New Business's Opening

New Business's Opening

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Lincolnton, NC

#1 Aug 13, 2011
This was popular over in the Hickory Topix.
But anyway, some future places that have been rumored and confirmed.
The Carolina Scoop claims that Dunkin Doughnuts/Subway will be built where WayCaster Tire use to stand which is currently being demolished beside it Scoop also reports Meineke moving in.
Personally, just yesterday I saw the Waycaster Banner at the old Safe&Sound formerly NAPA AutoParts. I assume Waycaster has moved there?
The Consignment Savings in the shopping center with the newer Family Dollar and The Drug Store is currently having a sale to get rid of everything. Its been rumored for a few months now that Hendricks appliance would be moving in in its place.
Recently, I needed a new fridge and went to the Hendricks in Cherryville and asked their thoughts if Lincolnton was getting one and the guy there claimed that a lot of customers have been asking even a few Lincolnton stores supposely have called and asked if it was true. At that time the empolyee told me he had no idea and wouldnt think so but now with Consignment Store looking like its closing. This could be a possiblity or atleast an Appliance store of a different name.
Speaking of Family Dollar, If you havent noticed the original Lincolnton Family Dollar has recently got a make over and new signs to reflect the new and updated style of the store. This could be a last ditch effort to save the store as its possible the Boger City Family Dollar has taken some of the customers.
I recently needed to mail something and I used the blue box at the old Sentry Drug (behind the new one) and I noticed on the door of The Hair Salon a builders permit sign that said "Formerly Hair Salon Proposed Internet Cafe" These days Internet Cafe is pretty much code for Sweepstakes which diguises it self as a "Business Center" in most communities. Across the street is The Lincoln Business Center where you can play the slots. This would mark the fourth to my knowledge in Lincolnton. Suger Mama's, B&B, Lincolnton Business Center and now the proposed one. Although, when Hampton Inn was annouced the Times reported it would have a "Business Center" I am unclear if its an actual business center or more slot play.
Ofcourse, in that shopping center is ZMax...ZX? Fitness Center they recently got a makeover but a bit ways down the road infront of the old charter cable now remax in the old mexican grocery store will now be a Dance Studio called Xtreme Perfection Dance & Fitness. Grand opening September.
I think thats about it as far as what is being advertised around town. Ofcourse, the new walmart has open'd up land all around it for commerical possiblities but chances are we wont see anything for years to come.
On the topic of The New Walmart... The Old Walmart seems to be going through some changes. Seen some elctrical trucks there as well as an Auction Truck and for some reason since the store closed the same four cars have been parking infront of the store. There was a rumor via The Lincolnton Times that apparently a worker at CATO Fashion claimed that she spoke with the person in charge of selling the prop and claimed that a new store would come in 3 months and the annocement of what that store would be occuring at the end of the month. However, this was reported back in July. If true that would mean the store would open next month or october. Nothing in concrete seems to be showing up.
Quick Note: Hampton Inn is so close to opening (a few months late of the projected date) that job hirings are currently going on as well as the reopning of the cochrane furniture factory ( near Big Lots.
So, yeah, some new places and they arent consignment stores or a new bank! Good luck to all the future business's and hopefully with Ingle's will take note that business's are wanting to open near them as Dunkin Doughnuts is pretty much infront of the empty Ingles lot.

Lincolnton, NC

#2 Aug 13, 2011
Sorry, thats a wall of text. When I posted it Topix smushed it like that.

Since: Oct 09

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#3 Sep 3, 2011
Interesting play by play!:)
I'm not sure your prediction about the Family Dollar store in town is true though....they always have a ton of business.
I'm not shocked that the Consignment Store is closing though, someone should remind them that the junk they are selling is USED....their prices are way too high.

United States

#5 Sep 4, 2011
Ain't nothing wrong with hamburgers. A job's a job, whether it's flippin burgers or making auto parts for the Japs. We need every one we can get. Support them all folks. If the food ain't fit to eat, then just order a drink, but support local business.

Lincolnton, NC

#6 Sep 4, 2011
Yeah, I was unware but apparently a lot of the older Family Dollars are getting the new doo treatment. So, looks like I might of been wrong, however the music store there beside has closed and looking for a lease and ofcourse we all know about RiteAid that has been closed ...going on years now.

The Consignment Store is already remodeling inside while they sale off the rest of their stuff. I think PC Homes is planning on changing the store into something else and with work ongoing as soon as the consignment store is closed it would seem like the new one will open just as quick.

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#7 Sep 8, 2011
John wrote:
Yeah, I was unware but apparently a lot of the older Family Dollars are getting the new doo treatment. So, looks like I might of been wrong, however the music store there beside has closed and looking for a lease and ofcourse we all know about RiteAid that has been closed ...going on years now.
The Consignment Store is already remodeling inside while they sale off the rest of their stuff. I think PC Homes is planning on changing the store into something else and with work ongoing as soon as the consignment store is closed it would seem like the new one will open just as quick.
I actually heard today that the owners of the consignment store are going to continue their lease, but will be selling only clothing.
Speaking of Family Dollar...their stock is doing very well, even when others were going down the drain. They would be a good one to invest in.

Lincolnton, NC

#8 Sep 9, 2011
Yeah, I heard it was going to be split though with a "boutique" (the clothing you mentioned) and then the other half would be something else. I dont know if they will share the same door or what but the inside is being remodeled to fit a certain style of merch.

Todays LTimes reported on The Dunkin'Doughnuts apparently it was suppose to open mid oct but its been pushed back to nov because of lincolnton's permits.

I like to go to big lots and get overstock DVDs and Eletronics but I was recently in Family Dollar and was happy to see some TV Show DVDs as well as some other eletronics that you could only buy cheap at Big Lots before.

Lincolnton, NC

#9 Sep 26, 2011
Kind of hard to miss but they are now adding a new door and window treatment to the half that will possibly be the "boutique".

Which means the part with the garage door will most likely be a business that needs it so they can put it to good use.

I like how they can just transform a building added lots or take away lots and make stuff bigger. There is a few places around town that could really benefit from knocking out a neighboring wall.

Also, the other sweepstake place I was talking about in the old Hair Works next to the ZX Fitness has got all the markings and I assume will be opening soon if not already. I dont see any name other than sweepstakes over the door...thats just lazy atleast name it something and try to pretend its not just another sweepstake place.

Lincolnton, NC

#10 Nov 1, 2011
Fridges and such being moved in at the old consignment store next to Family Dollar as well as clothing going into the new spot.

Dunkin Doughnuts looking to be almost done with the extra space on the side ofcourse.

McDonalds getting a makeover. And over at Ingles saw some work being done toward the tracks it was weird they had the "work ahead sign" in the middle of the land and the trucks were at the rails. As if we would drive down there and need to be warned?

Speaking of Ingles, the downtown blog of Main Street Matters (Lincolnton NC) google it and you should find it no problem recently says a community meeting went down where apparently interesting things were mentioned. The only problem is ... I dont recall any news paper in lincolnton reporting on any this.

What was so interesting? well for one the mayor was there and two it claims it addressed rumors as well as updates including Ingles grocery store development; Former Wal-mart building; County office relocation and possible alternatives to keep all offices downtown; and the possibilities of a new downtown movie theater.

... The website even shows a "drawing" of what this downtown theater is suppose to or should look like.

To me, these are the types of changes that could really make lincolnton special from the Ingles that could open jobs for all ages, to a large store that could replace the former walmart to ofcourse some entertainment that could make people wanna stay in lincolnton on the night...anytime when they consider entertainment.

Casar, NC

#11 Nov 6, 2011
A downtown movie theater, can you imagine what will walk in down there!!!

Charlotte, NC

#12 Nov 7, 2011
Has anyone heard what is going into the old Walmart? At one point they said something was moving in...but that was a few months back.

Lincolnton, NC

#13 Nov 7, 2011
I dont know the woman personally or anything but the Lincolnton Times said it was someone at Cato who mentioned she talked to the agent or whatever and had claimed something new was going in with in three months. That was weeks after the new walmart open.

I dont know if that meeting really happen or not but considering nothing has been annouced or moved in it could of just been someone wanting the attention.

Then again, like I mentioned the Main Street Matters Blog apparently had a meeting recently where they talked about what was moving into walmart.

Lincolnton, NC

#14 Jan 21, 2012
Been awhile since I posted...

Just wanted to say:

Noticed some trucks at TWINS/HOLTS/Burgers and Brew recently, caution tape up and people walking around inside. Most be up to something.

Similarly, in the wake of Its and Bessies closing the Tradewinds behind Its seems to have some attention to it lately. The land is actually for sale behind Fatz that stretches over behind sonic and would be next door to Tradewinds.

Moooses Pizza opened next to Bilo. Dunkin Doughnuts also opened. Meineke is looking close to opening. GrayStone appears to be moving infront of Harris Teether coming June 2012.

A few places have got new management recently including the Kangroo Express beside PapaJohns and the gas station next to WalGreens now has a sign up about being a Cig Outlet.

Ryan's parent company is supposely closing resturants but Lincolnton doesnt seem to be on the list. It was annouced on the news that it was but further inspection of the website and facebook posts suggest only a handfull will be closed.

Food Lion is going through some closing but Bid websites are saying Food Lion in Lincolnton will be getting some sort of remodeling.

On the city/county agenda recently was a new sweepstakes place our...fifth I think this one to be located in the bilo shopping center.

Ingles Super Market supposely got the correct permits and permission to start building and will start sometime in March.

Since: Oct 09

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#15 Jan 22, 2012
Tapper wrote:
A downtown movie theater, can you imagine what will walk in down there!!!
The movie theater was originally downtown anyway. It would draw the same people as it draws where it is now...people who enjoy seeing movies.

Lincolnton, NC

#16 Jan 22, 2012
Yeah, Lincolnton use to look totally different downtown and I think as much as DDA wants to make it profitable they arent doing anything that USE to be downtown.

The Theater is sort of a step in the right direction. I noticed on the agenda that they were approving to put up a sign displaying the drawings and other signs for the rest of the "possiblity tour".

Its not to say that the place or thing is being built there it is just suppose to be a "possiblity" if you donate money or help out lincolnton. Hopefully, the other possible stops are indeed things that will attract people downtown of all walks of life and for those who get out of line or shouldnt be downtown because of laws (public drunkeness or whatever) then obviously they need to figure out how to enforce that.

There is something like 6 Stops on the possiblity tour and if they are starting off with a huge theater like telling what the other 5 will be.

Lincolnton, NC

#17 Feb 12, 2012
Havent had a chance to check it out but the old Twins last known as Burgers and Brew was getting a make over and a new addition added. I havent been there in a few days and never got a chance to look at the permit.

So, I dont know if they have any signs up yet or not. I assume an eating place but not sure.

Lincolnton, NC

#18 Feb 12, 2012
Ah, ran by there and its gonna be Subway the one in the gas station down the road has already been worked on and removed it seems.

Subway will be put into the shopping center with the new family dollar.

Clover, SC

#19 Mar 17, 2012
Was wondering if Hendricks is in town?

Morganton, NC

#20 Mar 21, 2012
Hendrick is now in town. anybody hear that ruby tuesday is going infront of the new hampton inn and their still talk about chick fila comeing it hard to find anything these day cause the papers just dont report anything any more it just like really are you covering that stuff. such as the whole ingle thing still nothing going on and the paper said they should be starting soon.

Lincolnton, NC

#21 Mar 29, 2012
Hendricks has been in town for a while. Its also in the Family Dollar Shopping Center of Boger City (I guess you could say) the other Family Dollar on Main Street is alone. So, you go to the shopping center across the street from Sentry Drug behind BBQ King then look on the ends you will see Hendricks.

They are rumors that the business isnt doing that well or as well as they thought and some changes may be happening. Personally, I think these days Fridges, Washingmachines and etc are made to last so you should expect a lot of down time between sales but it should stay open because the second they close someone will be in need of that product.

The Ruby Tuesday rumor, I am not to hip to it as I recall originally when "a hotel" was suggested to the city it was suppose to go BEHIND Lowes...not to the side. While behind Lowes it was going to be like a some what medium size unconnected shopping center. The Hotel was going to go on the end closes to the highway and "a Chili's" was thrown out as well as "Other Similar Resturants" were implied that they wanted to build here but only if a hotel was there.

Currently, when you say in front of ...I can't imagine where exactly as...theres not enough room and its not going to be in Lowes Parking Lot. So, I wanna say unless they build something behind lowes to attract people then you wont see any resturant in that area.

No, the newspapers dont really report on anything and when they do they claim that the company doesnt want to comment but if you look at Gaston's paper atleast online you will see tons of stories of what is being built around town, who got permits to build, who wants to move in where and just a ton of info about Gastonia... Then you look at Lincolntons Newspaper online and its like...they are completly in the dark until a sign is actually shown at the business.

It does save them from printing something that doesnt happen...but at the same time if they reported more on the "business" side of the agendas they would see and could explain more store openings.

I am aware that this coming meeting they will be discussing allowing PC Homes to delevop a shopping center (like the current Family Dollar one) across from the new walmart. If you go to Ryans and look out to the side you should see a couple of different signs for Commerical of those signs signfys where that Center would go.

This could be Ruby Tuesdays or any number of resturants. I would say look around at what is usually built around these new walmarts and if we dont have it then chances are we will get it. Like, I know in a VERY few places there is actually a Gamestop which is rare because Gamestop is usually with Target. But the idea is that Walmart is new and stores will flock to open around it ...the only problem is our Walmart was built on a hill alone...if we didnt have the old empty RSI building sitting down there with spantex in the back...we would probably have a new and larger shopping center down there which would be any larger store that wants to compete with Walmart.

And when shopping centers are built with stores that are actually shopped at then jobs will be opend and everyone from high school teens to much older lincolnton people will be able to have a job again.

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