Younger girls dating older men
full frontal

Lexington, KY

#44 Apr 28, 2009
Its completely un acceptable for a grown man to be screwing a young teenage girl. An 18 plus year old girl has the legal right to choose who she lays down for but that doesnt make it right or even moral. Any man who lusts over a 17 year old girl or younger is a dam pediphile and should be shot in the back of the head with all the other baby rapers.
Any parent with a stich of morality would never allow they're 15 year old daughter to date a 20 plus year old man, thats just sick and they to should have they're heads examined. Dam rednecks! you people think the age of consent is 12, and that its cool to knock up some little girl. THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR THAT $HIT!. Lack of parental guidence, a jacked up sense of marality, and just plain mental illness are the reasons for the Jerry Springer candidates.
someones who knows this

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#45 Apr 28, 2009
full frontal you are exactly right. Men who are in their mid twenties should be trying to get with 17 or 18 years old in my opinion. They are kids getting out of high school who need to live their lives a little before settling down with a man who should have his life together already. Men who do this should be ashamed of theirselves young girls are easy to manipulate and believe a man cause they think he is so smart and its just stupid.
that chick

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#46 Apr 30, 2009
so what do yall think about a 29 year old with a 50 year old man?

Newburgh, IN

#47 May 1, 2009
that chick wrote:
so what do yall think about a 29 year old with a 50 year old man?
Well they are of age, she is not a kid so I guess if they can get through the age difference then fine. Lots of times a younger lady can still have kids even with the man being older unless he can't have any. THat will sometimes come up, she is young, will she want a family of her own one day? That is some things that sometimes are hard on big age differences, he may be done with the babies in diapers, and she has a lot of years ahead to want that.

Louisville, KY

#48 May 5, 2009
I feel like a girl is safer with someone a little older,like 16 dating a 19 year old.Makes the guy legal to kick his azz if he doesnt act right.
That dumb bitch

Shepherdsville, KY

#49 May 6, 2009
i know Jenny Gee and she lies about her age all the time i know this one boy who she use to date and she told him that she was 17 so dont blame them boys its her. shes a no good whore and she lies all the time. She try to get my man and she already knew what was coming to her.

Shepherdsville, KY

#50 May 6, 2009
Didn't Jenny date Tony Hurt. I think they did that's what she was telling my good friends.

Lexington, KY

#51 May 7, 2009
Whatever works!

Harrodsburg, KY

#52 May 7, 2009
the older the insterment,the sweeter the sound
The Bitch

Shepherdsville, KY

#53 May 7, 2009
she was dating Tony Hurt. I hate that bitch shes always thinking shes the big shit but got news for her shes nothing but a lil skank that needs to take some of that makeup off before it stays on there. I hate that dumb bitch and always will.

Leichhardt, Australia

#54 Jun 10, 2009
mind your own wrote:
its non of your business really. One persons choice of men/women is non of your business. SOme older men know how to treat a lady and if its not you in the relationship then why is it any of your concern? My sister in law is 17 years younger then her husband and they have been together for like 20 years! My mom is 10 years younger than her husband, they have been together for 12. So who are you to decide is two people should be together or not? I mean you can have your opinion but I truelly think that it doesnt matter. When you put peoples names on here it truelly refers to that the fact that you posted this thread about them, and therefore that makes you a looser. I dont agree with blacks men and white women but im not on here condoning the fact or putting peoples personal business on the internet thats my opinion but I'm not going to post a thread and expect names and make them feel horrible for there decisions. MIND YOUR OWN and get a life buddy.
i am 15 yrs old my partner is 52 about two weeks ago we handed urseleves into the police after hiding in the bush for 3 months he is a beautiful person and he makes me very happy he is lookin at 3 to 5 yrs jail and i will wate for him

“im me who else would i be?”

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#56 Jun 10, 2009
I think that if you are over the age of 18 then you should be able to date whom ever you want...age shouldnt matter but i do say that if you are still underage then no....I know someone who was 16 dating a 27 year old and when he wanted to break up she pressed charges on him for was all consentual(?) but since she was underage he went to jail......wayyyy wrong....I have dated older men myself but I was over the age....they were mature and not childish they treated me with respect they understood that I had a son that came first before anything else....and they understood the value of a dollar and how to work for it....

Lexington, KY

#57 Jun 10, 2009
well i dont think there is anything wrong with dating older people i know someone who is 23 and dating a 37 yr what as long as they are happy who gives a shit.

Nicholasville, KY

#58 Jun 10, 2009
What about the ho that just wants money! You know the one that breaks up families that have been together 30 years or more. And the Bast*ard guy ole fart just wants a peice of p*ssy! Both don't care how they destroy thier existing famalies! All she thinks is the old gy must have money, and the old guy thinks about is her p*ssy! She is 28 years and he is 49 years. Old Bast*ard you have a daughter 2 years younger then the wh*re your F*cking! What happens to the Bast*rd's faithfull wife of 30 years and the young wh*res husband who is working to support her nasty ass and his beautifull babies?
Most young wemon who get with older men in thier mid 40's to 50's is only looking for money! Don't you dumb ass wh*res know that he has lived long enough to already have an existing family? Hell he is old enough to be your daddy! Oh yea, that's just what you want a sugar daddy. Don't give me the bullshit that if his wife kept him happy he wouldnt go else where most old male wh*res will f*ck anything! Here is some advice to you wh)re's if the dumb fat bast*rd does'nt care about his wife and children of 30 years what the hell makes you think he cares about YOU! After a few years he will dump your young ass!!
Children are hurt and relationships destroyed all for 2 selfish wh*res and I mean both of them. The for you wh*res out thier that think damn she is really pissed she must have been dumped! I consider myself lucky as hell who wants to be with that type of garbage.
Belive me Bast*rd lost way more then his ex-wife. He lost his biological children bast*rd cant have anymore kids because he wacked his weeny. His children are old enough to know what he did to thier mother and to them they dont want anything to do with him or his ho! He lost all his money due to his divorce of a long term marraige. Wh*re must be disapointed she thought she was going to get all of his money ha! ha! Last I heard she was cleaning people's houses for money. He lost his business-yes he owned a local business in Nich. not anymore! Most of all he lost the love of a good wife and his children and his selfrespect.
The Wh*re lost a great young husband that she could have shared many memories with over the years as they both grew older together. Last I heard her young husband has remarried and has a beautiful wife and chldren. He also has a great job making more money then ole fart does ha!ha!
So word to the wise if your hot to trot and in your mid 20[s and the damn old Bast*rd is mearing 50 years use what little brain you have grown in those few years and look for someone your own age- SOMEONE YOU CAN GROW OLD WITH!! Not some ole fart you have to brush thier teeth and change thier diapers! And for the old Dirty Bast*rd ther is NO EXCUSE FOR YOUR NASTY ASS!!! Drop to your knees and pray to GOD for forgiveness!! And I heard you got married on your only daughters birthday you ole Bast*rd. I heard you go married at the court house of courseno respectalble misister would marry you in a church!! Buy the way look in the BIBLE you two are not married not in GOD'S EYES!!! I'm not judging for the Bible say's that is a sin I'm using decernment like God tells us too.

Georgetown, KY

#59 Jun 10, 2009
Hey sickntired are you talking about joey and sherry lawson that fits them to a tee! And its all correct on them!!!!!!!!!! KRAMA is a BI*CH

Louisville, KY

#60 Jun 10, 2009
u have no clue wrote:
<quoted text>
alright im 21 with a 37 year old and iam very loved by my parents. they tried to stop me from being with him but when ur in love no one can stop u. and just bc ur with someone older has nothig to do with ur parents. hes a great guy that has a good head on him. he work his as# off everyday for me and his daughter. and thats alot more then most guys in nicholasville. so back off and live ur own life people S*IT
Stephanie Cokanaugher!!! Wow, why dont you just give them your real name?

Tarzana, CA

#61 Jun 16, 2009
Well I'm 26 and I'm dating an 18 year old woman, still in high school. I love her to death and she makes me feel like a better person.

She may decide she needs more experience and variety someday... I'm willing to risk that...and if she does I will accept it and cherish the time I did have with her... She's fantastic and I love her.

I'm in no rush to be married to anyone so I don't take the whole if she wants to move on someday, it was a waste of time view.

That said...
Sex is awesome! I forgot how eager to please girls were when I was a teenager!

And they're more forgiving on the nights when you aren't in sync (IE have bad sex because you're tired or drinking or whatever)


I say.. If you really like the younger person, go for it... but take it for what it's worth and let go (with no hard feelings) if it has to come to that.

Harrodsburg, KY

#62 Jun 17, 2009
it is wrong if the girl is under age, but if they are an adult let them go for it. I wouldn't date someone that was alot older then me. if you are in your 20's with someone in thier upper 40's what can you have in common? besides being close in age to thier children....;

Newburgh, IN

#63 Jun 24, 2009
Donna wrote:
it is wrong if the girl is under age, but if they are an adult let them go for it. I wouldn't date someone that was alot older then me. if you are in your 20's with someone in thier upper 40's what can you have in common? besides being close in age to thier children....;
I agree with you 100% 20 s and 40 s has to be sex and a money thing.

Newburgh, IN

#64 Jul 12, 2009
i was 12 dating a 17 year old ?
whats wrong with that they still teens .?
as lonq they aint 18 or older and your mature and shit it dont matter

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