'Fact based' film purports to prove a...

'Fact based' film purports to prove alien abductions in Nome

There are 89 comments on the Fairbanks Daily News-Miner story from Aug 19, 2009, titled 'Fact based' film purports to prove alien abductions in Nome. In it, Fairbanks Daily News-Miner reports that:

The makers of a new movie due out in the fall are claiming it is a "fact based" account of alien abductions in Nome.

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“As seen on TV”

Since: Jul 09

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#63 Mar 3, 2010
Boki Croatia wrote:
Its a fact lately we got more and more informations about aliens trough media ,i wonder why is now more then before is somebody trying to get ready a human race on what??
It seems to be more because those who control the media think that they can sell you more things through advertising when such is attached to UFO Sci\Fi programming. Nothing more.

Tartu, Estonia

#64 Mar 3, 2010
if some of you have really seen something suspicious, then we would like to hear about thoes: www.para-web.org first topic is international and you may put youre comments there and we would be very thrilled about searching out the truth...

but movie was pretty nice.. too bad that all of this came out, that it wasnt real.
Calin from romania

Bucharest, Romania

#65 Mar 4, 2010
I just keep an open mind, and not really believe in all of these things such as alien abduction and god and jesus christ, but i keep an open mind to them, they can all be true. You would be an hypocrite to state your opinion as it is the one and only and the absolute truth. Keep an open mind fellas.

“As seen on TV”

Since: Jul 09

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#66 Mar 5, 2010
Calin from romania wrote:
I just keep an open mind, and not really believe in all of these things such as alien abduction and god and jesus christ, but i keep an open mind to them, they can all be true. You would be an hypocrite to state your opinion as it is the one and only and the absolute truth. Keep an open mind fellas.
.....but aren't you stating that your opinion; that of keeping an open mind, is the way to go if not an absolute truth? ;)

Seriously I think it takes too much work to be an absolute believer in anything.
4th kind

Florence, AL

#67 Mar 5, 2010
1.what the hell does drunk natives have to do with aliens abductions? matt? maybe you should shave your beard because it is taking over your brains,

2 aliens are smarter then humans, so dont listen to a human say aliens are not real.

3 dont try hypotizing your neighboor for any reason, You just might hear something from the dark side,

4 dont forget to say a little prayer for ashley,

5 thank the man upstairs that the nome aliens are not as bad as the nome cops.

6 the 4th kind is a great movie and documentary of sorts, good job.

7 if your reading this then congrats.

Sudbury, Canada

#69 Mar 20, 2010
There is no such thing as aliens!
(crack me up-calling the human race intelligent?)

If in fact the real footage in the movie was
real, it is demonic possession!

I don't believe any writer or producer of a movie
is going to take a chance on making a movie
and calling it non-fiction if it were not!

Demons come in many various forms- to fool
It is no form of divination, or God! Anything
that comes from God , brings peace and comfort
never confusion.

My theory is it was and is the work of satan.
who can be possessed? You are either with God
or against him, you cannot be in between.

In other words, if you follow the path of
unrighteousness-and committ sins knowingly
that is in between.

God did not create a puzzle- yet the ignorance
of mankind gives in to the power of confusion
and darkness-creating their own chaos, turmoil
and puzzles-allowing vulnerability for demonic

This woman seen what she seen! Satan will create
confusion and delusion to all that fall short
of Belief in God. He will have this woman
declared insane by all-only due to the lack
of faith and obedience to God! He cannot get
in otherwise.
Although it demonstrated in the movie that this
woman prayed with her children. It did not portray
Her faith as She did not pray about what was

Whether fact whether fiction-demonic possession
is Real.
If the movie is real, and an excorcist was called
in-I wonder if they would of made the movie???
For this truly intelligent human race will surely
believe in aliens ..........before they even
attempt to believe in God.

So before some go on about intelligent life out
there some where?? Maybe some should work upon
their own lack thereof!!

In the great and holy name of Jesus
evil will flee!

Wessington Springs, SD

#70 Mar 25, 2010
i beleave it is demon posession,because it reminds me of the exorcist.
small world

Berea, KY

#71 Mar 25, 2010
Thanks wrote:
Very informative. Thank you. I found your post both interesting and factual. Greetings from Kentucky.
Omg! I just watched the movie tonight and came to this forum to "investigate", too!(I live in Berea.)

Brookfield, WI

#72 Mar 27, 2010
Aliens have been searching for intellegent life on this planet since the beginning of time. Their search continues.

“As seen on TV”

Since: Jul 09

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#73 Mar 29, 2010
proof...the Prof asks for proof....

extraordinary claims must be backed up by extraordinary evidence

Calgary, Canada

#74 May 9, 2010
I am from Nome. I was abducted and do not wish to say more. It is something I wish to forget. It was horrifying, I cannot describe what happened and wish and hope the subject is left alone.

Newbern, TN

#75 May 12, 2010
random dude wrote:
I don't know why the government continues to deny that theres aliens and the existance of area 51. Everyone knows that we're not alone, too many people have reported UFOs and too many people have been to the gates of area 51. The government's so weird! And i think they should just come clean and have like a big announcment on national TV saying that there is life out there, and there is an area 51 and hanger 18 and they should say that there like...going to (i don't know) like...observe the aliens that decide to come to area 51 and hanger 18 and tell us how aliens live. And see if they can find out how aliens make there saucers so we all can have our very own flying saucer that goes faster than the speed of sound.=)
And so we can chill with random aliens that decide to visit us. That'd be so cool.
IT is said that the gov. will admit this soon. Before 2012.
abducted by gnomes

Waterloo, Canada

#76 May 13, 2010
LEJ wrote:
Bible!? Mr C at least based his opinion on scientifict facts and common sense.
What if the aliens are God, like they said they were in the film. They told us they were so they must be right. That's how the bible works isn't it?, someone wrote a bunch of stuff so it must be true. Hang on, that means the movie is real! Roll on 03:33!!!
LOL!! Yes, and Bigfoot is on my backporch grilling steaks right now. He's a pretty good chef for a dude who poopie's in the woods!
I TOTALLY agree with you. I hate to rid myself of all belief in God or a god, but my interpretation of the Bible is that it was originally a tool to control a population. What better way to scare someone into doing what you want than to tell them if they behave and devote themselves, they will live for eternity in "heaven," and if they don't, they will suffer in a burning hell endlessly. What else would explain the removal of books from the Bible when people began reading on their own more commonly?
I very much believe there is a possibility of life outside this planet. To believe there could be no other would simply be egotistical. However, I am not sure they would waste their time abducting US if they are so very advanced and are able to travel however many light years to our planet. But who knows? I'm no expert.
I do believe this movie was probably loosely based on questionable evidence from some unknown psychologist's case study and may actually contain some real audio clips (at the end), but I don't think there's anyway the video "footage" contains real patients, not only because it seems obviously studio doctored, but because of HIPPA (privacy laws).
People need to wake up. This was a MOVIE. Just like the supposed Bigfoot found in someone's backyard was a PUPPET. Hollywood can do anything (include cause people to probably bombard the town of Nome and endlessly search for Abigail Tyler, Ph.D., who was played by some actress whose name I cannot remember. Google her if you care.)
Thanks for the intelligent sarcasm. You're awesome.
abducted by gnomes

Waterloo, Canada

#77 May 13, 2010
OMG! I think I have aliens living under my toenails. Or could it be demonic possession of the cuticles? We'll neeevvveeerr know!!
It was a MOVIE!! Identifying patient information cannot be disclosed under HIPPA laws. Maybe some of the audio (that does not disclose names) or video (only the police video since that is public information) is real, but very little. I don't know if this is credible, but pay attention to the "actual footage" subtitles that appear during scenes. There were quite a few scenes missing this caption. And, they waited for the movie to really get rolling before including these scenes so people wouldn't notice.
Entertainment only folks. Aliens from other planet could very possibly be real, but I would like to see one for myself before I believe what anyone else says.

Caboolture, Australia

#78 Jun 3, 2010
Ok, I had a look at missing persons reports, medical licensing board list of licenced practioners both past and present, Alaskan newspapers, Psychiatric journals etc. There is no evidence that anyone like Abigail or Ashleigh Taylor existed. Either there has been a coverup or they never existed and what was portrayed in the film was BS. The simple answer is usally the correct one.

Columbus, OH

#79 Jun 6, 2010
Would have no reason to come here,maybe they have always been here,disguised as humans.As far as the fabric of time there is also someone else who believed that theory his name is Edgar Casey he also believed in aliens as well.He believed in all sorts of crazy things like Atlantis,black holes in our galaxy,and that the Nile River used to run in the opposite direction,all the scientists dismissed his claims as science fiction and decades later discovered that some of his outlandish claims turned out to be true like the existence of black holes and that the Nile did indeed used to flow in the opposite direction(S to N).Another interesting little tidbit is that Edward Casey was not a genius but in fact an illiterate man with only a grade school education who would retrieve his knowledge in his sleep.He was a renowned healer as well(from knowledge retrieved will sleeping),he even cured a family member who was totally blind,we still can't do that today.And nobody sees them,I know what I thought of when I seen this movie,the mothman,and it has been seen in countries all around the world referred to as a birdlike creature. Birdlike, mothman,in the movie an owl,hmmm makes u think doesn't it.And noone is paying me to promote anything,like Edgar Casey what do I know,I'm just a poor illiterate fool from Kentucky,RIGHT?

Conroe, TX

#80 Jul 2, 2010
Professor Chaos wrote:
<quoted text>
Hello Egg!
Please provide a link to what you read. I would like to read it.
here you go.


“As seen on TV”

Since: Jul 09

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#81 Jul 21, 2010
mjloper wrote:
<quoted text>
here you go.
Wow! Thanks! Can't wait until lunch when I'll have a chance to read through all that. I love that MJ-12 stuff.

Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

#82 Oct 29, 2010
If YOU believe in GOD!!!!

You will believe we are not the only intelligent life on the earth also demons who is SATAN their father and they are more talent and intelligent than we are they can see us but we can not

and if the doctors movies are real it is a very clear thats who take control of bodies and talk are a very very strong and evil demons
seeker of prophecy

Paso Robles, CA

#83 Nov 15, 2010
Professor Chaos wrote:
So what you're all saying is that alien abduction is real and it's happening in Nome?
AND that movie has to be true then, RIGHT?
2X OMG!!
No actress who had the nerve to appear in a film with an orange tank top wearing Bruce Willis (which btw way had ALIENS in it....the movie, not his tank top) would EVER appear in a film that wasn't 100% based on FACT!!
you are 100% correct alien abduction IS happening if we like it or not and those who have been abducted are labled mentally unstable and mentally ill

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