Stacked Tee Ball Teams in JCYB
T-ball Agent

Fitzgerald, GA

#41 Jun 17, 2010
Once again - no specific examples from Thoughts... "only the umpires did not know the rules and of course it was our team that was treated unfairly and no anyone else..."

and before you claim the Dodgers were one of those stacked teams be aware that I know the coach and this team was created without him even selecting any of the players and was given a roster after all were drawn (except the coach's son and one other player) by random.

Having been in many is people like you who claim it is unfair, rigged by umpires etc. and that is why my team is not winning as much as I would like are truly pathetic and already are setting up their kids by their example with a life of excuses...Great parenting...

If you really think teams are year get off your butt and sign up to be a coach as having so many teams this year I know the league was practically begging for coaches.. In fact there were many new coaches in t-ball this year..

in other words...Step up or Shut up...
A mom

Waterloo, Canada

#42 Jun 18, 2010
Gotta Know wrote:
That is why this topic was started. So the teams really are stacked. Huh , I am glad that someone decide to admit this. All though you can't give your name. To the other comment t-ball is over I was just venting the same thing I have been doing since my child started playing. There are teams that get by with the Dodgers. Our teams would have never been in the place they were in the tournment had it not been for rules being changed and the umpires not understanding the rules. So until you know what happend maybe you should talk about something concerning you!!!!
. Well I will start it this way if you are going to put the Dodgers in this then I suppose then I need to step into this for the simple fact I was for my son since day one and I know what they was and who they have became and I feel there is no need in all of this but I feel I should stand up for the little guys and they have worked so hard to be where they are and its people like you that doesent make it fun for the little guys and I feel sorry for your children for the simple fact your child may feel that they disappoint you and that's not right and its all about having fun and doing your job and that would be simply saying good job to your son or daughter. so before you go and make your excuses maybe you should go and try that and then you will see a positive side to your son or daughter...So leave the dodgers out of this and please explain to me when this situation happen and I can help you figure this out and Help you conform were you are in the wrong at so just be careful about what you start for the simple fact you may be in the wrong and don't blame others for your guyses bads...
Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#43 Jun 18, 2010
First and for most I was just venting to telling me to step up or shut up....Really a childish thing to say. I don't even let my children or myself say shut up it is just disrespectful. Second I am not saying the Dodgers were a stacked team, but there were rules that changed during our game with them. Third for me to step up and coach would not be a problem except for I am a nurse and I don't spend a whole lot of time at home. I barly made it to the games this year and I didn't make it to any practices, so what am I suppost to do tell them to come and play in the street where I work, not going to happen.
Having been in many is people like you who claim it is unfair, rigged by umpires etc. and that is why my team is not winning as much as I would like are truly pathetic and already are setting up their kids by their example with a life of excuses...Great parenting... IT-ball Agent: I never said we didn't win b/c we did. But if you are going to pay umpires to ump a game they better know the rules. I have also been involved in many leagues I have also ran a few, and our refs and umps knew the rules and there was always someone to ask about rules at the game. Also you commenting on my parenting is bs, so you agent can just go F*** off, unless you know my parenting skills since I have raised two and I am raising another.
Funny Funny Stuff

Lexington, KY

#44 Jun 18, 2010
Gotta Know...

You won't say "shut up" but F*** off is acceptable? Priceless!

You guys are all crazy, t-ball is for 5 & 6 year old kids right? Ask them if they had fun, I bet most say yes. It's you all that are worried about winning and losing...what a joke.
T-ball Agent

Fitzgerald, GA

#45 Jun 18, 2010
You are just so full of contradictions it truly is Priceless....

1) How dare you admonish me when I say 'Shut-up' when you say 'F*** off'- as the poster before said before..truly PRICELESS

2) You ran leagues before but don't have time to coach because of your job - that makes a lot of sense

3) Umpires in this league don't know the rules, but of course the league you ran (when you had time, but not time to coach) did - most of the calls people get upset with are judgement calls by the umps - get over it..

My simple solution to all of this is that if the league is sooo bad because of stacked teams, bad umpires, and everythign else - get out.

Alternatively, you could try something constructive as in get on the board, become a coach or heck even become an umpire and make the BIG money as I am sure if this was done by yourself all would be perfect...

I feel sorry for whatever league you join if you get so upset in tball I would hate to see what happens when your kids get in more competitive divisions.. YIKES!!

Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#46 Jun 18, 2010
2. I don't have time now b/c I am a nurse now and not working with parks and rec any more, b/c I wanted to better myself. 3. I am talking about rules when a team is tied and it is 90 degrees out and the time limit is up they tell them to play on. Or even schedule a team a double header in 90 degree heat. Yes there were judgement calls made that were bad but those aren't what we are talking about, anyone can make those mistakes. 1. It may be "priceless" to you that I don't say shut up but I can tell you to F*** off, but just ask your wife there are somethings women wont say but when it comes to you talking bout my kids or my parenting that is when the GHETTO will come out and I will start whooping some a**es and taking names. As far as my child being in other leagues he is he plays basketball as well as t-ball. He also does golf. Every sport my child has played has been very competitive.
Beep Sore Loser Alert

Fitzgerald, GA

#47 Jun 18, 2010
Gotta agree w others - You really are a looney and need to get a life...
So they made u play on after time over was it b/c of tie - and they wanted to get a winner.. maybe that is why they keep score..I would rather they get winner then allow ties - somehow bet ur team did not win and why mad...what is point to keep score then its not freakin soccer
God forbid kids need to play in 90 degree heat...I mean frm when I watched t-ball with my kids time ago 3/4 of time was spent standing or in dugout shade..its not like they are playing b-ball or f-ball.
Looks to me like u like to complain - ALOT...
Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#48 Jun 18, 2010
The point is we had another tie with another team and they told us even if we had tied with another that it really wouldn't have made a difference. When in the long run it would have. Plus it clear states in the rules a game will end in a tie if the limit is up and both teams have the same amount of runs. That is what I am trying to explain. As far as standing in the shade you most not have been to Jessamine Co. There is no shade.
Beep Sore Loser Alert

Fitzgerald, GA

#49 Jun 18, 2010
OK - Understand some now..

Assume this tie was in reg season...

Did this loss instead of tie mke u not win the regular season - if so I can see a problem..

Did u get to play this team tht you tied to in some type of tournament (at least they used to have) and if so who won?

If it did mke u not get first I can understand issue, if not then no big deal especially if u got to play that team again..
WTF Ties

Lexington, KY

#50 Jun 18, 2010
Ties?? Is this soccer? There should be no ties in baseball! My kids never played tball before, but I can't believe it is so competitive. They are just little kids right? I know alot of people who play at jcyb and they say it is awesome...guess this is the whole "one bad apple thing"?
Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#51 Jun 18, 2010
It could have made us a higher rank in the tournament, which we would have played a different team, and then we would have met up with the team we tied with. So we could have came out with a possible 2 or 3 and if we played hard enough a 1st.
WTF Ties

Lexington, KY

#52 Jun 18, 2010
there you have it, it's jcybs fault you didn't win the tournament..had nothing to do with the other team scoring more runs than you. geez its tball
T-ball Agent

Fitzgerald, GA

#53 Jun 18, 2010
If you are so brave it would be interesting to know what team you were on - then we could all see where you stood in the league on the jcyb website..

Also, you did not answer the question did you play the team in the tournament you tied with in the reg season but played extra innnings you are complaing about??

It is rather amusing that you state if 'So we could have came out with a possible 2 or 3 and if we played hard enough a 1st'...and if we played hard enough...I am sure the little kids didn't play hard just because they were playing a different seeded team...

Rather amusing...


Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#54 Jun 18, 2010
Played hard enough knowing that most of the teams had to play everyday if not everyother day. So I would have to say the kids would be fairly tired. We would have came out 10 and 6 with us playing the Yankees and then the cubs. Which we may not have beaten the Cubs but you never know unless the tables were turned. You really want to know what team my child plays on we it is the RANGERS as far as brave why do I care if you know what team it is.
T-ball Agent

Fitzgerald, GA

#55 Jun 18, 2010
Ok - So looked at the standings and all this complaining and bitterness about a 6 vs 5 seed and this is why the league is so bad and doesn't follow the rules, etc.- what a joke. I mean even at the 5 seed you would not have got a bye.

From the scores, wouldn't of matter muched as I see the Cubs thumped you in the regular season anyways, even if you were able to beat the Yankees, which I doubt..

Maybe you should ask for your money back. I mean your kid only got to play 18 games and probably a uniform for $100 or less. I would call the Jessamine Journal and state that you have been wronged - maybe even file a lawsuit or an injunction against the league and Cubs and/or Dodgers for being the winners...

Former Board Member

Fitzgerald, GA

#56 Jun 18, 2010
This is the reason why you lose so many volunteers on the board and yes all are volunteers except umpires.

You get people bitchin about this or that and of course not help, but great at bitchin...

What is especially ridiculous in this situation is not that the team was seeded 1 less than maybe they should have but it has over 50 entries for stinkin T-BALL starting with stacking teams then moving to not playing by the rules, etc. You would think it was the world series or the umpires stole your kids ice cream cone.

At this age 90% of the kids are more concerned with the snack after the game and not the score.

This is the reason I got out of being on the board b/c you have some really ungrateful parents that vocalize the most. I hope the people on the board can ignore these isolated idiots as from what I can see JCYB is a great place to play and has improved a ton over the last 2-3 years. I mean 12 teams for t-ball that was unheard of 5 years ago.

Finally, parents please take this game and expecially t-ball into context..It is for the kids, not for you to huff and puff about who is better, or my team got screwed, etc...

Keep it up and there will be no more volunteers and then you may actually have to get off the couch and help out or the kids won't play..
Gotta Know

Lexington, KY

#57 Jun 18, 2010
I am not bitching as stated in other post, I was venting. You people can call it what you want. As far as the seed goes we may have gotten thumped by the cubs once but things change and kids get better. As far as the Yankees they beat us once and we beat them once so it would have been intresting. To the other poster board member, my son doesn't go out there for the snack he likes to win, he likes to play his classes mates and talk about it in school with them.
Tball Mania

Fitzgerald, GA

#58 Jun 18, 2010
Nah Nah - My Tballer can beat up your Tballer

Immature All - Grow Up
Tball Mania

Fitzgerald, GA

#59 Jun 18, 2010
I'm a T-ball Gangsta - Yo Yo You Better Step Off Rangers Mom and Agent or I will stick tee in your a..
Tball Mania

Fitzgerald, GA

#60 Jun 18, 2010
Forger war - all countries will settle our differences by T-ball... Just like Rollerball

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