Any reviews of Convergys? Job Wise?
Formerly employed by them

Hickory, NC

#24 Apr 28, 2010
someone special wrote:
<quoted text>I will say that I didn't get laid or fired I quit that job if it was managed the way it was in 99 then I would of stayed I am bashing it b/c I can and it is not the way to treat employees, you don't get overtime all the time it is here and there, they care how you look coming into work, they should of kept it the way it was done buisness not causal wearing flipflops and pj's they have their favorites what OM you know had a smile on their face??? or said hi when you smiled at them??? name one
I quit too and it's not the customers, its the people in high places that don't know what is going on or the ones sucking up to them. You must be one of them.
The Giant

Lincolnton, NC

#25 May 1, 2010
I am the boss!! You should not have to take 3 days to bury someone!! What the hell did you do? Celebrate. You better eat your lunch a little faster or I have two cage fighter employees that will ram it down ya mouth. If you are late, I dock ya damn pay!! Now go to work or meet me in my office for some fun!!!

Rougemont, NC

#26 May 1, 2010
You know why people move their businesses to China and India or hire mexican labor, its not always the savings but the lack of whining and the better work ethic. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to work here. If more people in the valley could pass drug test and show up for work on time and daily maybe more businesses would move into the area,
dear american

Wake Forest, NC

#27 May 1, 2010
you obviously have never worked there..... let me put it in perspective for is not that americans mind work. however we want to be told the truth about the work we are doing.
1. when hired you are told you will work 1 sat and sun a week. then scheduled for 3 in a month because they do not fire people for not coming in on weekends. so schedule more and deal with it.
2. we are told we will be not be selling things. lies! everytime someone calls in gotta make that sales offer!
3. something in that place changes everyday! one day you are told to do it this way. go in and the next day you are told to do it completely different.
4. there is no communication from the om, to the tl to the agents...therefore noone knows what the hell is going on!
5. before you go running your should seriously try the job out! and they do drug test dumbass!

Wake Forest, NC

#28 May 9, 2010
at least it is a job!

Chattanooga, TN

#29 May 10, 2010
american wrote:
You know why people move their businesses to China and India or hire mexican labor, its not always the savings but the lack of whining and the better work ethic. No one is holding a gun to your head forcing you to work here. If more people in the valley could pass drug test and show up for work on time and daily maybe more businesses would move into the area,
No one is forcing them to work there, but in some areas people don't have a choice. Convergys knows this and that's why they move to areas that have been hit hard by the economy.
Stupid company

Salt Lake City, UT

#30 May 22, 2010
The company is one of the worst places I have ever worked with! first they gave me and my brother the same log in number because they were too lazy to check the name and for the entire two weeks I was sceptical of if I was going to get paid or not and the y all told me that I would but low and behold here comes pay day and they all talked as if it wasn't their fault but mine. and I will get paid by the NEXT paid period! ARE YOU KIDDING!!! the fact that they have the guts to even think that instead of owning up to they're shit pisses me off, I applied at a new job and got it so I'm just going to milk as many hours as possible and the moment I start my new job I'm peacing that scene. if you want to get screwed over and work for the worst most unorganized company in the world, go right ahead and apply but if you love yourself and want to be respected go somewhere else!!

Belton, SC

#31 Jun 18, 2010
Convergys is horrible. Hickory site is a joke, and they play MUSIC in the background, and you cannot hear ANYTHING, customers always complain and you can do nothing because the OMs will not ever let anyone turn it down.
The OMs jump on a microphone, crank it up about every 2 hours and you cant hear what a customer is saying, you have to put them on hold and apologize for nothing you can control.
Everytime someone gets a U-verse sell, Convergys handed out these 3 hand clapper toys that 40 people clap once every 15 minutes, and you can't hear anything.
Convergys Hickory is an utter playground and completer joke.
You are required to clock in and out every break, 1/2 of your breaks you lose a lot of it due to system issues and "coaching".
You get NO time off, they advertise vacation and you get none. You only get a day off if you are already scheduled off, otherwise you are REQUIRED to work.
PlaygroundEmploy ee

Mooresville, NC

#32 Jun 20, 2010
As a current employee for Convergys; I have the same opinions as most. It is not a great place to work at all. SOME, not all, supervisors (trainers, TLs, OMs), pick favorites and let them get away with anything, whereas the others they write up and fire for stuff they're not even doing! Its an absolute joke!! I've seen it many times. People being unfairly punished for acts they did not do.

The music thing isn't so bad.. You have to sit away from the speakers, though. It is true, if you ask them to turn it down, they just say 'too bad'. When you're on a call and some idiot is running around yelling and ringing a cowbell every few seconds it makes it VERY hard to do your job. Customers are always asking 'what in the world is going on there?'.

They do not treat their employees with equal respect at all. Now, like I said, not all the supervisors are bad.. But a LOT of them are.. It's just so unprofessional when someone gets fired JUST because a supervisor doesn't like them..
to american

Belton, SC

#33 Jul 18, 2010
They are holding a gun to your head, you sign up for the job to work in peace.

Yet when you start they say you won't be selling anything and now look.

All I ever hear is "if you don't make 2 sales per week you're going to get fired".

If you don't do this you will be fired.

If you don't do that you will be fired.

If your stats aren't here you will be fired.

If youravaliability, average hold time, and the other 30 stats aren't in line you are going to be fired.

The place really is retarded beyond comparison to any other place I've ever worked.
haha hey still open

Graham, NC

#34 Jul 27, 2010
I worked there from feb 09-july was a joke, I have several years experience in customer service, and these TL and OM dont know a thing about customer service. I hated going to work, the trainer we had talked more about herself than teaching us anything, so when we got on the floor of course we werent prepared. The ones in charge walk around like they are smart or something...I just ignored them, i finally figured out how to beat the system to get points taken off, before i left I had like 23 points for leaving work early and calling in. your only allowed 12, idiots They believed everything i told them...I dont recommend anyone work there, its not worth the B.S.Any place of business that has a high turnover rate , you stay away, its high for a reason and not becuase people are lazy either.
haha hey still open

Graham, NC

#35 Jul 27, 2010
someone special wrote:
I worked for convergys back in '99 great company then, now i recently worked for them and it sucked the supervisors were rude i was on a team who didn't like girls and complained about always getting new girls on her team, she never wanted to fix your time due to not able to find a computer to log in and clock on, if you went to lunch/break you were left looking and walking around aimlessly for a seat, they didn't have enough parking and hired anyone for the job, they cared more about your hold time then your customer satisfaction, the pay is good guaranteed full-time, trainers are awesome but once you get on the floor you are on your own from there you transfer the cust to the dept that needs to handle it and you are arguing with them to do their job. Supervisors SUCK there major especially Coonen.
coonen was my super and she was a joke, all she did in team meeting was talk about her man... and she had her favorites but i played against the system for awhile then just decided not to show up anymore, it was a waste of my time and gas....
Anita Rhoney

Kenly, NC

#36 Jul 28, 2010
Sounds like these complaints could fall under the
category of "Fire at Will" If the people who have complained about being treated with disrespect and worse would complain to reps and senators, we could gain back some of the power given to people who are in charge of others in the work place. Workers should have some rights that are protected by law. Now companies have the right and are protected by law to hire and fire any way they want to. This is a serious flaw in our business world. Workers can be treated any way companies desire to treat them. It also falls under the old addage of "complete power corrupts completely" because the situation is not getting better. Why haven't our congressmen and politicians done something about this law? Many wonderful workers have been treated very badly and fired due to ridiculous whims, jealousies, revenge, and plain old dislike of workers, even those who may have the highest production percentages in their companies. I know. I was one of them and due to jealousies and resentments was targeted by a head person or persons and they all agreed even making up things that were not true. These people should be cutingt their own throats this way, but due to people needing their jobs and others afraid of losing them will cowtow, brown nose, kiss butt, etc because they cannot afford to lose their jobs and it is so easy to hire another one. It is a bad situation when this type of thing happens, common place and in my opinion should be changed. It is so unAmercian. But what is the "American Way" Now?
recently recruited

Dickson, TN

#37 Oct 19, 2010
welp. I just did my interview today by someone who was dressed in jeans and a little girls fuschia hairbow. Not very promising looking after reading the posts here, I am reconsidering the position now.. it seems ideal, but noe sdeeing very much positive feedback from employees is a bit offputting... still going to think it through before accepting a position.

Charlotte, NC

#38 Oct 29, 2010
some bosses are azzez!

Fort Knox, KY

#39 Nov 4, 2010
On Nov the 1 2010 I started my on boarding and I must say that the guy we had seem to have a split personality moody no patients and just down right rude so wierd dealing with this guy! But everythng else seems to be going fine just to need to move past him lol
Worse Job

Bailey, NC

#40 Nov 5, 2010
I worked at Convergys near the time they first opened.. I worked there from Dec 08 til the end of April 09. WORSE PLACE I HAVE EVER WORKED!!! They blame the employees for everything.. no organization at all. Like most of the others said, rules change so much you never know what's going on. Your TL tells you one thing, and another TL tells you different. They can't wait to fire people, except for the one's who are their favorites; they let them get away with everything. Your break gets cut short because you have to get back and find a computer station to sit at before your break time is up, or you'll be counted late-which gets you points! Bonus??? PLEASE
I was fired because I punched out exactly one minute before my ending time at 7:00pm which put me at 12 points, and my TL couldn't wait to call me in the human resource office to let me have it! Not to mention that most of the points I had accrued was THEIR FAULT! They were so unorganized in the beginning! You would come in and have no station to sit at, so by the time someone got up and you could find a seat, you had to log on, and wait for their SLOW system to come up, before you could even punch in! By that time you're late!! Too much of that you're at 12 points in no time!! It's ridiculous!! Will never work there again if I can help it! I wouldn't recommend Convergys to anyone!
Oh yeah, and several TL's told us not to worry about points. One told me he knew of employees that had 19 to over 20 something occurrences and had not been fired! This was the day before I got fired for having 12! I brought this up to the human resource lady while me and my TL were in her office, and her exact words were "Were not here to discuss other employees, we're here to discuss you and the amount you have!"
WOW!!! Really???
Worse Job

Bailey, NC

#41 Nov 5, 2010
And I can give you a list of others who will post the same comments about HICKORY Convergys!! Awful place to work...

Four Oaks, NC

#42 Nov 6, 2010
If people would quit buying asian sweat shop junk from big box retailers, or crappy asian furniture you would have more jobs to choose from or at least make more money per hour from Convergys because of wage competition. Do your christmas shopping this year on one of the many MADE IN USA Websites and then email your favorite retailer and let them know they lost your dollars this year because of their hatred of the AMERICAN WORKER.
ex employee

Cincinnati, OH

#43 Nov 30, 2010
i use to work for them in their erlanger location, it just about the same, favortism to an Tee. from agent to SOM, it been that way, no hard feelings, oh well it should close down eventally they will have to close Erlanger if no profits are being made

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