does any one know HORSE MOUTH HEATHER...
someone who knows

Mansfield, OH

#21 Aug 17, 2010
I just found this post and for one thing people on here need to know how to spell and they didnt even spell Heathers last name right, How do I know this??? Ummm lets see, she is MY DAUGHTER....Seems like there is more bashing about someone elce on Heathers sight, hehehe thats funny, but if anyone bad mouths my grandson again they will have the Nana from he## to deal with,. and Heather didnt let her child get hurt. He went though something that I hope that he will never remember and He is a wonderful Smart little boy and the reason for that is coz his father IS NOT in his life and Heather is doing a wonderful job raising him. I wish people had better things to do on the computer than sit on topixs and bash people, get a life,,, And the one who was running her mouth on here is sitting in jail and does not have her kids and o by the way, Heather is in school and has a great thing going fot her and her son......
someone who knows

Mansfield, OH

#22 Aug 17, 2010
O yeah, they want to call her Horse mouth. they one who started this do u even have teeth?????
dustin mobed

Huntington, IN

#23 Aug 17, 2010
Didnt she go to providance school?big manly bitch i knew jessica is a man butt was heather just the big chick by the man jessica?wow u whent out with her so whats the problam?your cammel toe still sore?
someone who knows

Mansfield, OH

#24 Aug 17, 2010
hey Dustin Get a LIFE... you are crude and u need to grow up

Lexington, KY

#25 Aug 18, 2010
I remember that chick they have called her horse mouth since high school glad to see the name stuck hahahahahaha
to jessica

Huntington, IN

#26 Aug 18, 2010
You are the only chiCk i know that pritty much is a man u even smell like one in school i thought u were one of those she males so what now?u run your mouth about people and well the truth is out about u.u and your family are inbred nasty skanks who need to just shut up and do each other thats how your mom made u with your uncle.nasty mix w*o*e
someone who knows

Big Prairie, OH

#27 Aug 22, 2010
hey HAHAHAHA,,,,seems that you need to look in the mirror and grow up too
WOW in Texas

United States

#28 Feb 2, 2011
I love reading this crap. There seems to be a lot of pent up anger in this room. I guess some of you peeps are lacking in your social lives. Me? I was just trying to look up the porn star, Heather Harmon aka Heather Brooke (she's famous for her deep throating ability, lol). And lo and behold I find a tag for "Horse Mouth Heather Harmon". Obviously im thinking with my dick here, and horse mouth might just be another term for deep throat. lol. Anyway, Jessica is behind bars. Heather is doing well. And Dustin, well, he obviously needs a lay. Have fun yall! BTW, none of you fucktards can spell and most of your grammer is so-so! TTFN


#30 Jun 13, 2011
You sad bunch of t0ssers. Lol bloody yanks


#31 Jun 17, 2011
Lol @ WOW from Texas. I was doing exactly the same thing bruz. I read the first post and found myself struggling to look away. Anyway... Miss the real Heather. I believe the latest vid she posted was back in 06'. I'm going to keep looking for her. Now, the rest of you kids play nice and can someone tell "Big Willy" I said "what up"? Cheers...

Palm Desert, CA

#32 Sep 11, 2011
Jessica. How far back in the Kentucky woods does one have to hike to find a person like you? You're obviously a grownup and you must have went to school. So tell me how someone like you can honestly sit in a classroom for so many years and walk away learning so little. Tell mom and dad, "Nothin spells lovin like marryin yer cousin!"

Montclair, NJ

#33 Oct 14, 2012
Speaking of idiots spelling things wrong, elce isn't a word. And its site, not sight. Example: your daughter has a web SITE. We use our SIGHT to watch her be a whore. Nice fail. "....Seems like there is more bashing about someone elce on Heathers sight, hehehe thats funny, but if anyone bad mouths my grandson again they will have the Nana from he##.......

United States

#34 Oct 23, 2012
Are they really argueing about guys named "BigWillie" & "Willie Bob" ? This is why everybody thinks Kentuckians are morons.

Columbia, MO

#36 Nov 2, 2012
Wow...GO AMERACA!!! Woooooo Hoooooo! F-N idiots.

Columbia, MO

#37 Nov 2, 2012

Dublin, Ireland

#38 Dec 1, 2012
is this the latest south park script? this is hilarious!
do i kno u

Portage, MI

#39 Dec 2, 2012
Is this the Heather that was married to that loser named Craig Dixon? If so, both of them are pillheads and neither one deserve their kids.
Mint Berry Crunch

Melbourne, Australia

#40 Dec 28, 2012
Oh lol you guys have not heard of the Streisand Effect.

Nicholasville, KY

#41 Dec 30, 2012
funny stuff

United States

#42 Jan 3, 2013
I stumbled upon this while browsing the web. This made me laugh for like 10 minutes straight. Your doctors would have smothered all of you at birth if they would have known how stupid all of you would turn out. Dumb backwoods hicks. I bet if all of you got together you still wouldn't have a full set of teeth. Check out my like? I can spell because I actually finished high school unlike you idiots. lol

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