This Is What They Call An "Amicable" ...

This Is What They Call An "Amicable" Settlement?

There are 49 comments on the Hartford Courant story from Nov 30, 2008, titled This Is What They Call An "Amicable" Settlement?. In it, Hartford Courant reports that:

Some people think the leftovers from Thanksgiving are as good as the original dinner.

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Farmington, CT

#1 Nov 30, 2008
Gee politicians still get favors when their in jail. Hard to believe How the hell does Garnett keep his job?


#2 Nov 30, 2008
This is just typical. Criminals that worked for the state get special privileges. State employees seem to think they are owed special treatment.

As for the mileage issue, what else is new. State employees have been padding their mileage forever, why stop now.
State Trough


#3 Nov 30, 2008
My mother told my sibblings 40 years ago to get state jobs for the benefits and perks, she saw this day coming where the private sector would be what it is. Thanks Mom.

As for Bettencourt, he can get his 65K coming in and doing nothing or sitting home doing nothing, what difference does it make? Did he get health benefits that is the next question?

This will last a few more years so enjoy. Stop & Shop workers, Dunkin Donut workers and a few well paid UTC jobs cannot support the state trough for too long. When they're are more taken then putting out the system will end.

Brian Garnett got a sweet deal, I hear even Scott Haney wants to get on the state trough and I don't blame him.
Punishment or Treatment

Manchester, CT

#4 Nov 30, 2008
Alcoholism is a disease. People don't understand it. It can strike anyone, king or street sweeper. The tenor of the Courant articles is that this is some moral failing on the part of government officials such as this former legislator or the judge that was recently nailed for DWI.

I agree that DUI should be a crime. Ir is unacceptable for the public to be put at risk by drunk drivers. Being arrested for it is the wake up call many alcoholics need.

But I wish people would stop with the judgmental attitudes expressed in many of these posts. It can happen to anyone.
Geo Wilber

Harwinton, CT

#5 Nov 30, 2008
The higher ups in state government are filthy pigs. Lying, cheating, stealing, drunken pigs.

And should be treated as such.

Hollis, NH

#6 Nov 30, 2008
Consulting agreements and mileage reimbursements!!??? You're kidding, right?

United States

#7 Nov 30, 2008
Read this column. It is but a tiny microcosm of Connecticut state government which can explain why we're looking at a $6 BILLION budget deficit in the next two years: Idiot executive directors who do nothing in their overpaid ($131,000++) positions in politically correct, sacred-cow, racist organizations (blacks, Asians, Hispanics, women, et al); it's not enough that the state pays the bloated reimbursement of 58 cents per mile to its employees (has anyone in state government noticed that gas is now under $2 per gallon?), but we've got to log personal miles and have our taxpayer-funded driver delivering us to and fro at the mind-boggling rate of $65,000 a year?!! A flak for the Corrections Department making $110,000? Are you kidding me? Helllllloooooooooo? Multiply this by thousands, reduce our tax revenues by hundreds of millions in the next two years and - VOILA!- instant budget crisis. OK, ladies and gentlemen of the legislature and administration - you made this mess. Now clean it up, dammit!
Marc Vincent Russo

Burlington, VT

#9 Nov 30, 2008
Garnett making that kind of money is criminal at best. He gets paid to do what exactly? He already harasses people at work, so that takes up some of his time, but how many stories does he have to comment on during a normal work week? 3 the most? He has a staff to help him as well? What a joke!

Mansfield Center, CT

#10 Nov 30, 2008
Funny the dept. of correction brass in another scandal.In the past 30 days two d.o.c. woman employees at corrigan correctional have been sexually assaulted, security has been cut,adminstration got a %5.5 raise. and now a violation of directives by the highest brass to allow this fraud against tax payers to take place all in the midst of a budget crisis. Is John rowland still in charge?

Arlington, VT

#11 Nov 30, 2008
"State Comptroller Nancy Wyman has decided to reclassify as personal mileage more than 1,000 miles that she put on her black, state-owned Crown Victoria to visit Jessie G. Stratton ... and Chester First Selectman Martin Heft, has redone his time sheets ."
Thats called stealing state resources and falsifying a state document (time sheet). Regular state employees get fired for that.
ANd the circumstances that led to this unacceptable conduct is also disgusting.
ANd what about the other officials that visited Stratton. Did Gina McCarthy sanitize her milage sheet too?
SOP in corrupticut.
Math Whiz

South Windsor, CT

#12 Nov 30, 2008
If she claimed 1,000 miles or so, that fits with the eleven trips, approximately. But, if the driver claimed 20 hours of his time, that only accounts for the driving time, and not the one hour "or so" that he spent waiting in the car. Shouldn't he account for 31 hours and not 20?

Does Nancy have to account for her personal time, or do the taxpayers have to pick up the 20 (or 31) hours of personal time (at her rate plus bennies of about $90/hour). Thats either $1,800 or $2,790.

The driver's time (with benefits) is about $50/hr, which, at 20 hours would be $1,000, or at the more accurate 31 hours,$1,550.

$3,380 or $4,920? 20 or 31? What are the thresholds in State criminal laws for this? These two politically insulated, well connected democratic pols purposely and knowingly stole from the taxpayers and then only came clean when they were caught. Can they claim they did not know the law? They did not know the distinction between personal matters and legitimate State government business? Look up the criminal statutes for Class B felonies.

The State legislature (and Governor) made great efforts to widely publicize their recent "landmark" ethics law, which includes the ability to take way a public official's pension for certain violations of law.

Did they really mean it? Are they going to enforce it? Or (more likely) are they going to enforce it on a case by case basis, so that only political enemies and low level employees are at risk?

Is the omnipresent Champion of the taxpayer, Mr. Blumenthal going to pursue this? How can he claim he does not know about it? I guess he would have to say he does not think its important enough?

I encourage Mr. Lender to persist and not consider this a "case closed" matter. For God's sake, people!!! This is the "Comptroller's Office." Hey Bloomy? Get it? The Comptroller's Office!!!!!

If THAT office is able to willingly break the law, with absolutely no risk of penalty, how the H--- are we going to deal with a $5,000,000,000 deficit? Bottle returns?(oh, sorry, we couldn't even get that done!!)
prison guard

Enfield, CT

#13 Nov 30, 2008
Brian Garnett not only harrasses his staff, he allowed a weapon into a prison facility and a deputy warden got blamed and he lied during the investigation. So, Mr. Lender, do you think him lying to the Courant or covering up messes or blaming the York prison for bad directives is such a big deal? Thats an every day occurence to us. He is a high paid scum bag along with plenty of others in these state agencies that do nothing to earn a paycheck but harrass staff and lie.

Rye, NY

#14 Nov 30, 2008
State Comptroller Nancy Wyman can manipulate her records but she is still a disgrace for exploiting her office.
John Rowland


#15 Nov 30, 2008
The State Gubmint been good to me, I have no complaints.

Sumter, SC

#16 Nov 30, 2008
Please, will somebody inform Jon Lender and his editor enablers that this "story" is so exhausitively tiring and boring that it begs one big question: Who cares?

And as far as Betancourt's "Agreement"...nobody cares about that, either.

Does any normal reader think that citizens and/or unionized Department of Correction employees are oterwise concerned about visitation issues?

Visitors who are otherwise law-abiding and who are NOT gangbangers, fellons, or who would otherwise NOT set a bad example are not exactly at the top of the citizens' radar interest screen.

What Lender thinks we should be concerned about is such things as too many visitors; too many sign-in violations; too many normal people visiting a prison.

Sadly, what Lender DOESN'T state is that the vast majority of male and females inmates statewide have few or NO visitors whatsoever -- or at least no family or non-criminal visitors who would be allowed into the facility.

But the fact that prisoners overall have few visitors is not a reflection of problems with "sign-in sheets" or "visitor policies"; rather, the reality is that the majority of incarcerated inmates, sadly, are products of poor or no family structures.

Apparently Lender thinks the readers don't see the distinction in the type and quality of visitation; and he thinks we're all in a tizzy over someone who has too many visitors.

This is why the rapidly-changing dynamic of Internet news and the choices offered to reading consumers are leaving legacy people like Lender in the dust.
true grit

Hartford, CT

#17 Nov 30, 2008
Lender's knowledge ,understanding,wisdom, and tencaity come through loud and clear in this article.I hope the power of his writing will grab New England taxpayers by the shoulders and shake them into rallying at the state capitol for real "change we can believe in".

East New Market, MD

#18 Nov 30, 2008

A DRIVER....yr kidden right?



East New Market, MD

#19 Nov 30, 2008


East New Market, MD

#20 Nov 30, 2008 people are out of yr minds!

East New Market, MD

#21 Nov 30, 2008

are all you people as far out of touch with reality as you show yrselves to be?

i sincere need to know

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