Anyone know about 7 arrests made in L...

Crouse, NC

#86 Jul 19, 2011
Chameleon, I wrote you a long response to the question of racism, but it did not go through for some reason. I will try to recreate it soon. Thanks

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#87 Jul 19, 2011
No prob, man. That happens here sometime.


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Easley, SC

#88 Jul 19, 2011
grouchoparx wrote:
Herman Cain...A good man, but when he recently stated that in regard to the building of a Mosque near Ground Zero as a "local issue", He is setting a dangerous presedence that is in violation to the heart of the 1st Amendment in " the free exercise" of religion. I think it in bad taste for the Islamic community to build there, but, they have the right to. It is not a local issue. It is a constitutional issue. Cain is a very bright and worthy candidate, but I fail to see his campaign going very far. That ,in itself, is a shame as otherwise he seems to be a very good and capable man. Time will tell.
Thank You! As a matter of fact that is my chosen field that I am currently working on for my associates. I want to be a substance abuse counselor which would entail talking to dealers as I would well imagine.

Taylorsville, NC

#89 Jul 19, 2011
Good for you, Michelle. You go, girl! I am sure that you will have a positive impact on many in your chosen career. I wish you all the very best.

Huntersville, NC

#90 Jul 20, 2011
Chameleon. Thanks for your patience. Limbaugh is the biggest abuser of ethnic racial slurs, and you can google this and see some of the direct quotes that are attributed to him. Hannity and O'Reilly are much more subtle, but Coulter and Savage are basic nutjobs who love to hear their own loud rhetoric that serves to keep them employed. I don't feel that I am throwing the "race" card around...but more like the "reality" card. I guess when you are bi-racial, you just see and hear things differently than those who are not (and you may be, I have no idea.) Sometimes, I can tell you from personal experience,it is just a feeling, kind of a 6th sense if you will. I have no problem with their personal political views as this is their right to express, but, I can tell you that I do not have a good feeling about them as people, and that is my point of view.. You may have a different opinion, and you know that I respect that.Just as your wife has the knowledge of socialism and it's pronounced effect on the daily life (an experience I do not have), those who have personally felt the effect of discrimination or political abuse are the ones that are better judges of the behavior. Take care, and thanks again for the lively debate.

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#91 Jul 21, 2011
groucho- you have made some points worth pondering... Many white folks dislike Rush because of his sarcasm. IMO, he is too partisan. BUT, as a political analyst- he is brilliant. It is sooo easy to get caught up in "one side" and turn a deaf ear to the other. That is a huge mistake for anyone. I have come to the conclusion (in D.C.) that elected Dems are a-holes and elected Repubs are p-sies. The victims are "we the people." IMO, the Liberals want a new Constitution. If Obama gets re-elected it will happen. As long as the entitlement attitude is encouraged and government keeps growing- it will be the end of the US as we know it. Obama is just another continuation of Bush with some Carter mixed in. He is way over his head and his "friends" make me very nervous. The wealth spreading (reparations in disguise) will doom us all. Socalism is shared misery. Our country can't afford it. I refuse to be cattle-prodded into paying for the stupid conduct of my ancestors. I have not hurt any black person. It sure feels like discrimination and political abuse to me. After Obama was elected, a cocky black guy told me personally, "We gonna take EVERYTHING you got!" All I can say is, "Like hell." ...This president has set race relations back 50 years in some parts of the country. The Liberal media has a hate campaign against white men these days.(I'm white, BTW) That's racism. Guess it goes both ways.

Groucho, my friend- Do you ever feel like the Democratic party is enslaving black people via an entitlement ideology to just get their vote? I think so, myself. As long as there exist divisions between race- Democrats will prosper and Al and Jess will get richer... Just to be fair- the Repubs would probably do the same thing if it benefited their party.

Well, I gotta get some sleep. Take care.


York, SC

#92 Jul 24, 2011
I am sorry about the black man who said that to you. He does not represent all of us, and he, like many white people do as well, is just spouting out ignorance for a reaction. I agree totally with you analysis of the 2 parties. We see that pretty handily in the current debt ceiling negotiations. None will bend..Party is too important, more so than the on-going welfare of the nation. Yes, I see the Democratic Party as being in favor of too many entitlements, but I see the Republicans too much in the interests of big business. Compromise: The Democrats are going to have to concede some of the entitlements, and the Republicans are going to have to concede some of the Tax structures for the wealthy. Lobbyists are killing this nation with their monetary power over congress. You and I really have no representation unless we are members of a powerful PAC. The biggest factor in our downfall is the attitude of most Americans: Self centered, egotistical, spoiled, complaining incessently, lazy, unproductive, and vastly ignorant and insensitive. Put all of these things together, and I think our children will see most of the results. Sorry to be so negative, but where there is no compromise, there is no progrss. I think our founding fathers realized this very early in the game, and the system they created was brilliant and unprecedented. Hope all is well....Hope to get a response.

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#93 Jul 24, 2011
Good response, groucho. This wasn't a bad hi-jack after all, huh? I am content with the debate results and wish you well. Look forward to your future posts.

All the Best!:-)


Crouse, NC

#94 Jul 24, 2011
Same here, Chameleon. I am sure we will find ourselves on many future issues. I also wish you and your family the very best...Continue to stay informed. It is good to debate with an intelligent and passionate person on here. And, all the best to you.

Boone, NC

#95 Oct 19, 2011
yep wrote:
It was Jason Cook and Mark Lowman's stash house the fed's are all over their asses now they even got a Catawba county deputy they are all going away for a long time. The fed's don't play with the local thugs.
HE was my dad!

Crouse, NC

#96 Oct 19, 2011
Adrian, I hope you learn from your dad's mistake. Get a good education and be productive in society and carry yourself with determination, honesty and dignity. Let this event inspire you to that end. I think he would tell you the same.

Huntersville, NC

#97 Oct 20, 2011
Another person is on here following me and using my name. If a vile comment is left for you, it was not me. It was the imposter

United States

#98 Jan 2, 2012
Fed Up wrote:
Hickory area crime problems.
Hickory and the surrounding areas need to wake up, beware, and concerned of the problems in the area. Somehow someway EVIL, WICKED, SINFUL, IMMORAL, UNPLEASANT, OBNOXIOUS, RUTHLESS individuals have arrived and have become evident in the Hickory area. Hickory once a safe and peaceful ALL AMERICAN HOMETOWN now is being terrorize with ever-increasing escalating crime. Crime that is only identified with big cities and not the All American Small Town Hickory. How many are aware of the crimes and types of crimes in the area. For some reason details and information is not being released to the public. How many are in denial, think it’s a temporary or isolated occurrence or refuse to admit its arrived and in Hickory. With the amount of increasing Murders, A Massacred Slaughtered Family, Homicides, Kidnapping, Abduction, Home Invasions, Physical Attacks and Muggings do you feel safe anymore, at home, when you go to the store or bank. Do you think about and worry for the safety of your family, children and the elderly. What is being done to prevent, stop and fight these problems, individuals and crimes. Blame alot on the SLUM LORDS and LOW INCOME HOUSING, it brings crime trouble and problems. Do away with LOW INCOME HOUSING, they will move for starters.
....... Who are you the antichrist theres are people to maybe you need to blame the bankers for crashing the economy blame obama for it hes the one sold evryone out to the big corporations wake up man
Chelsey Lowman

Taylorsville, NC

#99 Sep 2, 2012
It was my husband and we did not do drugs. And we were not trashy or black. Everyone makes mistakes and almost everyone has tried drugs so dont be so quick to judge. And By the way dude up top is right its LONG VIEW CREW not cripts. Like i said we r white n out in cali and all them places where gangs derived white ppl cant even be cripts. Its funny how uneducated some ppl can be

Greer, SC

#100 Sep 2, 2012
Chelsey Lowman wrote:
It was my husband and we did not do drugs. And we were not trashy or black. Everyone makes mistakes and almost everyone has tried drugs so dont be so quick to judge. And By the way dude up top is right its LONG VIEW CREW not cripts. Like i said we r white n out in cali and all them places where gangs derived white ppl cant even be cripts. Its funny how uneducated some ppl can be
I just got the notification that someone had posted something on this page. i havent been on for a while because people think they know so much when they just want to pass judgment. Besides how would they know so much if themselves werent in the game also. They think they wont get caught but they will...yes they will! Good for you!

Davidson, NC

#101 Nov 12, 2012
Here's my two cents. I met Jason Cook when I was 18 years old in Hickory and became friends. I was a young punk with a slick mouth and stayed in trouble. Well these "gangsters" and "thugs" protected me from my self mostly and gave me the best advice. Jason once told me "look lil dude you have a good job and your smart enough to have all the things I have the right way. Don't do it like I have". And I did work hard and stayed away from the drug scean and yes he was right I'm doing just fine. So if you really don't know these people please don't judge. Thanks.
La familia

Hickory, NC

#102 Mar 1, 2013
nunny wrote:
They werent even a part of any damn crips. They called themselves the LVC for Longview Crew, not Crips. Just a bunch of guys who grew up together and decided to try hustlin, but flossed a little too much and drew too much attention themselves.
Well this is cute !!! A bunch of wana bebes !!! The family is here and we ain't leavin !this is the only warning your gonna get . We are international and now the lvc belongs to the la family , for those of you that only know one language ! You all work for us !

Sevierville, TN

#103 Mar 3, 2013
I was friends with Donald, Mark, LH, Charles and some of the others from a very young age. They were good kids. We all were. I think some of us grew up rougher than others, and some of us weren't privileged to have all the things we wanted. These are the things that i think make us grow up to make bad decisions.. Bc we want that life with nice cars and nice homes and money. I am not making excuses for anyone or saying that i know much of the situation bc i don't. We grew up and apart but I went one way and they went another. When LH died, I went to the funeral. I went out of respect for his family, his brother, and him. Everyone has opinion.. But everyones life is valuable. Everyone is important. My heart goes out to everyone involved in the whole thing. There are kids without parents, parents without children. I pray that maybe someday they can come back out and find a better life the second time

Holly Springs, NC

#104 Mar 5, 2013
What can we say to you weak mfkrs besides "we outlaws run the streets, put an end to snitches just leave em in ditches, eat lunch with ya by day and by night fu€k your b¡tches"
Longview chick

Newton, NC

#105 Nov 23, 2013
Hillbilly Ninjer wrote:
<quoted text>
No idiot they can't you read???
And to the lice infested lil momma you'll have to get a job now, Oh that's right you have one, on your knees and aim to please.
Pure trash they all deserve the needle especially snitch boy Jason Cook!!!
they can't you read ??? Lol can you read ? Yes Jason Cooke is a snitch but mark should not have got all that time and they were never no gang it just shows the cops can label you what they too

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