Any reviews of Convergys? Job Wise?
Former Employee of Hell

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#126 Jan 17, 2013
I worked at Convergys and only last a little over two months. It is the worst place to work at. If the TL don't like you at the Olathe, KS area they would find ways to fire you and they will. I was complaining about me being coached a lot and felt attack so the manager over the TL overheard me and less than 20 mins I was fired. They said on December 29, 2012 they "heard me said a profanity word over the phone" in which I didn't. One of the TL lied and said that the floor walker told me to do a coaching session with the head of the AT&T operations know on that day it was him. I said okay look at my co worker/friend and start to freak out not once I ever use profanity cause I was on the phone the whole time with a customer. Now another employee said some choice words over the phone without having the phone on mute that day not me. I ask to hear myself for proof and all they can say is we heard the conversation and that's all so sign this letter, I said no and they act like they got offended. That place is so unorganized and the training is horrible and all I am taught to do was to say I am sorry a lot I understand and try to sell. It is bitter sweet that I left the bitter part is I'm broke but the sweet part is I am not there no more. But if you want to stay at Convergys make sure you kiss their ass/you are an eye candy and they have to like you.
Former Employee of Hell

United States

#127 Jan 17, 2013
Boots wrote:
I am going for an interview tomarrow and i hope like hell i dont' meet you. I have this thing where i don't pick and choose my word's with idiot's. So just try to ram my lunch down my mouth. I will meet you in your office. But which one of us will be WALKING OUT?<quoted text>
I think that was a joke cause thats how they act.

Temecula, CA

#128 Jan 24, 2013
Coming from someone who works at a real company, in a real position that has to clean up after Convergys agents, I can honestly state having to deal with the aftermath of Convergys' incompetency, is the worst thing about Convergys.

Godwin, NC

#129 Jan 25, 2013
Jessica wrote:
<quoted text>
Convergys is horrible. not flexible with your schedule, no proper training and the Tl's and OM's are a complete joke. The ONLY benefit to working there is getting in alot of customer service experience. They will hire anybody but I would stay away from there
So sorry your unemployment ran out and you actually had to look for work, life just not fair some times, now you can help pay for more peoples collecting and not looking for work

Morganton, NC

#130 Jan 27, 2013
I worked one there one week after I got out of training. After my first day, I realized that the trainer was awful, and didn't prepare us well at all. All we did in his class was play games, and go through fake scenarios on the phone, which really wasn't much help at all. He said that his method of training was best because he didn't burden us with a lot of useless, repetitive class room work, and we just needed to know a few things to get out there and start making money. WRONG! I never felt so ill-trained for a job in my life! He has no business training. He is just lazy, and didn't want to work, in my opinion. I can't remember his name, but he was a short skinny black dude. Great personality, and very freindly, but NOT a good Trainer!

United States

#131 Feb 6, 2013
If you decide to work there, don't expect any compassion from your managers or the higher-ups. I was fired for having a medical emergency and going over the allotted points for tardiness and and absences. What idiot groups unplanned medical emergencies in with lateness?! Truly retards.

United States

#132 Feb 6, 2013
I forgot to mention, I am seriously considering suing them for wrongful termination.

Hewitt, TX

#133 Feb 8, 2013
My wife for them for 4 months till wens they fired her over not meeting stats. They demoralize their employees. and rob them of pay numerous time her check was shorted . The horrible equipment they provided her was always failing and they blame it on our internet. I been a certified network tech for over ten years what they were saying was total bs.

Columbia, SC

#134 Feb 14, 2013
Jane wrote:
<quoted text>
This company is totally HEARTLESS! Had to go to Florida because mother was on death bed.... and while there... got fired! They said too days absent from work!! God forbid you should get sick or someone dies... they don't care!! get fired for absences you'd have to miss 12 days of work. Every 30 days you show up you get half a day back, so, not really that heartless. Just because the time you got fired was for that reason doesn't mean the other 8-11 days you missed were.
Convergys Toledo Sucked

Toledo, OH

#135 Mar 5, 2013
I wouldn't be surprised. Paycheck shorting was very common at the former Toledo call center (2000-2004). Good luck getting any money (I never did).
Is it true wrote:
I am trying to find out if something my friend told me is true. They borrowed money from me because they said that Convergys did not pay them for three weeks because they messed up their paychecks. So of course I helped out but they never payed me back. This was supposed to have happened some time in March 2010 they said an employee had taken money from the payroll and they did not get payed. They said it happened when they went from paychecks to direct deposits and messed up. If anyone knows anything about this I would love to know.

General Trias, Philippines

#136 Mar 10, 2013
Guys, can u help me out, i worked for convergys phils. Will they ask you to pay the training bond of 20,000 if you are awol. Thanks for the answer

Southport, NC

#137 Mar 11, 2013
This company is beyond crazy... all they care about is selling U-verse. They dont care about helping the customers. AT&T should be assamed... & i think if AT&T truely knew then maybe things would change but when people from AT&T are their everyone acts so different. I was there for month and just could not handle the stress anymore they will find a new reason to fire someone... its crazy.
Roy P

Cleveland, OH

#138 Mar 13, 2013
Care not to say wrote:
I agreed at first I thought Convergys was a great place to work for and they they were willing to help you out. I was waiting for a phone call to see what my hours for the next week will be and instead it was them telling me they were letting me go. IT was someone not even aware of my situation or what was going on. I try to explain it to her but you know like when you are talking to a customer rep and you can tell they are just tuning you out wishing you would go away. I got that feeling. Then told I got a written and final warning. No I did not and I searched my emails unless they go in a secret spot we are not told.
It was my sales, I was good at everything else and I watched out for the customer first then at the end of the call I would think crap forgot to make a sale and it it is not free they do not want it.
The sales they wanted you to make probably couldn't even be made legally. You would have had to trick customers into thinking they were getting a gift, without discussing all the terms and costs to actually make a "sale", right? Convergys has stepped way over the line. Inexperienced psychopaths and criminals are running the show. They'll get theirs eventually. You can't get away with pulling that kind of thing on so many customers and employees forever. What they think is slick is really amateur and sloppy.
Roy P

Cleveland, OH

#139 Apr 2, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
Coming from someone who works at a real company, in a real position that has to clean up after Convergys agents, I can honestly state having to deal with the aftermath of Convergys' incompetency, is the worst thing about Convergys.
Agreed... You still have to deal with that even if you work for Convergys. The first thing a caller says 95% of the time is the last person couldn't help them or they were disconnected 3 times and they're angry. Then, Convergys wants you to sell them an additional line of business or they'll fire you. Plus, the only way to pull that off would be to lie to the customer, tell them you're doing something nice for them and not disclose all the terms and expenses (sometimes over $100). So yes... You have to clean up all their messes and deal with angry customers all day, but you'll still get fired if you won't scam customers. Never work for Convergys or any company that uses them. They're not even legit anymore.

Orlando, FL

#140 Apr 10, 2013
Converges employees are RUDE... UNPROFESSIONAL they are lacking in CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS.
Denise El-Din

Charlotte, NC

#141 Apr 10, 2013
From the post listed on this site and others I have searched EEOC vs Convergys and ladies and gentlemen they have already been sued and lost, heres a copy of the link

The key to dealing with businesses and corporations that are ETHICALLY not holding their end of the bargain is to collect as much information as possible, names, dates,petitions, and etc and to contact your local EEOC and light a match underneath their asses. They have codes of ethics that they are legally required to follow. If no one takes the chance then they will forever commit unjust treatment of their employees.
Denise El-Din

Charlotte, NC

#142 Apr 10, 2013
Debbi wrote:
Converges employees are RUDE... UNPROFESSIONAL they are lacking in CUSTOMER SERVICE SKILLS.
Im not an employee at this company but I think its pretty safe to say its because of the horrible work environment and ill treatment of their employees. The employer has no consideration for the employee thus the employee has no empathy or concern for the customer.
Denise El-Din

Charlotte, NC

#144 Apr 10, 2013
After my research I find that a company that does not care about their employees, a company that has been sued by the EEOC, and management that is completely unethically needs to be boycotted. All of their contractual agreements with companies like AT&T should be notified of their corruption to effect the flow of their bottom line. This is truly sad that this is taking place in one of the greatest countries with the weakest morality.

United States

#145 Apr 10, 2013
Iv read many ppl don't like this company but my sister works there an she lives with our sick mother converts has been awesome with time off! Working with her schedule even her having to take off almost two months because of a new illness she has her self. The issue is to approlately take your issues to the correct department sure she's had issues but who doesn't. An they have given her all that they offered. So bashing no.... But being able to correctly handle situations yes. As for training she got five weeks an when she felt she needed more training she ask for it an got it..... I would an have recommended others.....
former employee

Welland, Canada

#146 Apr 17, 2013
This place is a joke. They tell you to give the customer the full benefit of the doubt. You bend over for them and they want more. The TL tells you to do one thing you do it then all of a sudden they claim they said something different. If they dont like you for any reason your as good as fired. better off working for walmart they respect their employees more. Guy i know worked there for 8 years and was only making $1.50/hrmore than when he started. this place is bs and should go out of business

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