Broken Arrow, OK

#21 Nov 28, 2010
Consuming something isn't just eating it. When you snort it, where do you think it goes? It drains down the back of your throat into your stomach. My friend tried to use the same logic: it's just caffeine, they just label it that way. Don't be so gullible. If it's not regulated by the FDA, they can put anything on the label.

Huntington, IN

#22 Nov 28, 2010
Boon wrote:
Consuming something isn't just eating it. When you snort it, where do you think it goes? It drains down the back of your throat into your stomach. My friend tried to use the same logic: it's just caffeine, they just label it that way. Don't be so gullible. If it's not regulated by the FDA, they can put anything on the label.
That is a lie!! They CANNOT just put what they want on the label!! Get ya sh*it right! Thats ridiculous

Lexington, KY

#23 Nov 29, 2010
meeee~ I am just curious. What did it taste like? Was it disgusting?
for sure

United States

#24 Nov 29, 2010
My daughter snorted that junk,and it made her loose her mind!!! and she only done it twice,and it has a ingrediant that miners use to mine nickell!! Believe me she is not a light weight when it comes to drugs,something im not proud of! But just trying to warn you kids etc... It is very dangerous,hell cocaine is dangerous but comes from a plant,This shit is made from chemicals!!!! She had side affects for about 4 days!!!!

Huntington, IN

#25 Nov 29, 2010
I have done it. Its addicting. Once you start you dont want to stop just because you dont want the high to go away , just like cocaine. It didnt make me hallucinate. It was basicallythe same as any speed high. I have met ppl straight addicted to this sht . Its crazy. I wouldnt recommend it. And it tastes HORRIBLE. You will drink NON stop because of the taste and bc it drys your entire mouth out. And you are only suppose to drink water when you are on it. Its very easy to get dehydrated and the day after YOU WILL FEEL HORRIBLE. Its nothing to do, trust me. I was dumb and curious

Cincinnati, OH

#26 Nov 29, 2010
you have to do about a gram to get a decent high, and even more to maintain the high

Cincinnati, OH

#27 Nov 29, 2010
It taste horrible. its very easy to get dehydrated and also you want to drink non stop just to get the taste to are only suppose to drink water while on it.You want to keep the high. coming down is awful and i have met more than one person that is a fiend for this white lightening shit. its basically a cocaine high. I have done ecstasy and it wasnt anything like it. But there is a more powerful version of white lightening called Blastor that they also sell that IS like an ecstasy/lsd/cocaine high!(also sold in smoke shops) I have had my fair share of drug experiences, not that im proud of them but this stuff is ridiculous. IT IS CHEMICALS. and i know it kills a fair share of brain cells.
for sure

United States

#28 Nov 29, 2010
It blisters your lungs as it does your nose when doing to much,The doctor told my daughter if she had done it once or twice more that it would have killed her!!! She has blisters on her lungs and is coughing them up,as well as on her nose.This is a bad chemical substance that will definitly kill!!!!

Waterloo, Canada

#29 Nov 29, 2010
meeee wrote:
He must be a light weight for it cause hallucinations. I dont believe that. Its a VERY MILD high. I have gotten more a of an energy rush from energy drinks!!
if your gettin a buzz like that off an energy drink then tell me wat kind cuz I've never had a redbull make my eyes bug out, make me grit my teeth, or hell anything that this shit makes u do. And very mild? Ha! I've done coke straight from the kilo and never had a rush like that. I was once the one defendin this stuff but its bad news. The "CARBONYL COMPOUNDS" on the label is really NICKEL CARBONYL. Look it up. This shit can kill you... Quick. My cousin jus went to the e.r. Today bc of chest pain after a wild night on the stain remover and she has blisters on her lungs from it. Long story short, it may b the best buzz of ur life but it jus aint worth it.

Owensboro, KY

#30 Dec 24, 2010
it get my mind right doe

Georgetown, KY

#31 Dec 25, 2010
It's basically just a generic Molly. It's cheaper and lasts longer. Does give you a cotton mouth but anyone that does Molly or x is used to that anyways. If your doing a gram or more just to get a buzz then you have outside issues, I roll quite often and 2 lines had me rollin. I've never had a bad experience on the stuff. And honestly, if your gonna cry about side effects then maybe, just maybe, the drug world isn't for you...

Georgetown, KY

#32 Dec 25, 2010
Oh and no shit to much can cause health issues or death. So can to much Molly, x, acid, or even coffee. It's called an OD, don't blame the drug, blame the idiot that doesn't know when to stop.

Louisville, KY

#33 Dec 25, 2010
do they sell it in nich? wehre can i get some?

Portage, IN

#34 Dec 25, 2010
I've done a little less than a gram in about 12 hours and I am loving this shit. The stuff I did is the white lightning, and all the different names affect you quite differently with my experience. With this one, I haven't hallucinated at all, my heartbeat is totally normal, and I just have a great euphoria. The comedown doesn't suck at all. I am bipolar and at the peak of my manic episode, so I can't sleep, so I took ambien while doing this and I was up all night because of the insomnia from the bipolar and it was awesome. It takes a line to get me buzzed, then I'll do another one about an hour later then take a long break. As long as you don't do more than a gram without a break then you won't have the terrible after effects, and you have to start SLOW. The tolerance builds fast. The first stuff I tried was called tranquility and it was marketed as a bath salt, a tiny jar with barely anything in it for 30 dollars, lol. At first I felt like I could do anything, it was awesome, but as we kept doing it all night when we tried to sleep it was impossible. That stuff was like speed. My mind was going a million miles a minute. I did have a racing heart with that one. I didn't sleep for days except for a few hours here and there, but I was transitioning into the mania from the bipolar disease. I think the tranquility triggered my transition actually. But like I said, the white lightning is soooo much better! Way better high, no shitty comedown, lasts longer, but it BURNED way worse than anything else! Make fun of me if you want, I used to be addicted to vicodin and I was killing my liver every day, taking 40-50 pills a day (10mg strength) but I quit on my own and struggled with severe depression (which turned out to be bipolar) so I did just about anything to escape reality. They all taste bad but its not unbearable, and I don't have a dry mouth. It obviously affects everyone differently, so if you're going to try it just start slow and DON'T overdo it, and stop at least 8 hours before sleep. Don't do it 2 days in a row. In moderation its not bad, people have done much worse. Cigarettes have rat poison in them, remember?

United States

#35 Dec 25, 2010
Cigs have far worse than that in um and I still smoke a pack a day, don't ever be scared to try something new as long as you can maintain control. I live in lex so i buy my shit at purple haze, but any head shop should have it, just go ask lol Shit I get is called white lightning and is sold as a "stain remove" for about 40 a gram. and like I said earlier feels pretty much like generic molly or a coke based x. my rolls have always been tons of fun and never had any problems.

Huntington, IN

#36 Dec 25, 2010
They dont have it in nicholasville. But its sold in basically all smoke shops in lexington. Purple haze is where i get it. 40 a gram . One night a gram was shared between 3 ppl & we all were high for a decent amount of time. Its sold as an insect repellent . I would rather see ppl on white lightening other than coke or pills...

Clarksville, TN

#37 Dec 28, 2010
dopejunky wrote:
it get my mind right doe
you all are all full of shit

Frankfort, KY

#38 Jan 9, 2011
Crazy people doing harm to themselves and possibly others by using crap like this ....

Cincinnati, OH

#39 Jan 9, 2011
If I want to harm myself, thats on me ! And as far as harming someone else how do you figure ?

United States

#40 Jan 14, 2011
all things are bad for everyone! Driving, eating, working, gambling, mowing the grass in a heatwave in august, black mold you can't even tell kills you till your dead. I have done the shit many times, and have been clean from the hardest pain killers known to man, look at all these docs prescribed hard drugs that will addict them in a prescription length time, yea there are side effects to everything we do. So what people wanna get fucked up, let them. You do you they do them. That's what's wrong in the world everybody always trying control everyone life. Get fucked up people that want to. People that don't worry bout yourselves

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