norfolk, NE

#27 Apr 2, 2008
Well to the person who is writing in under different names this is the funniest thing that I have read and itis so entertaining. I reall was not aware that IQ's were so low. Write away all theat you want as it makes me no different. If ya haven't gpt the guts to tell who you are then you don't have any say. OF course your not going to tell who you are because your another looser that has no backbone and has obviously lived your life in a world of lies. I could care less of what you have to blow about. You are providing alot of entertainment. I am done writing on here until there is an educated comment on her and the poeple have the guts to come forward. Gutless people cannot face honest people. One lie has to cover another. Keep the humor coming. Sounds like you cannot even get along with Brook who, you do not know I am sure as that was another stupid comment that holds no merrit. Again HONESTY PREVAILS!!!!!! What goes around comes around and as you think someone is putting me up to writing this think again. I have a brain of my own and proud of it. No you do not have to let anyone know who you are and noone cares as your are ashamed of your point of view and I wouldbe also if I were you. Have a good day and a good night also. Keep writing as if ya need some more fake names to go by I could help ya out.
I'll give it to ya your great.
Marlene Oelsligle

Norfolk, NE

#28 Apr 2, 2008
Just one last comment and that is that Brook does report on his own county. WOW another amazing comment that you knew nothing about. This is better than playing truth or dare

Honesty from Tilden

Neligh, NE

#29 Apr 3, 2008
You have your own ideas. Yeah right. That's why you had trouble in the supervisor meeting and didn't know what to say when you were asked questions by the CA. You make me laugh.
And before you go on trying to think about this one and commenting I'm not any of the following persons that have commented before. I'm new here and was told by someone about this forum. I read through some of these posts and I think you're the one blowing the hot air.
Marlene Oelsligle

Norfolk, NE

#30 Apr 3, 2008
Blowing is what you are doing I have never been
been in trouble with anyone You should write a comic book your good I am done because anyone that does not sign there name is a nobody and are hiding behind someone and are getting obviously paid off I have visited with the CA just last Tuesday and he is not stupid he knows right from wrong and will continue as it was said you can't argue with stupidity and you top them all. Have it all to youreseldf and I will continue to fight for what is right and you keep hiding behind mommy skirts and lie thru your teeth like you have been and have no face I would bet your not even a registered voter. Have fun with yourself this is like a kindergarten argument Right is right wrong is wrong and you are wrong HAve a really good day and get a real job!!!!!!!!!! Keep writing tho because I like to read stupidity and we are all getting a good laugh out of someone with no guts its great!!!!!! The world is made up of all kinds like you and its the job you do best What crime did you commit that you are trying to plea bargin??? Your obviously not a reputable citizen as they are honest enough to put their name!!! I love it keep us all informed Its great!!!!!
Honesty from Tilden

Neligh, NE

#31 Apr 3, 2008
You keep repeating yourself and you told the other person that you were done responding. You can't even go 12 hours without going back on your words. Give it up.
Bill Johnson

San Francisco, CA

#32 Apr 3, 2008
This is, as everything else has been with this sheriff administration, starting to get off track. Isn't it great that we live in a country where we can express our views. Especially people from Tilden that don't have the guts to sign their names. Every thing brought up here center's on facts. They can not be refuted. Those of you that claim to be "in the know" really don't know what some of us do. You bring up that the sheriff department did solve a crime recently. If you are so smart, then I am sure you know how to access this information with your computer. Look that up and you will see that only one in 12 reported acts of crime are being solved, something that I believe the 3rd grade class here in Petersburg can do. When the sheriff department had capable investigators, this number was about 8 for 10, of course then they attempted and succeded. Over 8 people are still in prison for these crimes. Solving one crime, and then only bringing 14 of approximately 50 to justice, is not a "good" job of law enforcement. If you only had all the facts in what is going on, you would feel very different. These facts will surface, and many will be eating crow. It is tough to say you didn't know a box of money was present, when 6 years ago an individual found this box and when he inquired about it with the sheriff was told to mind his own business and don't worry about it. Sit back and be ready to learn about some of the real problems, some being criminal in nature, that have gone on the last 6 to 7 years. You are still innocent until proven guilty, this is true. But hold on for the final verdict, as there is more to come that is being worked on by the investigator daily as he learns just how deep this whole thing gets.
The Observer

Neligh, NE

#33 Apr 4, 2008
Why are you babbling about the supervisors hiring a hacker to see who is on here commenting and complaining how it is a waste of time trying to figure out who getting things started. If you think its ridiculous for the supervisors to know who is on here, why are you so worked up that some of us don’t want to put our real names on here? Does it matter if you know the names. All that matters is that there is people commenting their views on here and it doesn’t matter what their names are.

Norfolk, NE

#34 Apr 4, 2008
I agree with Mr. Petersburg You've got your ducks in a row Your very up on the facts however Bob you cannot tell someone something that doesn't want to be told Hang on there is more to come and they will definately eat crow I do feel so sorry for people who cannot see past their nose that is why things get ignored and right is never done. They cannot argue with black on white and that is what the people whom knows anything about this have. Good job
Does his opinion matter as he has no idea what he is talking about in the many people that he portrays to be. We will be seeing results here shortly Hang in there Dishonest people always wear a mask
The Observer

Neligh, NE

#35 Apr 5, 2008
It doesn't go very deep and there is nothing that is going to change unless in the next election the MAJORITY of the citizen vote differently than the last election. Final verdict..who's your investigator?, Marlene? Ha Ha Ha. Give it up. You guys act like there is a huge investigation that needs to be conducted for corruption and evil doings. Get a life and go back to watching your TV shows that make you come up with this stuff.
Bill Johnson

San Francisco, CA

#36 Apr 5, 2008
Mr or Mrs. Observer, I meant the investigator from the state patrol. He knows his stuff, and is finding out all kinds of things. There is a huge investigation. If you haven't been a part of it, then as on all the other issues, don't talk about what you know nothing about.
The Observer

Neligh, NE

#37 Apr 5, 2008
Hey Bill,
If you're not a law enforcement officer the State Patrol isn't going to tell a citizen like yourself all of the details. If so, he's violating policies and privacy. You must be so privileged to have someone on the inside to feed you all of these.....Oh yeah, you guys call them facts. And another thing. A huge investigation does not mean huge results. You can conduct a huge investigation and still come up with nothing. Keep trying though, you're still making me laugh.

Flossmoor, IL

#38 Apr 5, 2008
I didn't know this was a pissing contest. Put your boxing gloves on and take it outside please. To those of you who know the truth.....take a deep breath, sit back and relax. In time all things will be revealed.
Jerry P

Norfolk, NE

#39 Apr 5, 2008
Did you say you were having a pissing contest? How did that get in there? Between you and the Big Observer you have some serious issues. I think ya better back off or the old crow is gonna get to tasting pretty bad. I honestly never have seen such poor citizenship. The truth is the truth and it does not matter what you think it will happen and I am sure that no one is gonna back down because of the non sense comments. Spend your time doing something good for the county like making sure that justice is served. IT is not happening at this time and we need new leadership or the present straightened out. the reason Mr. Observer does not want his name on this web site is because when he has to eat the old black bird he doesn't want anyone knowing who to invite to the feast. Pay him no mind a name not signed is not even legit so who cares what he says ignore his comments and comment on the people that do knwo what they are talking about and help with the facts Guess we have fighters and pissers and who knows what other kind of misinformed people. Do we care no we do not all we care about is the truth and we will contnue to fight for the truth and pursue honesty in our law enforcement

Bellevue, NE

#40 Apr 5, 2008
The Observer wrote:
Hey Bill,
If you're not a law enforcement officer the State Patrol isn't going to tell a citizen like yourself all of the details. If so, he's violating policies and privacy. You must be so privileged to have someone on the inside to feed you all of these.....Oh yeah, you guys call them facts.
Tsk, tsk, tsk! Let's not get emotional! This thread is already focusing on policies being broken, laws being disregarded and favoritism. I was surprised to see your post try to shift responsibility of what is happening with county electees to begin blaming posters on this site by reaching for clues that something may be inappropriate (as in privacy info). It sounds like some folks may be worried these facts are preparing to surface. Projectionism is a defensive mechanism.:(
The Observer

Neligh, NE

#41 Apr 6, 2008
I'm so defensive it hurts. I don't even care what happens, if anything. One way or another its not going to effect me. Its just funny to make comments that go against some of your beliefs and some of YOU get defensive about views or ideas that are opposite of yours. I sit hear and type comments that differ from some of your opinions and some of you fly off the handle and try to explain your points again by saying the same thing, but switching the words around. Babble, babble, babble...who cares until some action is taken, since its going to happen in the so near future. Until then lets keep babbling about eating crow....Its making me so hungry I probably won't sleep tonight.

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