Nicole wrote:
No the speed limit in that area has always been 55 for the last 30+ years. My parents were firefighters/EMTS up here YEARS ago and that specific area has always been bad. The stretch between Tulip hill and Lucerene has always always always been bad. Dead mans Curve was named after several accidents have accorded there and almost every single one has resulted in at least 1 dead. The speed through out 20 to be honest IS 45!!!! Just a little FYI for those that do NOT do the SPEED limit last posted in towns like Glennhaven and such! People need to slow down and relieze that Lake county is INDEED country driving/living. Cant be speeding around everywhere doesnt do you any good AT ALL to speed around everywhere but to get you killed. Just sayin! Ha
It is about 70 miles from 101 to 5. In that distance there is maybe a total of one mile(Upperlake, outside Nice, outside Lucerne) that the speed limit is 45. So when you say something so far from the truth like "the speed through out 20 is 45",everything else you write becomes suspect.