Stop China! - don't buy Chinese made ...
jeff from kc

Kansas City, MO

#65 Feb 16, 2011
i agree my kids mother says she has dreams all the time that china will eventually take over this country. not the arabic nation, not the hispanics,not the african americans,not the white people, but the asian nation(communist china)because we are supporting them big time. she says that one day our kids are going to wake up with the chinese army walking thru our street with an all out take over and we will soon be under their rules and she is pretty good with her perdictions. she has proved alot of events since i been with her. it is kinda scarey to know that.

Toronto, Canada

#66 Apr 9, 2011
As a Canadian I stopped buying American. Here in Canada our resources are being stripped by the free trade agreement and our jobs and pensions have suffered greatly. Our natural resource like lumber and oil are purchased from and American buyer and resold back to us at double and sometimes triple the amount that it would cost us in our own country. I don't have anything against Americans, but the free trade with the Americans is costing Canadians, manufacturing jobs and hyperinflation in consumer products.

United States

#67 May 10, 2011
You talk too much, I heard it all but this really takes it all. Your nuts man.

“Wholistic Nonlineer Decoder”

Since: Jun 11

Location hidden

#68 Jun 13, 2011
i deliberalty buy Chinese and only other asian brends .

Don't buy label stapler-sweatshoppers who sit in their cool office and gets everything done by Asian People not paid properly.
At least now i m sure my money goes directly to producer country ,not feudal barons.
Allamericanpatri ot

Chesterfield, VA

#69 Aug 3, 2011
This person is from surprise.
ebsilk wrote:
stop buying products will only prove that you are a completely idiot. I don't know why you are so hostile to china? why not living your peaceful live? ask your self
Boycott China

Las Vegas, NV

#70 Aug 6, 2011
The heck with the Chinese products...They copy what America built in the 70's and now this. BOYCOTT Chinese products, call your congressmen/women and ask for higher taxes on Chinese Imports. One product at a time, one consumer at a time and in 2-3 years we should bring MADE IN USA back to our stores. iphone, ipad, iwhatever is designed in USA but built in China!? Let's not rush to the stores and not buy the next i-thing and wait till they bring the manufacturing and jobs back to USA. Let's not walk through WalMart and pick Made in China product....What do Chinese buy from us? They are buying our dignity, the future of our kids and our freedom. next time you go shopping look at the tag...if it says Made in China, put it back. You probably don"t need it anyway! It will be years before we find out how poisonous their products are.


#71 Aug 24, 2011
I agree that buying Chinese products just promotes their ambition to crush competition and become more powerful. They are building up their army at an alarming rate - presumably to gain more territory in their region, by buying their products we are just helping them. I have no problem with fair competition but Chinese competition isn't fair at all. Workers are only paid enough to survive, they have no choices. The pollution is unbelievable and corruption is rampant in the government departments. They have no compunction about printing labels with 'Made in Italy' or elsewhere just to con consumers. They also buy products from other third world countries and export them labeled as 'made in China'
So, yes, try not to buy anything that you suspect in made in China.

United States

#72 Jan 18, 2012
I will never buy Chinese crap again is just a waste of money, sure is rather cheap but for what your buying worth.
The crab usually falls apart in a matter of days and you usually never know what you really got and left wondering if it is a bad copy, does it have hazardous components or else.

I think i rather put a couple of extra bucks and have some peace of mind with something of a bit more quality.

And stop the hating dont buy for the right purpose not for the ever fear that white pigs Will always have against minorities

London, UK

#73 Jan 26, 2012
i am from zimbabwe and the whole mess in the country is due too the chinese they have been grooming africans for years and are now raping the country and other african countries for minerals and oil and they dont provide any jobs for the locals leaving them to suffer, i can see they are doing the same to western countries by flooding them with cheap sweat shop produced goods and they are using the money from your wages to buy up your own national infrastructure and prop up roague states militarily to try and control the world. the answer is to buy from stable third world countries whose prducts have a fair trade representation and chun chinese pirated and gadgety tacky goods for the foreseeable future Another idea is to confiscate any chinese shipment or ship that has one pirated item on it and impose huge fines for theft of intelectual property as this is the root of thier grand plan.
Good luck USA

London, UK

#74 Feb 17, 2012
I prefer to be under rain instead of going under chinese umbrella , this f..king communist country ,we can by Indian products . F..k the china
Go Blue

West Palm Beach, FL

#75 Mar 14, 2012
RobB wrote:
I went to China this past year and was quite taken aback by how they treat their own people. The place is corrupt, highly polluted and frankly a disgrace to the human race and civilization in general. I have since stopped purchasing goods made in China. I tried to buy holiday cards recently from Target and was horrified to learn that all the cards they sell are made in China. I went to another store (Borders) and found many cards made from democratic, civil countries. Lobby Target to stop selling Chinese made goods.
Walmart is much more loaded with chinese goods, than Target.....but, you are correct, China is on a bad path too.....pollution is beyond belief.....wait till their people rise up, againest the corrupt party......
Go Blue

West Palm Beach, FL

#76 Mar 14, 2012
usa all the way wrote:
hoffman boots made in usa goodyear tires us built cars @ trucks take your country back starve the rice eaters out dont buy goke made junk grow some balls
This should be about patriotism and global economics, not racism.....

London, UK

#77 Jun 14, 2012
The UK has been stripped off it's manufacturing and all because we all buy Chinese goods, rubbish throwaway stuff too, I'm amazed at the solid quality of US and Canadian goods.

Now the UK is predominately service centre based, our cost of living is higher too and it's all down to Asian expansion.

Who monitors how much money they actually print to gobble up resources overseas? If they do it then we should all do the same.
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#78 Jun 14, 2012
Be carefull, what you are buying at Walmart and Target.....same thing in UK, just different stores.....Sometime's you're forced, i had to buy a small leaf blower, it was impossible, to find a american one....

Mango Hill, Australia

#79 Jun 22, 2012
It's good to see that a lot more ppl are awake to what could , or infact will, happen if we keep feeding the chinese government. They are not playing fair with that undervalued currency. It's almost inevitable and certain that in the future there will be war. Their interest in boosting their miltary is worrying and they don't give a flying f**k about the environment. I guess having a little p*n*s can make one really pissed off. Thank you.
Go Blue

Miami, FL

#80 Jun 22, 2012
This slow death, dollar by dollar, isn't about war....War is the last thing, China want's...they don't need any war as they are beating the crap outta everybody economically without firing one bullit. We simply need to slow down buying their products as much as humanly possible. Other than every economic reason to avoid these products, are the facts that the quality is really lacking and isn't at all up to the standards, we had so many years ago, before all this outsourcing even began....

Phoenix, AZ

#81 Jul 31, 2012
BUY AMERICAN and stop the outsourcing madness...we all must stick together,,We are at economic war with RED CHINA fight back,,BUY AMERICAN and YES we do want a trade war,,,OPEN YOUR EYES PEOPLE...The cold war is on..with Comi red China..Stop funding the muslim devils,,DRILL HERE

Vancouver, Canada

#83 Oct 22, 2012
I understand why people would like to stop buying "made in China" products. However, ask youself this question... Why do they still have to buy "made in China" products? They STILL have to do that because they cannot afford or not willing to afford anything better. But, be realistic, are we going to "ban ALL products made in china" ?......Instead of telling people "by buyin chinese good we are enablin a COMMUIST couNtry to fight us, freedom and democracy"and "we should ban ALL products made in china", why not tell people to make your own country "better" by making your own prices just as low as Chinese products. I know you are going to sit there and say,"But that's not possible! Our countey will blah blah blah...". Therefore, if it's not realistic to band ALL prducts from China and it is not possible to change your own country, then, live with it, until Americans pay off all the debts they owe China.
Gerald Bedeker

Cape Town, South Africa

#84 Oct 24, 2012
The reason for doing something like this is not to cripple the economy of said country, but to force their government to sit up and take notice of things like the destruction caused to the rhino populations of Africa and the east by the senseless (illegal) trade in rhino horn still continuing in places like China.

If they can ensure the enlightenment of their citizens to realise that using rhino horn has been proven to be abosulutely useless as a medicine for all and any conditions and diseases, then the rhino may have a chance of survival. If the trade continues, the next extinct animal will be the rhino (of which two types have already been declared extinct).
hung hang

Quezon City, Philippines

#85 Oct 28, 2012
if you buy china products they use your money to conquer the others, look at tibet rightnow

chinese is:
MONGOLOID= they married his/her son/daugther to preserved their wealthiness,
as a result poor genes that result of mongoloid.
FETUS EATER= the government of china have a 1 child policies as a result
Chinese data show that 13 million abortions are performed each year, for an average rate of 35,000 abortions per day.
there is no cemetery can handle this big statistic.chinese is business minded they created a products contains human fetus

LAND GRABBER= at history they bring the drug on mongolia to become the mongolian crazy. after Philippines, they
trying to grabbed Senkaku island from japan.
FAKE PRODUCTS MAKER= as a result many company's from the all over the world closed.
DRUG SMUGGLER = they introduce the illegal drugs, as a result of crimes and other social problems
and so on

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