Judge Peter Digangi named " A**-hole ...
no justice

Leominster, MA

#81 May 23, 2012
I am So in ,,, we together will change this dam nightmare we are all living ,,,,
Leisha Tringali

Windham, NH

#82 Jun 20, 2012
On September 28, 2012 I will be protesting the Middlesex Probate and Family Court again on the issue of Judicial Accountability. Anyone interested?

Last year Mass Lawyer Weekly wrote an article and fore warned attorney's and judges of the protest. I was contacted by the police prior to the protest and questioned. On the day of the protest I and another Activist was told by a court employee that the court re-scheduled most of it's calendar "because the court didn't want to get with their pant's down".
no justice

Leominster, MA

#83 Jun 21, 2012
i will be there ,,,, to get the justice we all need ,,
The One Who Knows

Clearwater, FL

#84 Jun 21, 2012
I am there and will have at least 6 other people with me. DiGangi MUST be stopped. I will bring an enlarged white board of an email from DiGangi showing ABSOLUTE corruption.
divorced dad

Groton, MA

#85 Jun 27, 2012
I read this comment: "He was one of the few judges I was in front of who saw through my ex's high priced attorney's BS and put the needs of our children first. He also followed the law. Did I leave feeling I got everything that I should have in all fairness for my children - NO - but at least we didn't get totally screwed like we had with other judges in the past." I have to agree. I am a father that has primary physical custody of my kids, my ex came at me with every allegation you can imagine.. he ordered her drug tested from the bench - out of the blue - and she failed. I had another judge before judge digangi and this thing strung out for years, allegation after allegation, all false... Digangi takes the case over, steps in for one session, out of the blue makes the order to clarify things - and it sure clarified things, and now my nightmare is over with one hearing in front of a street smart judge that doesn't buy the bullshit. Thank God. I pray a lot, this was an answer to my prayers.. nightmare ended. But... one warning to both fathers and mothers, if you are trying not to pay child support - using some lame BS excuse - and then come in front of this guy - don't make plans for the next month because you will be unavailable. Finally, what kind of law is it that makes blowing your family off as a woman equal to winning the lottery.. They have effectively outlawed marriage. Any lawyer will tell you... Divorce is about the only game left for the starving legal practitioners. So, if you are not married.. NEVER GET MARRIED! You will lose 1/2 of everything you ever earned, your parents or grand parents ever earned and left you, and 3/4 of all your income for at least 20 years. 60% odds of that happening (60% divorce rate)-- DON'T be a sap! Wanna get married and have kids??? Do it in Columbia! Best of luck to all reading this... divorce in Ma. will be the worst hell you will ever experience. Do mediation or lose every cent you have to your name.. Do mediation or screw your kids out of any future they may have had.. That's my rant for today.
Mighty Mike

Saint Louis, MO

#86 Jul 3, 2012
oh boo hoo wrote:
I've read many posts and articles from father's rights groups. The underlying thread in most cases where the men writing seem to be most angry with the courts has more to do with wanting shared or sole physical custody in order to avoid/reduce paying child support than a true concern for the best interest of the children involved. Have any of the fathers TRULY considered how they would have felt as young children, living out of suitcases, shuttled back and forth between homes 3 days here, 4 days there, so Dad could pay for less of their upkeep?! Children need to have a home AND liberal time with both parents (assuming they're both fit and willing)- and that doesn't have to mean living in 2 places. I've been in front of many of the judges in Middlesex Probate and Family Court on too many occasions to count. Some of these judges do not even bother to read the pre-trial conference memos and financial statements, let alone listen with lack of bias to oral arguments. Judge DiGangi was NOT one of these judges. He was one of the few judges I was in front of who saw through my ex's high priced attorney's BS and put the needs of our children first. He also followed the law. Did I leave feeling I got everything that I should have in all fairness for my children - NO - but at least we didn't get totally screwed like we had with other judges in the past. Did my ex feel like (for once) he got screwed - YES. Only because he didn't get everything he wanted and leave us destitute. It had nothing to do with our children. He's probably whining about how Judge DiGangi favors women.
Actually, shared parenting in most cases is actually less trips back and forth. I'm not sure what you mean really.
no justice

Leominster, MA

#87 Jul 3, 2012
Well i guess you were one of the lucky ones ,, becasue this judge does not read anything and he is a very sad ,mad man ,,,, glad it worked out for you
Dawn Bavaro

Alton, NH

#88 Aug 23, 2012
Judge DiGangi was fair in my divorce trial.
My 'ex'even agrees.
He saw hrough the B.S. of opposing atty Rosalyn Stults.
I have the highest respect for him.
lining below poverty leve

Medford, MA

#89 Oct 21, 2012
My husband filed for divorce in June 2011 while I was in rehab. I have been sober for 17 months. I was married for 22 years a. I was a stay at home mom. My children want to live with there dad who makes well over onehundred thousand a year. I make less than ten thousand and with the new alimony laws and child support I am still equally responsible for medical co-pays etc. Judge Digangi is all for the man. Any advice out there
no justice

Leominster, MA

#90 Oct 21, 2012
concerned mom

Arlington, MA

#91 Dec 4, 2012
oh boo hoo, i'd like to pick your brain. i'm a concerned mom of a 10 months old (in waltham) whose drug addict 'donor' would like to admire as his own. i'm hiring an attorney to represent me in court once the genetic marker test is completed but i'm stressed out beyond belief. i don't want anything from this man but for him to leave us alone. sounds like you're active in this area so please do let me know where i can find you (if you're willing) to pick your brain. Thanks!
The One Who Knows

Saint Petersburg, FL

#92 Dec 11, 2012
oh boo hoo is Peter DiGangi, that's why you will never hear from him/her or ever meet him/her. DiGangi is the most corrupt individual/lawyer in the state of MA, not even a close second, on the take, YES, bias against men, YES, favortism to woman, especially cute ones, YES, only will allow petite young blonde law clerks in his chambers, YES
The One Who Knows

Tampa, FL

#93 Mar 18, 2013
Does anyone know when Peter DiGangi will be forced to retire?
waiting for true justice

Tewksbury, MA

#94 Jul 24, 2013
Why Peter DiGangi is still on the bench and hasn't been thrown off long ago is beyond belief. To see him sitting there so cocky and not even cracking open the court packet of papers is crazy. And they say he is always for the best interest of the child, that is pure b.s. you could never convince many people of that. How can you make that important decision if you don't even read the information to make the right/fair decision in the best interest of the child?? You know who suffers is the child when a decision is made without reading and being informed of ALL the facts... So you let a child go with a drug using,abusing mother who moved back to her old stomping grounds with her old friends and drug dealer who she is still friends with, dirty drug test, when all the details were not considered. Child was in a stable home with father, good town, good neighborhood and school system, now he is unhappy wishing he was back in his happy, stable home and neighborhood. Gee, how does he sleep at night not making decisions for the best interest of these children. I just hope he will be removed from the bench sooner than later and then finally justice will be served!
The One Who Knows

Clearwater, FL

#95 Aug 8, 2013
Waiting for Justice- I learned a long time ago that DiGangi is going to do whatever he likes and will always get away with it. I have filed a compliant with every supervisor and agency only to be told that their hands are tied. Judge Mulligan went as far as to even say although he may be corrupt ( which he probably knows DiGangi is) there is nothing that cant be done. The only salvation is that he is an old prick and his retierment and future passing can not come soon enough, hopefully he gets bored with Fng father over and goes away and retires but based on his enormous ego and small mand disease, I dont think it will be anytime soon
The One Who Knows

Tampa, FL

#96 Jan 5, 2014
does anyone know when DiGangi will be forced off the bench and investigated for improper contact with lawyers during ex-parte meetings? When is his term up?
Malden MA

Everett, MA

#97 Jan 5, 2014
There has always been something off about the Probate Court in Cambridge, regardless of who the Judge is and they do fix matters. The Department of Revenue was part of the game plan at one time, too, and went along with the program. The person I was involved with was Susan Cuteliss. Since when can't a working woman get child support for her child because she never married the father and the father had since married someone else? The poor indigent bastard claimed he wasn't able to pay child support and was living off of Revere Housing while owning a house in Sicily, drove a Mercedes, ran a plastering business without reporting it to IRS, had a second side business at the flea market, gambled nightly at bingo and casinos but didn't have as much as nickle for his son. But when my son located his father at age 17 and the asshole idiot feared he would be hauled back into court for non support, he filed a request for custody thinking he ran a clever maneuver on me. He showed up with a Harvard legal aid lawyer and her supervisor. I had no lawyer. But I demolished their asses in court and when all was said and done, the Judge determined that my son's father was unfit to be a parent and I was quite satisfied for the chance to have bashed the shameless bastard's face in publicly. My son didn't want an order for child support imposed against his new found father. I wanted to put him on jail where he belonged but there was the whine that he had subsequent children. I personally did not want to collect illegally made money as a child support payment. Despite exposing him, he continued to live in public housing and run his side businesses. The money he amassed whole working under the table and failing to pay child support, enabled him to purchase a house in Methuen. I wonder if I went to his country if I could have ran the same scam there. Doubt it. I know all about that court in Cambridge, too and what they allow to go on.
Just me

Methuen, MA

#98 Apr 16, 2014
Ok I need some serious advice since hell be taking care of my case!! Baby daddy is a dead beat and wants a lot of rights w out financially help me w our child!!! I'm going to represent myself cause I have no funds for a lawyer!! What do I do?? Or should say?!!!
Concerned mother too

Methuen, MA

#99 Apr 16, 2014
This is >> (Just me... I changed my name)

After reading all this is scaring me to actually go to court, but I guess I have no choice - what happens if I don't show up? When he was the one to serve me??? Visitation rights??? Does the case drop close or reschedule???

This has been such a stressful time for me maybe it'll be nothin gut when you hear different stories from so many ppl makes you crazy and I don't know what else to think!!! I don't know what else to do
Concerned mother too

Methuen, MA

#100 Apr 16, 2014
I'm seeing that judge next wk now after seeing all this makes me nervous!! What if I don't show up?! What will happens ill I lose?? Dead beat baby daddy wants visitation right!! He filed it when he was able to see her as he pleased, not saying your an expert or have all the answers... Lol but just curious cause I have no idea what else to do or say or feel.

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