SM gang activity spreading to Nipomo

SM gang activity spreading to Nipomo

There are 70 comments on the The Adobe Press story from Mar 30, 2007, titled SM gang activity spreading to Nipomo. In it, The Adobe Press reports that:

Gang-related crime in Santa Maria appears to be "crossing over" to Nipomo, a San Luis Obispo County Sheriff's official speculated Tuesday as the department's gang task force investigated Nipomo's second ...

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Saint George, UT

#1 Mar 31, 2007
it appears to be crossing over?wow either your pregnant or your not.of course its crossed the time we are talking abuot it its to more reason why after 30 plus years i moved .

Schaumburg, IL

#2 Apr 4, 2007
The Sherriffs here are & have known the 'gangsters' for a long time. The growing problem is more the noveau wanna be's & white kid drug users getting into trouble with the gang funsters. The neighborhood complaining had marijuana graffitti & yes some shots but we do know how many kids are taught that guns are good here. With the gentrification underway, tearing down of any old cheap housing to raise up 1/2 million $$ low cost bungalows it should take care of pushing gangsters back to SM; 'course the marijuana thumping bass' will stay with the teens not governed while their parents work 2 jobs to pay for all the toys

Since: Apr 07

Morgan Hill, CA

#3 Apr 27, 2007
I'm looking for leads on gangs in Nipomo for an article I'm writing for calpoly. Any takers?

United States

#4 Apr 28, 2007
justjess: From what angle? The sheriff's?, the gang members?, the landed gentry? Why Nipomo? Gangs are very mobile here.

Maybe start with interveiwing the highschoolers; they usually like to talk & give an in between version of what they know & what they are told by adults. The sheriffs here have a unique stand of knowing a lot but telling little other then the official story. The gang members barely tell the truth to themselves; lots of posing & delusion.

There is a Latin Group, I think out of Poly, that puts show on & other projects that might have some more leveled understanding. Outreach type groups also might have a inbetweener view.

Saint George, UT

#6 Jun 29, 2007
lets see. there have been gangs in sm for think they might have spread to nipomo etc?when was the last time you went to the mid state fair and noticed all the different gang affilliations? how bout a local high school? i lived in the area for 30 years.dont miiss it.its like cancer if you cut it out early you got a chance.when local pd does try to stop it they are labeled as racist.???? like they made a gang member a certain race? good luck

United States

#7 Jul 1, 2007
gee nipomo 13 isn't your little racist comment original, creative, powerful?
Or is it the millionth copy cat of lonely wannabes for the decades & generations.

Are you proud to be a Racist? Or do you believe you are only reacting to all the bias against you?

Do you think you are powerful because you are "scaring" others? Especially all the uptight upright conservative old people that have everything & don't want to share & don't understand how hard it all is?

Or do you think it's just a party?

I Dare You to read any of Tookie William's works.

I dare you to grow up, use your intelligence in an original manner that will be of some benefit for at least yourself if not others.

I dare you to be strong enough to stand on your own & not think you need some bully to tell you what to do & what is cool.
former ofgangville

United States

#8 Jul 8, 2007
I grew up in Oceano Ca. a few minutes from nipomo, spent time living there and the rest of slo county, the place is infested with gangsters, when I was a child there, 25 years ago, it was infested then too. It would take MASSIVE patrolling and funding to rid that county of its disease, and SM is worse. Thugs, tend to be certain races, there is no racial slur about it.

United States

#9 Jul 11, 2007
There Is a racial slur & maybe gangs do seem to be a majority of other ancestories But!
If you look further then common cliche thought you can begin to understand the economic factor of gang activity.
It is a big mistake to just assume that somehow 'gangs' are nothing but _____s wanting to be violent. Gangs are 'family' that are also capitalistic ventures. Maybe historically in Oceano or even Nipomo gangs activities were young people getting to together to hang out for nothing else to do & vielence, drugs etc became part of that; maybe even accepted as 'cultural'. But it still comes down to Economics.

This county was poor & whether north or south mexican or white kids had little to do with their energy; poor kids less to do. As the countys economy grows, population grows, media info grows, so does the meaning of being in a gang. When I left Venice 20 yrs ago after living in The Gang area, home to original Crips & V13, I was well understanding or the business of gangs. I also had known boys as children that grew into men gang members IF THEY LIVED.

I also Know that The Media of L.A. played down the activity in the venice/santa Monica beach areas because of the Desirability of coming gentrification. Shootings, people shot up, young old bystanders, were not on the evening news though reporters had been right there with cameras & microphones while any east/south end activity was. Why? Money. Don't want to scare away the coming white money.

Son't believe this? Just a week ago there were people posting on the Tribune that Mexicans & poor should be sent to live in Santa Maria so SLO county can stay "nice" for retirees & better working class people.

Buying into simple racist thoughts & comments creates ghettos! & someday even you might have misfortune & end up in that quandry! Germany perscecuted a religion & other defects which ended up in killiing millions in the New World Order to bring Germany out of a severe depression, other countries have done the same & there was No color difference just a ancestoral questions to get land or food. Black rulers in Africa are currently throwing white land owners out for economics. Shangrila aka Nepal or Tibet have similiar ghettos, upheaval & brutality over economics.

What is common through out the world in such prejudice? Money! With leaders getting the populis to buy into thinking that someone else is bad because of their difference; using the populis to fight each other, starting with name calling, suspicions & mistrust; not recognizing each other as equals, deserving or neighbors, so they don't notice who's laughing to the bank!!!!!!!!

(Lyrics to O Lucky Man)

Being Poor does not = being stupid but being racist/prejudice/bias does = stupid. Stupid bcz you are falling for thought processing from somebodies that want you to Hate others; Divide & Conquer.

United States

#10 Jul 11, 2007
As for the person who anonymously claims affliation to a 13 gang, since I did know the founders of Venice 13, the original 13 insigniad gnag, I suspect they would not let you near their territory.

It is amusing the pretences here. How wanna bes that are too lazy to think for themselves can only think far enough to assume that by some cliche'd attitudes they are some how a man or woman or strong or powerful.

V13 originally had class, had thinking proud members. I personally helped some of them start into Jr college.

Their arrangemnts in the gang were very organized & ruled. This is some of what I came to understand. Granted this as an outsider that had daily personal contact with several members over 15yrs though. I also had more superficial daily living contact with Crips, sometime ventursome Bloods later, because of color separation (white/black).

Young people joined because in the city ghettos affiliation had to be chosen or risk being harrassed gangs looking for new members; not because they had nothing else to do & were bored with themselves.

They also worked at getting noticed to get to join & 'prove they were a man & not a boy'. That's a main problem about gangs - they tend to pretend that "being a man" is = to doing stupid things that end up hurting people.

Members that were unethical were punished by not receiving monies, not allowed to participate in sales or even dismissed which left them open to assault by other gangs.

Addicts were disapproved & only supported as a retired leach. Racism wasn't practiced becasue most of the earnings from sales came from rich white folks.

Violence was perpretated & exploited by the evening news. V13 members felt that it, the media, was forcing gangs to be more violent to live up to an image being created.

Graffitti in V13 area was disdained as being done by wanna be's & trouble making & painted over by V13.

As much as 20yrs ago when I left the area the new Captain of the V13 (they were starting to splinter) had decided to "...move his group into the Beverly Hills & Westside of LA ...where the big money was to be made... instead of waiting for the customers to come looking for drugs in the Venice ghetto."

WISE UP! NPS13. DON'T JUST FOLLOW A LIFE OF PRETEND BY IMMITATING AN MTV GANGSTA. Try Thinking! The guys that everyone is immitating are taking yr money to the bank! Not caring about You & Yr life & how You will support yrself or what will happen to you in prison pretending yr some Bigga Boob rap star with his dungarees hobbling him like a slave with shackles!!

WHEN YOU ARE CREATING, MAKING THE MUSIC or the art or the real work or writng the book or making the movie, HAVE OTHERS listening to YOU, when YOU ARE MAKING THE MONEY healthily - THEN YOU WILL BE THE REAL ONE not a wanna be
Gang Away

Temecula, CA

#12 Sep 8, 2007
We have been looking at moving up to Nipomo or the area and wanted to see what the gang activity is. I grew up in Watts and am White. We had gangs and I got pushed around....Long ago.
Meet some little gang bangers the other day, three of them. They tried that intimidation thing until I climbed out of my truck and the little turds soiled their pants.
The best way to deal with gangs is grab the guy with the biggest mount and insert a fist removing all or most of his teeth. When he says you are dead say not today and BTW my gun is registered and works very well and unlike the drive by cowards such as yourself I don't miss at what I aim at.
White, brown, black all can be in a gang but when someone stands up to these little punks they will think real hard next time. Send them to LA and see how many minutes they make it.
I like your town and riding the area of gangs would require a little bit of work but in the end all would be good.
former ofgangville

Solon, OH

#13 Sep 29, 2007
Gang Away, while the militaristic views you share may seem like a way to deal, think of it this way, if someone robs your house, and you shoot them, terminally, if they are in your house, you wont go to prison, as long as it is obvious what was happening, HOWEVER, if that person runs, crawls, or drags himself outside, and lives or not, YOUR integrity, and right to defend your home, all become skewed, and he can actually sue you (Assuming he lives) or his family can sue you. The way the law operates in the state of california, it is almost like they WANT gangs, though they have the anti gang task forces, and other money generating schemes. There will always be bad people all over, and they will always find someone to mess with and some way to get away with it. this whole country needs reform, it is rather disturbing, and in desperate need of people to do something the right way, whatever is left to be "right".
jack corsaut

Castaic, CA

#14 Sep 30, 2007
I am always amused and dismayed by nincompoop theories that gangs are just affiliations of capitalism and associations of social outcasts. The conclusion is always that any truthful description of gangs as being of a particular race or culture is racist. I remember the silly attempts by media to portray gangs as multicultural in Los Angeles in the 1970's when they were not - they were black and Mexican and everyone knew it. Later emerged the Vietnamese gangs. The white gangs were motorcycle gangs. There are so many poor and struggling people who do not kill or deal drugs to children and to trivialize gang activity is to slam these good people. I am sick of this knee jerk defense of bad hispanic activity, no matter what it is, as racist. I read today that latinas are gathering to help other young latinas. Not racist? Huh? How about a black club at Cal Poly called, lets see... "The Race". That's good. How about a whites only club called, um, lets see..."The Race". Wait, that would be so obviously racist it could not be done. So what does "La Raza" translate to? I have lived in CA all my life and I have seen clearly who the real racists are and I have news for you - They are not white people. Whites, if anything, are super sensitive to being racist. Hispanics are not so sensitive. Besides, My sympathies go to the black community who did not sneak into this country, they were captured and brought to the Americas by the Spaniards (hispanics). Gangs are wrong and I agree with the comment that implies that the existence if these gangs are useful for law enforcement to insure future funding. The gangs will never be eradicated. And these "proud" people are the personal herd of the left wing in CA so they will continue to get a free pass, no matter how bad their behavior. When the truth becomes "incorrect" I think we need to speak the "incorrectness" louder. In America it is not necessary to agree, but to tolerate differences.

Los Angeles, CA

#15 Oct 1, 2007
Or..........We just shoot 'em all!!!!!
whiteboy 13

United States

#16 Oct 2, 2007
you guys are all queers............get a life and get along.
William Ford

Templeton, CA

#18 Nov 15, 2007
justjess wrote:
I'm looking for leads on gangs in Nipomo for an article I'm writing for calpoly. Any takers?
Stick your head out of your window!!!!

Grover Beach, CA

#23 Jan 6, 2008
William Ford wrote:
<quoted text>
ur skum

Los Olivos, CA

#28 Jul 4, 2008
Flag the gang posters

Anaheim, CA

#29 Jul 22, 2008
Stupid little wannabes posting in a community forum, lol! Online graffiti is it? Flag those 13 members, please.
MR SAW1341


#30 Jul 30, 2008
don wrote:
it appears to be crossing over?wow either your pregnant or your not.of course its crossed the time we are talking abuot it its to more reason why after 30 plus years i moved .
What does pregnancy have to do with gang violence?
MR SAW1341


#31 Jul 30, 2008
William Ford wrote:
<quoted text>
I'd like to know where "William Ford" is from. How you gonna settle in a place where "skum Mexicans" (as I'm sure you think of us) have been since before the beggining of this countrty. MF your people came over here, we didn't ask for you to come here. Then again I am not telling you to go back to anyplace because this is a new world we live in, I am not going to be ignorant like other people on this page are. Just wanna make MF's like yourself think. I hope I made you think a lil bit.

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