Catawba County: 2 teens surrender to ...

Catawba County: 2 teens surrender to face murder charges

There are 42 comments on the story from Aug 16, 2007, titled Catawba County: 2 teens surrender to face murder charges. In it, reports that:

Two Lincolnton teenagers wanted in last week's fatal shooting of an 18-year-old Newton man turned themselves in at the Catawba County Sheriff's Office on Thursday.

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the dot rat

Miramar Beach, FL

#1 Aug 16, 2007
it really must suck when these drug dealers have to pay thier attorney fees up front.

but thats the price ya gotta pay sometimes.
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#2 Aug 17, 2007
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Sick and tired

United States

#3 Aug 18, 2007
There's no need for a trial. They turned themselves in, so I say FRY their dumb asses. Its just to bad they didn't bust in on some "good ole boys" that were cleaning their deer hunting rifles. Then maybe they would have gotten what they deserve! I guess when those killers left their homes that night their mothers didn't yell out "Make good choices" like my mother always did.
I know this is gonna sound crazy but if those killers needed money, instead of robbery, I have an idea.... GET A DAMN JOB!!!
King of L-TOW

Virginia Beach, VA

#4 Aug 28, 2007
To you sick and tired f*** u these people u talkin about should fry are my cousins and if u got sumthang else to add to yo comment then u can come see me in gastonia and ill show u wutz good
Logan Sherrill

Greenville, SC

#5 Sep 8, 2007
hey nat i hope your band wins in battle of the band
Zacks Family

Morganton, NC

#6 Sep 25, 2007
Zack Walker and Ralph Mack did not know each other and had never meet. The family would like this to be known. Ralph Mack said his self on the evening news "I didn't even know Zack." Zack was simply at the wrong place at the wrong time.
Zacks loved ones
Zacks Family

Morganton, NC

#7 Sep 25, 2007
For your information Zack was a good guy!! These other losers were the ones that were not "good guys". They need to be punished but not by death. Two wrongs don't make a right.
Zacks loved ones.

Hutchinson, KS

#8 Sep 30, 2007
one of these "defendants" is the son of a very close friend of mine. this young man has the most unselfish, caring, loving heart of any "teenagers" i know in today's society. my condolences definately go out to the family of the victim-you're in my thoughts and prayers as you go through this very difficult time. what's happened to "innocent until proven guilty". nowadays it's vice-versa!! there are many family members and friends affected by this very unfortunate tragedy!! FYI-the individual i am referring to...HAD A J-O-B and was to start school last august. this is what society has allowed the world to become: drugs, drugs, and more drugs!! stop slapping them on the wrists and PROSECUTE the dopers!!
I know all

United States

#9 Nov 25, 2007
the night this happpened they had a party i should know i live on the street. they always had partys and we all new that something was going to happen. and it did to bad this had to happen i meen my sis new the guy. this neighborhood this happened at is a very good neighborhood and we love it but some of my friends used to go to this house all the time and always got wild. it is pretty bad that the mother was dating these young men. she was like 39-42 that is just nasty the mom was more bad off then the kids she hand out with. after alll this happened i saw the girl that was in the house at the time she acted like nothing happened? A LITTLE FISHY DONT YOU THINK???

Newton, NC

#11 Dec 31, 2007
I am so glad they are in jail with out bond. They done the right thing by turning themselves in to the police.
Outside Observer

Mukilteo, WA

#12 Jan 17, 2008
Judgment is for the courts. This is our rights as American's.
None of us 'posters' were there when this horrible crime was committed.
These boys have families that care about them. The comments made on this site are very hurtful, not just to the boys, but to their families. We all have families that we don't want to see hurt.
What if your kid(s) were in the wrong place, at the wrong time? Wouldn't you like them to be given the benefit of doubt?
Perhaps the children involved in this fiasco are not guilty? It is hard for me to imagine what they will have to go through, for the rest of their lives, just because they were wrongfully accused.
Can we give a little sympathy, at this time? We can always 'hang' them if they are 'proven' guilty, right?
Thanks for listening to my thoughts.
Outside Observer

Mukilteo, WA

#14 Jan 20, 2008
Skulk back to my cave?

Liberal's do not live in caves, that is for 'low life' mountain men, who think people are guilty just because of their color...

I'm actually not all that liberal. I just believe that everyone deserves their, god given, rights as American citizens before they are hung.

Just what does your user name stand for anyway, TitoFTW? I'm sure it is some bigoted synonym...

Oh gosh, I guess I should give you a link to a website that will explain to you what a synonym is! ...

I'm sure you are going to show your, infantile, bigotry by posting some nasty childish comment. I can't wait...
Outside Observer

Mukilteo, WA

#16 Feb 3, 2008
TitoFTW wrote:
<quoted text>
Well the good news is that your wait is over, because here is my reply...
The bad news is that you're just going to have to be dissapointed that my reply is niether ignorant nor childish.
I never said these guys were guilty because of their color, but I don't think someone has to witness an act to form an opinion on what happened...if that were th case it would be a "fact", not an opinion.
No, you're still going to be screen name isn't anything bigoted, but do refrain from showing your stupidity out of annoyance....Apparently YOU need to look up the definition of synonym, because "FTW" is an acronym, not a synonym.
There, you see how I did that calmly and without the childish and unfounded personal attacks? I win!
I am very proud of you for abstaining from a personal attack. LOL!

It appears that you have just tried to promote this issue to a personal battle, which is not what this is about. It is about the U.S. judicial system &'innocent until proven guilty'.

Chill out (oh, another childish comment that shows my 'innocent' or 'ignorant' age, as you put it!). Oops, excuse me, you called me stupid on this board, it was ignorant on the other board.

So, are you going to tell what your screen name means, if if it not something derogatory that you have made up just for this subject?

BTW, you need to check your spelling before you hit the enter key. Disappointed is not dissapointed & neither is not niether... Too many ss's in disappointed and always remember 'i' before 'e', except after 'c'!

Just a friendly observance if you want people to take you seriously.
just me

Huntersville, NC

#18 Feb 18, 2008
I completely agree with you "outside observer". Everyone is quick to judge someone w/o knowin whats really going on!! Your right about tha judicial system. Like you said innocent until proven guilty!! No one knows what really happen so they shouldn't jump to conclusions because if they were in this situation, they wouldn't want ppl judging them and they would feel tha same way that we do. Someone's talkin about ppl being on warefare...well let me say this if tha world didn't go by skin color like "someone" many african american's would have jobs. And it ain't like all black ppl is on warefare. If an african american had a good job and had their own business and things like that many ppl wouldn't like that...y.....because their skin color!!!
some guy from newton

Maiden, NC

#19 Feb 23, 2008
man zack was a friend of mine a couple years ago.. i hate to say it but this doesnt surpise me at all. he was always involved with drug dealers he would sell me an my friends X and weed every weekend. i also helped him transport a HUGE supply of X from Charlotte to hickory a few times. he was a good guy but when i heard he was killed, i was not surprised one bit. i also went to school with ralph mack. he was in my 10th or 11th grade English class (cant really remember) that is when he was there, which was hardly ever. ralph was a GIANT piece of shit and always thought he was a fuckin gansta. he always was starting fights with ppl and one time tried to hit the 50 y/o teacher. well i hope he gets stabbed in prison before he gets the needle.
outside observer

Mukilteo, WA

#20 Apr 22, 2008
Thanks for the support. Obviously Tito, the bigoted biker, only has it in for my posts! Thank god he is gone.
Outside Observer

Mukilteo, WA

#22 Apr 25, 2008
It's quite amazing that after all these months I decide to check in on what's up and you are on top on my post, within hours, and you think I am the one 'hanging on', desperate to continue debating this issue.

The only two forums that we have debated on have been this same issue. It's not as though we have 'butted heads' on different topics. It's all been about our U.S. civil rights of 'innocent until proven guilty'. God knows how I ever got on this topic! I must have been extremely bored! However, now that we have started this I am still adamant about my belief in civil rights for these boys and anyone else caught up in the system...

BTW, it does seem as though you are 'following' me around.

What other issues do you post on? Is this your only passion?

BTW, a Pabst Blue Ribbon 'cheers' to you, too.
Outside Observer

Mukilteo, WA

#23 Apr 25, 2008
P.S. I am sorry that I have been such an *ass* in the past to you (though, I think we are even, now!).

I have a hard time when I don't understand another person's position, without just cause (or cause that I can understand)...

Again, as in the other forum, I offer 'peace'...
Outside Observer

Aberdeen, WA

#25 Jun 19, 2008
Just wondering what's up on this case. I searched and can't find anything.


Decatur, GA

#27 Jun 25, 2008
The outside observer writes alot like (The truth in media)

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