I have a friend that works pretty closely with the Darigold plant and management and the Bellingham Herald has got it almost 80% wrong on their story---- Plus the Dept.of Ecology left out some important information reguarding the sampling procedures and the data that came off the same sample. The city help Lynden Darigold set up their Data collection and procedures and the employees & management followed the procedures. But when Darigold and the City of Lynden got two different results the City wins and has not been working very well with Darigold to help fix the problem-- I think the City wants darigold gone and both the City and EPA are more interest in the money side of it. Darigold has been activity fixing the problem and has been doing better from what I have seen. Again--This story was not fully told--I think even the Darigold corporate office has got it wrong-- from what I was told they didn't even ask anyone from the plant. There are a lot of employees from the area that work there and are not happy about the artilce in the paper.