Lexington, KY

#1 Apr 12, 2010
how that awesome girl been doing? haven't seen her in awhile

United States

#2 Apr 12, 2010
She got herps from Ross and he is still flossing his teeth with Eric Carpenters pubic hair

Lexington, KY

#3 Apr 13, 2010
wouldn't doubt that shit one bit. why IN T"H"E hell she got with that dumbass is beyond me.

Lexington, KY

#4 Apr 13, 2010
She is so gross! She has a very funny lookin chin!!! She def white trash! Drunkin redneck

Lexington, KY

#5 Apr 13, 2010
i dont know her that well but from what i do know she seems pretty awesome, works and likes to have a good time, who cares who she was with or wasnt with, she's a pretty girl and has the right to be happy just like you, and since when does somebodys chin make them nasty? get a life!

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#6 Apr 13, 2010
You silly girl I didn't say her chin made her nasty! I just said she is nasty !!!!!!!! She isn't ever gonna be happy cause she can't keep her legs closed!

Lexington, KY

#7 Apr 13, 2010
kates a cool girl who likes to have a good time, if she's single she can do what she wants, doesnt maker her gross

Lexington, KY

#8 Apr 14, 2010
I heard she was still on the pills pretty bad.... although her favorite one isn't around anymore..LOL ococococococ's. she aint ever gonna grow up, and she's cheated on ROss once that i know of. plus, she's done stuff with chicks too.
buncha aholes

Mount Sterling, KY

#9 Apr 14, 2010
FIRST of all the pill head is her sister Grace Kate may have played with pills in HS but she doesnt now, she has a FANTASTIC internship at a horse farm that would def fire her if she was on drugs, for that matter wud have never hired her. Not to mention her family is goin thru a tuff time right now. As for ross well lets jus remember who were talkin about here its ROSS he is one of the biggest asses in this town so dont talk about shit u dont know. Kate has grown up into a very respectable woman, she may drink on the RARE occasion she isnt workin, but thats her choice she is of age and each and every one of u wouldnt say shit to her face cuz that lil midget would whoop everyone of ur asses! She has calmed down a helluva lot and u guys have no right to down her! Grow up and learn who ur talkin about before u go runnin ur mouths!

Lexington, KY

#10 Apr 14, 2010
Wow, I must be a popular girl everyone can't seem to keep my name out of their mouths. Just to clear a few things up, I don't do pills anymore, I don't cheat on Ross, and I definitely am not bisexual. So keep on telling your lies, I really could care less. Tnaks "buncha aholes" for standing up for me, BUT I'd rather you keep my sister out of this. And your wrong about one thing, I have no intentions of beating up these people, even if they said all this to my face because I don't care what they say and I don't waste my time thinkin' about them. Peace

Nicholasville, KY

#11 Apr 24, 2010
Well all I have to say to all of you haters out there. Kate and her whole family are nothing but the sweetest people on the face of this earth.. So all of you all need to go and get a f*cking life...
Realize Ross

United States

#12 Jun 9, 2012
When is that boy guna realize? Or is it the fact that he might just not give a damn about it. He either must be so blinded by her sneaky conniving ways that he believes everything that comes outa her ugli ass mouth or he may just not give a damn all the way round hisself. Who knows with them they're weird all the way round. Well, Ross was never ever the way he is now. I'm not even guna bring up what made him change bc most of the people that were ever close to him like my family and me already know when Ross tanner changed. I miss him to. He was a good guy and a hard worker. Do anything for anyone. Not any more. If people or just Ross could believe what I have tryed to tell him bout that girl.... You could not even imagine what I have seen her do with my own eyes. Guys,girls,drugs etc. and yea we all make mistakes and grow up fans learn from them all but it seems she never did or never will she just learned how to cover em up a Lil better. She is a lee hager wanna be or sure and acts as if she is a horse whisperer.... But au au au!!... I know what she's whispering on!!( ya scared yet Kate?) " oh no someone might know my secret... Working for dr friend and doing for that one guy..? Uh oh it just might be out. I thought I was covering that up good" I know that is wat she's thinking but I saw it just huh hmmm... Yep... It was just last Tuesday @ the famous valet parking @ CVS but she wasn't just getting dropped off from work nor do I think the $ in her hand was jut her pay for that week. Hahahahahaha ROSS!!!...... Wake up man believe someone for once man... You have a nasty nasty definition of a whore!! Your mom your sister all your friends(what ya have left)and family can see why can't u? Omg I hate to say something of this sort but I know what Bruce would tell ya to do with her. U r supposed to go for a nice trail ride on the horse not Ross not date it or let it control ya. Please lord please help Ross before its too late and she ruins his life for good witha "Rossy" Jr. Doesn't she ever get tired of lying and trying to fool everyone? Everyone knows and thinks the same of her to I hav no clue why everyone acts like they like her to her face but talk the maddest shit bout her behind her and Ross back. I guess that's what keeps her dumb drunk drug head ass coming on back time and time again. Aaaaaa.. Shell f* up good one of this days it's just a mater of time she won't be able to cover it all up and at the rate she's goin I just don't think it will be much longer at all. Prob. This summer if I can do my job right. Better watch it girl ya just might get busted.

Later gater-(and I mean literally gater!!):) ugly ass girl
big shoes

Louisville, KY

#13 Jun 9, 2012
how small is your freaking scope? not only was that stupid and shameful 3 months ago its even moreso to bring it back up.

you can consistently get an idea of how limited one's mental range is if they gossip, plane and simple. you're not worried about the world around you or about improving yourself, your worried about a girl from highschool and her boyfriend. do you miss her and youre mad? are you overly sensitive about not being able to hang out with your boy cause he's tied up?
youre more than welcome to focus on other things in life. and i guess youre more than welcome to keep spewing garbage but i guarantee youre neither happy nor healthy....if this is a normal indication of what you is.

that being said that's all im saying...im conflicted about even posting cause im merely breathing life into a post that would otherwise die.

Willowbrook, IL

#14 Jun 10, 2012
Sorry i came across that I might be jealous or might be missing something.I wasn't talking or bringing up the "3 months ago" deal.... Hell that ain't nothing to the stuff I know. Ya wanna go back 5 years or hell we can just talk about this week it's self. Oh and sure people can change but that's why I'm doin this.We all f up from time to time but we learn get better focus and move on but she doesn't she learns (more and more each time) she gets better (at her lies and practicing cover up tactics) oh and she focuses (on men) I wouldn't be concerned at all if I wasn't for that fact of how good she is.... She's damn good always has been.( but she learned everything she knows from her mamma)So what Iam saying is why does she run around like she is better than somebody and she has it all has everything going good for herself? What's the point in not only lying to the world and the people you're supposed to love but yourself and that's why she is so good she is crazy literally!( could draw a check from the government and be rich and wouldn't have to suck dia to make a Lil $. Everyone knows how she is oh she's so fun... A nice girl.. Good head on her shoulders... Oh she has some good head to her that's what I've heard but I've been to scared to try. Basically what's the deal or the point in walking around with that gd him stuck out your nose in the air and that ass cocked up ready for a big one always acting like everything us just great. She finally got caught so she admitted to "one mistake" a mistake is something ya learn dfrom, fix/change, make it better and move on. And work really hard for it not to happen again no matter what the mistake was. She in the other hand just tries to be a little slicker about it now. Oh shes trying just trying harder to keep it covered up and running smooth. She's always been a snake in the grass. But that's what I'm saying she's always out going and up for anything full if life then why does she have to do what she does?? Hell didn't you see what u said??... I put it on Ross' nephew Tanner that I sat and watched her (from not 15 foot away) the other day last Tuesday I believe up at cvs where she parks every day and watches her in the truck with her boy...( and I don't mean ross!!) this was just one of the other ones) and for whatever reason before she left he flagged her back down and gave her a fairly good size knott of cash money. She was happy then. with some nice warm kissing on a hot and humid day and then she left happy. Ya see what I'm mean it ain't my business but it is when ya see her out and she acts like a mature and perfect person like she has it all goin on when really she ain't nothing but a drug head whor*!! So she ain't learned shit it was a one time mistake and do better from now on it was: dam whyd I get so sloppy with my lies and cover up that i got caught. She's got a foul ass dirty mouth in her I mean yeah sometimes its cool but there's just some things a girl just don't need to say especially in front of the people she says them around and what some of those Lil comments are about. Down at the river there are tons of kids around and stuff she acts so mature and tries to act like all the woman like her and he fits right in and they cat stand her they know how she is. I told ya she's good!!(But just to show everybody that this ain't gossip) I see her out more than she knows.... Next time I'll take some video or just snap a couple quick but yet real food pics of it all and you'll see. It's comical how Ross just don't care or don't want to face it. All te crazy shitbahenhas some to his mother and his sister.... Why is she still even around. She wasnt even allowed down at the farm and she's show up anyways like she owned the damn place. Hello..?? How disrespectful? I just don't know why she wants to keep up with it all and keep the game going with people the way she does or tries but it will all come to a hault quick. I'll how the proof.

Willowbrook, IL

#15 Jun 10, 2012
Hell look when she got fired from John michaela for not wearing undies under that little skirt nabs ending over for the Mexicans in the back for a line of coca cola. I wouldn't be saying this at all if it wasn't for the way she acts so high and mighty absolutely no problems in the world. I don't know why she even bothers to go through all the trouble unless she has her mind set on something special.... Ross whole family hates her and she does what she does to Riis is what isnitnexactly??.....does he think she's gonna get her hands on that farm or some of that money?? I dunno but either way five me a bit and I'll get something good to show ya then maybe you'll see what I've been screaming for years now!!

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