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Hickory, NC

#209 Oct 21, 2011
ohsnap11 wrote:
<quoted text>Well, I ate there Monday, first time in 20 something years. Fred Shell cannot be laying still in his grave!!! His daughter and son-in-law have destroyed this little Springs RD icon. The food was nowhere near what it used to be, my Snackburger sucked outloud!!!!!!! Then as I was leaving, all I had was a hundred dollar bill to pay my tab and the girl at the register came unglued, Im not sure if she is Freds daughter but she was not nice at all. Circle S is gone, Heafners is gone, Matties on 16 was still open but that place looks like hell. So, I have never worked at Shells, but in my time I have spent a small fortune eating and drinking there. My experience was less than enjoyable this past Monday, I looked forward to a hamburger with chili and cole slaw like they are made in NC, I was dissappointed!! Now Im back in Austin and guess Ill never eat a good NC burger again!!
Wendy City Grill (formerly known as Homer's in Viewmont) is still open, but at a different location. Not what it used to be but passable. For the kind of burger your talking about, next time your in the area, take a ride to Granit Falls; Al's Diner just across the bridge leading into town, on the left. Best "Carolina" type burger and a great value!

Woodland, NC

#210 Nov 7, 2011
Eating at Shell's used to be a treat.We just ordered three sandwiches this morning.One was missing from the bag.No big deal (right).lolWe just gave them free money for nothing.My husband ordered livermush and egg.His reply was this has no taste.My bacon sand. was so hard due to the bacon being deep fried i gave it to my dog.I wish they would go back to frying it on the grill.I know it takes more time but considering how much they charge it should not be a problem.I guess that we won't be ordering from Shell's anymore.I loved to go in and get the Country style steak.The portions used to be alot bigger and the veggies were good as well Now the green beans taste like they were just dumped out of and can and heated.If they would fry the bacon they could season the green beans with the drippings.LOL It would make them have some taste.Anyway,Shells go back to the old way you guys used to do things or i'm afraid you will lose alot more customers.You lost two this morning.

Charlotte, NC

#211 Nov 7, 2011
The food sucks at Shells. Go eat at SONNY'S!!!

Elm City, NC

#212 Nov 13, 2011
Went to shell's yesterday mid-day. I ordered a livermush, egg and cheese on a bun, bacon, egg, and cheese on toast. I do not know why I received sausage. When i told them, they said isn't that what you ordered? I also asked for ketchup pkts, as I ordered tater tots. The pkts were all stuck together and it was gross!
Concerned, that post you qouted, it does say the quality of food is going down! Is concerned Lisa Watts?

Hickory, NC

#213 Nov 18, 2012
Grew up in Hickory in the 70's and Shell's was great. I wonn't even go in there now. The service is insulting, and I don't know who the lazy people are, but 3 or 4 employees will walk right by me before someone stops to help me, and then when I say I am placing a to go order they tell me some one will be right with me and then no one ever comes. One time I just left and no one even sid any thing. Once, I tried to order a bbq plate over the phone and was never asked what kind of pork, or any of the sides, and then I was treated like an idiot when I asked a question. I hung up on her.
The food? I mentioned to someone that used to work there that I get thee HB's because the bbq was nothing like It used to be, the girl replied that I should only get burgers on Thurs, because that's when they cook them for the whole week. Also she said they mix chicken with the Q.
I will never go back. This is Shells BBQ only by name.
try again

Maiden, NC

#214 Dec 18, 2012
I have eaten at Shell's several times in the past few weeks and believe the place is running better than ever. Every time I have been there recently I have had good service and really great food. Hot, cooked correctly, good portions, just great. I like the newspapers being available.

My one complaint is that coffee doesn't come with half and half but with milk. 2% if my guess is right. Just doesn't seem right to me. But overall, the place is clean, the service is good and the food outstanding. I will be back.
Concerned Diner

Wilmington, NC

#215 Feb 4, 2013
I have eaten at Shell's, and have been reading these posts. I blame not the workers, hostess or waitress. The fact is, if its that filthy and that poor of an operation, there is only one who can be found at fault. The management. The Managers job is to go behind these employees and make sure that everything that needs to be done, is done. This goes far beyond making a list and putting on the wall for everyone to ignore. If a waitress tosses a plate of food toward a toss that waitress out and tell her/or him to never return. The manager sets the bar for how the employees behave when on the job and that's the end of the story. Also for the poster who claims you cannot "spray" the inside of a building to clean it. It is called steam cleaning, it is done to selective areas of a restaurant i.e. the kitchen hood, flat tops, walk in coolers, freezers, food prep stations, and it is done periodically due to the fact that normal daily cleaning is only a certain degree efficient. Sounds to me like you are imagining opening the front door and blasting in with a pressure washer or firehose for that matter. That's my 2 cents.

Godwin, NC

#216 Feb 4, 2013
Found Shells after hearing about it on John Boy and Billy and stop there when in Hickory for business. Its not fine dining like some forum folks want to compare it to, its good comfort food served to you by friendly folks(even if your from out of town). You eat comfort food regularly and go fine dining a couple times a year. I,ve noticed they also give back to the community unload out of town owned chains.

Charlotte, NC

#217 Feb 21, 2013
I have to agree that the service and cleanliness of the place has went down a whole lot since it was in the little shack at the top of the parking lot....some days I miss that place more because the food was way better and much better service. I certainly do not go to shells that often and if I do it is to remind myself of why I do not go there or in hopes that it has gotten better since the last time I ate there. still love the cherry vanilla lemon sundrops through!
concerned customer

Charlotte, NC

#218 Feb 21, 2013
also the biscuits have to be cooked in the microwave because everytime I get one there it is a solid rock in the middle
Mom n pops

Hickory, NC

#219 Jan 9, 2014
Whatever happened to mom and pops?
Mom n pops

Hickory, NC

#220 Jan 10, 2014
Sorry, I typed in local restaurants and this popped up. Didn't realize it was only for shells. I thought it was about different diners in the area.

Conover, NC

#221 Jan 10, 2014
Mom n pops wrote:
Sorry, I typed in local restaurants and this popped up. Didn't realize it was only for shells. I thought it was about different diners in the area.
It's ok ....topix police won't hunt you down :)

Hickory, NC

#222 Jan 24, 2014
annoyed wrote:
sure, whatever you I said, get over it and move on with your life! Sorry you had a bad job experience.(you have no idea what probably goes on in most restaurants that you eat at, and you probably don't want too)and I still don't believe these posts are from different customers, anyone can get access to a computer via phone or any other means necessary to try to ruin a place because of hate. Oh, not to mention, your type is the same in all of them, learn how to capitalize the start of a sentence (shows your lack of education)
Haha! Looks like you don't know how to capitalize your sentences either, hypocrite.

Hickory, NC

#223 Jan 24, 2014
The last time my husband and I were at Shell's, we discussed how nasty the place was. The wall beside our booth had food and ketchup stuck to it. He said that he never wanted to go back there. I liked the food, especially the cheeseburgers but after reading some of the posts about the meat, I won't be able to eat there anymore. After reading how bad employee morale is, I would be uncomfortable being there anyway, especially knowing that the owner "rolls" her eyes and talks about the customers.
satisfied customer

Lenoir, NC

#224 Feb 25, 2014
Funny reading these 2008 comments in 2014!! They have survived thus far. Yes, they do need to do some work around there, and yes, some of the people they hire are not the best workers. My wife works there, and has been working there for about three years. My wife was a professional but got laid off, so her work ethic is VERY GOOD and her customers LOVE her. One customer gives her a BIG tip every holiday season. But ... it still is a good place to eat - every place has its problems. They still have good food for a reasonable price! Go try it!! Try the onion rings and chicken tenders ... umm ummm gooood!!

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