I am from the lower states and live in N.C.. I have experience running heavy equipment on job sites and quarry's and running a Excavator with a long stick in our creek and river streams. Can run drag line also. I have also been diving since I was a boy. I started diving when I was seven hanging on the back of my dads tank with two regulators, he was in the Navy. I'm now 42 and fit as a fiddle and don't do drugs or alcohol. I am a man of God but not perfect but never stop trying. That's the way I work, I don't stop and especially if the pay is good. I would love to get a job a Gold Dredges on deck or down under dredging. I have Gold mining experience also. Got my own little Dredge and High banker and dive equipment and other things. Someone up there give me the opportunity to do something I have always wanted to do and go where I have always wanted to go. If you want a loyal ,hard worker and tough as nails. Give me a holler at my GMail kenduggins99@gmail.com I will drive or fly it don't matter. I'm not afraid to work