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Dahlonega, GA

#1 Jan 9, 2009

I am moving with my family to nicholasville and have two kids that are middle school aged. I want to know what is the general opinion of the two middle schools in Jessamine? I have heard a few negative things about East Jessamine? Is it a bad school?

Thanks for info

Georgetown, KY

#2 Jan 10, 2009
At the current time West Jess Mid is a better school. East is still at the old facility and kids just dont care for it. They are building a HUGE new East Jess Mid on 169 or Richmond Av. but Im not for sure when it will be complete and in use. Once it is done the kids and school staff might appreciate the new facility and the reputation might change.

Dahlonega, GA

#3 Jan 10, 2009
Thanks for the information.

Maybe you can help me with the rumors I heard. I heard East Mid. just lets the kids run things and a lot of bullying takes place, is this true?

Also I heard grades arent a very big emphasis at East Mid. they just promote kids, is this true?

These are just a few of the things I heard.
crazy roumors

Lexington, KY

#4 Feb 5, 2009
the school will be done by the 2009 2010 school
plus we are the best

Harrodsburg, KY

#5 Mar 7, 2009
send your kids to west.
true blue fan

Lexington, KY

#6 Mar 8, 2009
west is best, east is least

Lexington, KY

#7 Mar 9, 2009
if you want to know the school go visit them yourself and form your own oppion. Both schools are very good. Grades matter to both. Look at their test scores and you will see. One is not better than the other.
just me

Manchester, KY

#8 Mar 9, 2009
i went to west and my kids will got to west east sucks always has always will there mean to the kids at east i have heard that from 8 to 10 parents

Louisville, KY

#9 Mar 13, 2009
East is fine. My kids go there. There are bad things at every school. Sheesh, people lighten up and get real. There are bad things about EVERY school.
Hollie Isaacs

Harrodsburg, KY

#10 Mar 13, 2009
east is sooo way better than west. I went to east and i never had a teacher being mean to me! East really is a great school and the only reason talk about it is because the old EJMS isnt as nice as WJMS. and your right there are alot of bad kids at every school. there is nothing wrong with all.
ask me

Lexington, KY

#11 Apr 20, 2009
both my boys went to east, no promblems and if there grades slipped the teachers called . There are problems at both schools west hides theres better.. ejms has a good staff...

Lexington, KY

#12 Apr 20, 2009
There is a LOT of bullying that goes on in this school. I know a few parents who have removed their children from the classes because other children are not punished for bullying. I myself have been to the principal, and even super intendent numerous times due to the fact the teachers allow my son to be constantly berated. I myself am looking into other schooling options at this time.

The abuse that is allowed to go on is the reason those horrific school shootings occured. No I understand teachers can't be watching all the time but they hear enough and should put a stop to it on the first day of class.

Shepherdsville, KY

#13 Apr 20, 2009
I am going to tell you the truth about these schools! West people think that they are better than everyone... this is because when jessamine was separated west mostly got the upper end of the neighborhoods in jessamine county and east got a lot of the lower income places. But I absolutely loved east and would never want to attend a school or have my kids attend a school where the parents teach their children to look down on people because they are not "rich" well we are "rich" in morals and thats all that matters in the end!!
Mom of WJMS student

Lexington, KY

#14 Apr 27, 2009
My son goes to west middle I have not had any major problems with the school we had one problem with a kid saying that my sons feet were to big and he was to tall to be in just the 6th grade, It kinda upset him because everyone kept asking him what size shoe he was I called and spoke with someone in the office and the kid that was talking about my son was pulled in the office the next day and was told that his behavior was not exceptable and would not be allowed on school property and if he did not stop the childish behavior then he would have to do a huge report on why it is not nice to bully people. the kid said he was sorry and they are good friends now. Oh and i don't believe for one second that they put the rich kids at west and the poor at east that is the funniest sh*& i have ever heard we are not rich. if you want to go to west then move to west district.. I have heard some bad things about east high tho my cuz goes to that school and hates it she has been spit on stuff threw at her at lunch people stole her stuff while they where at lunch she got it all back that day and nothing was ever done about it..
both suck

Dayton, OH

#15 Apr 27, 2009
well i have lived here for 25 years and if you ask me neither school is any good, they just dont work with the kids here in nicholasville,the whole school system here in jessamine county sucks, if i was you would consider moving to lexington, much better schools, my kids started school in nicholasville and went for a year here then i put them in a private school in lexington.just wanted to give you heads up.

Lexington, KY

#16 Apr 28, 2009
To give my opinion I would say that these are typical public schools & that I wished that I had an alternitive but I didn't.
Because of redistricting or us moving to a new home, one of my sons happened to literally attend each & every school here from K thru 12.
Both schools have fans & detractors. BOTH answer to the same board & superindent(s) so basically the aministration is the same.
As far as a previous poster wrote about West being uppity & East being poor....well I have also heard exactly the opposite too. Point being that both can't be true. Just fans & detractors like I said.
The best advice given so far is to visit the schools yourself
Get Real

Shepherdsville, KY

#17 May 12, 2009
Ok to say both school suck and that the staff doesn't work with the kids are you crazy?? My mom has taught in Jessamine county schools for like 13 years or something. She works her butt off to get the kids to not only pass to actually understand the material. And when kids fail it really does stress her out, no she not gonna just give them an A but she hates to see them fail. She tries so hard to help them but a lot of the could care less and there parents could care less when she calls them and tries to get them to help out at home!! Please do not get on here and talk about the teachers my mom is one of the best there is. And i private school are you serious?? I hear the that the kids that go to private school are secretly the worst kids ever! Their parents are just too blind to see it!!
this girl

Lexington, KY

#18 Oct 15, 2009
i have been to bothh east middle and west middle and at east they let you slack off too much they dont care about your grade.but at west they push and push you till you do better but the only bad thing about west is that all of the kids are goody goodys they pick on others. both of the schools have problems.

Lexington, KY

#19 Feb 9, 2010
yall are dumb.
west soo gott higher test scores than east did.!
because east doesnt care.!
west beats east at everythinq.!
and west kids are as ghetto as east.!(:
(no offense]

Lexington, KY

#20 Feb 9, 2010
yeahh west thinks they are better.!
and the preppy rich bitches think theyre so special cause they have more money when its really not theyre money its theyre parents money.!
but west is still better.!

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