St. Peter Man Charged With Infant Dau...

St. Peter Man Charged With Infant Daughter's Death

There are 74 comments on the WCCO story from Feb 15, 2008, titled St. Peter Man Charged With Infant Daughter's Death. In it, WCCO reports that:

A St. Peter, Minn. man has been charged with second-degree murder in the death of his infant daughter.

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Mankato, MN

#72 Jan 20, 2013
JAE wrote:
All you people are $%&*()$%^...crazy! I was there the whole time through this terrible tragedy. I have lived this nightmare! I witnessed Jeremy's demeanor after Gracie's death. He was happy that she was gone. After bringing home some money from my work he said, "yeah more money!"
I wanted to puke! He then was thrown out. I never even saw Jeremy cry at ALL! He faked crying with no tears! Do you not think that Gracie's Mom was investigated also? I was even investigated! All you people are hillbillies and morons! Why would you plea if you are not guilty? Oh and guess what.... he even admitted it to her while she visited in prison with him a year ago. REALLY! Are you people that uneducated to think that he didn't do this? Why did he drive around with Gracie in the care multiple times without buckling her car seat in? Don't you know how this kind of crap hurts us? I loved that beautiful little girl as did my family. You are all a disgrace to the human race! Jeremy lived with me right after Gracie died. I couldn't bear to see his ugly face (the face of a murderer). We are still grieving and I can only hope that this kind of tragedy does not happen to any of you. Maybe if it did you would be nicer people! Jeremy has to live with what he did for the rest of his life! His sentence was a complete slap in the face. Drug dealers get more time that that! I bet he will do it again! I pray that he doesn't have anymore children, he should be castrated. I could think of ways of doing that! Hmmmmmmmmmm.
Maybe you people should use real names! Why are you hiding behind fictitious ones? I wonder! Because you are like Jeremy! Low!!!!!!! Slime!!! I hope God punishes you for all of the things you say! Karma, will come back to YOU! I think Gracie deserves to REST IN PEACE! And just for the record....his wife stood by him for more than 2 years before he told her the truth! So what you are all writing about does not even make sense. Don't do the crime if you cannot do the time! Something I always told my kids! Obviously you people have too much time on your hands! Try getting a job, going to church, volunteering. Try to make someones day better than cut people down with false lies. I guess we can only expect that of you kind of people though...right? I will pray for all of you tonight. And you better hope that I don't find out who you are.........but GOD knows! I will NEVER forgive him for what he did! He took Gracie away from us!!!!!!!!! Get a life people!
very sorry Jill you where very right about him and we are seeing that he will get what is coming to him i promise that and everyone who stands by him will also he what he really is

United States

#73 Jan 20, 2013
It's Holly who is pregnant not missy but either way he killed his baby he will kill again

United States

#74 Jan 21, 2013
Jermey I know people read this !!! Wtf why are u doing this why are u letting everyone cause drama and hurt someone I seem help u in your weekest point of your life who stood beside u no behind u and not for pity who helped u and stood up for u and your gonna let them hurt her and make her feel useless so she leaves ur okay with this cause u told her u would always love her y jay what happened to u I don't get it

United States

#75 Jan 29, 2013
Hey I know u read these I beg u to listen and start calling Sarah Jeremy must be stopped are u really okay with him having a great life while your daughter suffers thur hers Megan there not rumors ask chad I know I have tried to call him ask him he will tell u missy is pregant with Jeremy's kid I beg u to make this man pay

Reno, NV

#77 Dec 14, 2013
so he will be a free man soon with a baby on the way and the freedom to do as he wishes?? love to see what the world has came to kill your baby walk free hurt people live with out regret

Grand Rapids, MN

#78 Dec 16, 2013
Hope he kills this one? that is the most disgusting thing I have ever heard, seek mental help. thanks!
jeremy is sick

Reno, NV

#79 Jan 2, 2014
yea I do so the world can see its him he has KILLED TWO BABIES ALREADY and probably more cut his balls off please!!!

Reno, NV

#80 Mar 2, 2014
Wow ewww him and Ashley Waldack talk about a fat cow with fucd up teeth jermey sure has gone down hill hella bad in the last few years omg soooo gross
Sharon Hastings

Mankato, MN

#81 Mar 3, 2014
Omg wrote:
Wow ewww him and Ashley Waldack talk about a fat cow with fucd up teeth jermey sure has gone down hill hella bad in the last few years omg soooo gross
Seriously who cares who his S.O. is???? Hope you feel better about urself by cutting someone down who has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO W THIS TOPIC...GROW UP!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

#82 Mar 3, 2014
Sharon Hastings wrote:
<quoted text>
Seriously who cares who his S.O. is???? Hope you feel better about urself by cutting someone down who has NOTHING AT ALL TO DO W THIS TOPIC...GROW UP!!!
Anyone who stands behind all that he has done is part of his she knows what he has done yet she still let's him continue to fuk with people and with my last breath I will make sure he is re tried and brought up on other charges I promise u that he can't treat people like trash and with out karma finding them BOTH AND CHAD TOO AND HIS FAT ASS LYING TWO FACED STEALING SISTER god will cut u down karma is right around the coner for them all DNA doesn't lie Jeremy and I still have yours

Salt Lake City, UT

#83 Mar 3, 2014
There is no statue to limitation on heinous crimes and DNA stays

Minneapolis, MN

#84 Mar 29, 2015
I've been with jeremy over a year. we have 5 animals. My animals are my babies, I put them before myself. I would do anything for them. And I mean anything. Trust me we have had our fair share of problems. I have freaked out over nothing, (so has he) argued about nothin. But I can tell you all after 7 and a half years he still loves that little girl. And he misses her. I can garentee that.
guess who

United States

#86 Monday Jul 13
How can you even say that your animals compared to Gracies life how dare you sit there and state that you even know the situation what do you do you spend with him a year sociopaths are extremely good at making you believe that they are the victim there is nothing about Jeremy being the victim anything he is conniving he lies he cheats he still he does whatever it takes to make him happy to make his life easier when he took that little girl he didn't just take her life he took a piece of everybody and didn't look back when he did it he laughed did you know the day that Gracie die he went four wheeling and played in the snow went camping smoked pot he didn't give a shit!! He doesn't give a shit about anybody but himself and trust me I know this from personal experience 5 years he had me convinced that he was sweet wonderful loving father husband man and I guarantee you he's not a man but a sick twisted little boy he will never change he can't even come to bring himself to apologize to people that he destroyed their life the fact that you can sit there and state that you've been with him for a little over a year and you know who he is makes you just as foolish and is lying it's every other person is that hangs out with him that drinks with him that smokes pot with him y'all must be extremely high to think that she has a loving bone anywhere in his body do you know that he has a nice that he would have rather ran over with a truck then even show any emotion to her !! Did you know Gracie was not his only child oh but I guess he doesn't tell you about that one either does he because why would he it meant nothing to him it was all a game a joke people like their pieces of dirt and he eventually will show that to you !! Congratulations you've gotten into a few fights with your significant other like that doesn't happen to anybody else I guess that makes you and Jeremy so special huh??!!
guess who

United States

#87 Monday Jul 13
Why don't you ask him who helped him get out of prison who helped him get a job who helped him get back on his feet ask her where she is now asked her what he did to her to make her so broken!!! Ask him what landed him in jail ask him what he did to his beautiful wife ask him ask him how he used to throw things at her how he was too mentally abused her!! Ask yourself truly and honestly Tori who is this man and how many times has he lied to you didn't he cheat on another girl to get with you so what makes you think he won't cheat on you for another woman ask him about his friends that he turned his back on ask him about how many people stood up for him how many people had his back and how he treated them in the end before you ever get on facebook or on this website or on Craigslist talking about how you know him asking all these questions get the truth ask him why he didn't call 911 for 2 hours after he found his daughter unresponsive!!! Ask him who saved his ass time after time after time growing up you know he has a brother yeah my brother blood somebody else that he's turned his back on asking why asking the honest truth why his brother and him don't talk anymore ask his family why they no longer get to see Lily who was around the whole entire time Gracie was!!! but I bet you I bet on everything he will lie, he will turn it around and make himself the victim and why because that's what's psychopath and sociopaths do EOS to be anybody who can grab her own flesh and blood or just a baby and squeeze the life out of them can't be sain!! anybody who can look at somebody bawling her eyes out telling them that they love them and to tell them that it was a joke is disgusting!!! but I guess you'll never know the truth because there's not a single one of them that can tell the the truth not a single one of them!!! all of them has their own versions of the truth and I guess no one will ever really know the pain and the trauma that that man has cost people!!! I just want to know what makes you think that you're so special he won't do it to you!!! I don't think that the people that he is destroyed what ever be the same his ex wife she's never going to be the same! Jill will never be okay, Austyn is not the same either... but I'm sure you're like the rest of his family you don't give two shit about anyone but yourself! Smh but don't ever pretend ever that you know what happened that night or what happened during the time that that little girl was a life ever you don't know and you have no idea the pain all of us have gone through since we lost her

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