Review: Events & Adventures Boston Inc

Dracut, MA

#306 Oct 7, 2012
Amy wrote:
As a member of Events and Adventures for almost two years, I can honestly say that it is the best thing I have done for myself since my divorce ten years ago. Events and Adventures provides a great opportunity to meet both male and female singles and provides a great chance to network. The group allows you to do things you enjoy without having to go by yourself. I have kayaked, flew a helicopter, sang at karaoke, attended baseball games, played laser tag and miniature golf, mingled at Happy Hours, participated in Zumba classes, learned how to shoot archery, attended Broadway musicals, just to name a few. Another reason I recommend E&A is that there is no stress. All you do is show up; It really is the easiest way to meet other singles. Events and Adventures is better than anything else I have tried as a single person. I believe the reason E&A is so successful is because of the quality of people. The women in E&A actually are very friendly. I have attended Meet Up events and not one woman has ever come up to me and introduced themselves. At E&A the women genuinely want to cultivate friendships with both sexes and welcome new members to the club readily. The men in E&A are also very courteous and conduct themselves as gentlemen. In the two years I have been a member, I have never had a man say or act inappropriately to me. This speaks very well for the quality of men in E&A. I hate to admit it, but I have been a member and/or participated in: Itís Just Lunch, Great Expectations, Match, Cupid, Speed Dating events, and Lock and Key parties and have never met the same quality of people that Events and Adventures has. E&A has really been a lifeline for me when I find myself single again after being in a relationship and I canít say enough about what the group has provided to me. The membership fee definitely was worth every cent I paid and more.
This has to be a sales rep from E&A because I had such a bad interview with an agent there is no way this is true. This person dumps on every one of their competitors which I know some of which are pretty good. I was offered $1,000 fee and $25 per month which is crazy compared to other groups that are out there.

Dracut, MA

#307 Oct 7, 2012
This has to be a sales rep from E&A because I had such a bad interview with an agent there is no way this is true. This person dumps on every one of their competitors which I know some of which are pretty good. I was offered $1,000 fee and $25 per month which is crazy compared to other groups that are out there.

Dracut, MA

#308 Oct 7, 2012
A satisfied customer wrote:
Note: This site randomly selects location so don't pay attention to the location of the respondents.
I have been a member of the Boston group for slightly less than 3 months. Every event I attended was fun, the individuals I met were friendly and easy to socialize with.
There are other, less expensive ways to have a social life, however, this one works well for me. The ratio of women to men is about 65%/35%(which means that outgoing men meet women very easily via this group).
The only thing I would change about this group is the sales model. I meet at least one person at every event who had unrealistic expectations and is unhappy with their choice. Luckily, it is easy to politely end the conversation and find someone else in the group with a more positive attitude.
This has to be an E&A rep. who puts in the location may be wrong and my location came up exact. Nothing is true here.

Saint Paul, MN

#309 Oct 11, 2012
I am a member in MN and I've had mixed feelings about the group. I think it is very high priced and I don't think we really get discounts. Most events aren't free. I've met some really nice people, but I don't know if that's worth the extremely high price. But, if you can afford it, and are okay spending the money, it's probably worth it. Also, if you have any inclination that it might be good for you longterm, do the three year because it usually comes with a lifetime membership, which improves the cost effectiveness... My personal beef with the company has more to do with the politics and HR issues I've witnessed. I think they take themselves too seriously for the service they provide. A lot of the people there act that way. It's supposed to be fun and they make it seem like it's a big, serious meeting every time. Which is odd. So, eh. I want out, but it's basically impossible to get out. I'm in a relationship now and don't have time to go to the events like I used to. So, it's a waste of money for me.

Mesa, AZ

#310 Oct 15, 2012
I was promised that E&A had better quality people than the dating sites. Turns out they are all the rejects from the dating sites. Now I've lost my job and can't get out of this contract. There goes my credit.
FER2008 wrote:
Events and Adventures Boston !!!! BIGEST SCAM EVER !!!!
I wish I could have read the reviews online about this organization. I am still trying to find my way out of this HUGE SCAM. I am agree with some of the people that says they try to sell the membership like a sales man at a Car Dealesrship. They will never allow you to try 1 event before taking the money of the membership at front. I know why because they know that once you attend any event then you will never join. The lady that took my mebership at the Boston area was rude and pushed me to sign for it. After 20 days when I try to get out of it they gave me all kind of excuses to do not refund my money back. STAY AWAY FROM THIS HUGE SCAM !!!!!. If anybody knows about any class suit please let me know

Brockton, MA

#311 Oct 30, 2012
I went there today, I did not want to sign up but Nancy told me that I was going to have so much fun. She convinced me to take a three year membership. And they don't allow me to cancel if I want. Why is that?

Agawam, MA

#312 Nov 5, 2012
all i can say is take your chances and just go out! get yourself out there. this is the biggest mistake of my life that i will be paying off for years. i am a young (20s), straight women who was single, i was convinced that this would help me find a young, handsome man my age. it was the complete opposite. the only people i met worth forming relationships with were women and i don't go that way. everyone else was a veteran member, over 3 years in the program and were at least 15 plus years older than me. not worth a penny never mind thousands of dollars! do not sign up for it.

Agawam, MA

#313 Nov 5, 2012
false worst program ever. do not listen to these comments.

Cambridge, MA

#314 Nov 14, 2012
WOW - glad I found these posts. I started smelling a scam when I called to get some pricing and they talked for 35 minutes and refused to talk about the start-up fee. Holy cow - so glad I did not make an appointment for an interview and background check. Never in a million years would I pay that much. Thank you all for posting...I thought I sensed something was off with this group!

Houston, TX

#315 Dec 13, 2012
I have been a member for a year now. I have had a lot of fun and met a number of interesting people. This club is an investment in my future and in how I want to live my life. I could have continued to stay at home and do nothing or get out there (with E&A) and live again. I have experienced many new things and explored parts of Houston I didn't know existed, nice and interesting parts. Thank you E& A for giving me my life back!

Revere, MA

#316 Dec 26, 2012
The one good review I read must have been written by the E&A staff members. The "professional" men are carpenters driving beat up trucks, a cook for a ship, an auto mechanic and the like.

Overall, the members aren't very classy nor professional. I just go to the events I want to go to, participate and when they go to lunch...they are really the last people I would want to go to lunch with.

I make note of interesting events and after I go once I have the information to go again...alone. E&V isn't the answer for me.
Thankful 2

San Bruno, CA

#317 Dec 27, 2012
I live in the San Francisco Bay area and was planning on meeting with an A&E agent this weekend but after reading this reviews I don't believe that is going to happen. Can anybody suggest a company similar to A&E but with better reviews?

Lawrence, MA

#318 Jan 27, 2013
WOW!!!!! Glad I Googled the 'secret' cost of this companies membership! Sorry that I did it after leaving my telephone number. Will be shutting that ringer off. Thank you all!

Jamaica, NY

#319 Jan 29, 2013
I'm glad I read these reviews. These people advertise on WCBS radio in New York.

The woman I spoke to said the price to join did not matter and naturally did not discuss fees.

She insisted that I come in for an interview so they could see if I was physically whom I said I was. What is this, a eugenics-testing group?

This hag from Florida has been calling me leaving messages since November 11th.

When they donít quote a price on the phone beware. Stay away from them.

Lunenburg, MA

#320 Feb 20, 2013
tolife09 wrote:
I'm wondering about the age of the group. I'm in my 50's and told the group was mostly 40 to 60s so I scheduled an appointment. all of these comments seem to indicate it's a much broader age group.
I talked to them today. I told them I was 28 and later they told me the average age range was 20s 30th and 40s. Def glad I came on here before going to my interview.

Newton Center, MA

#321 Feb 22, 2013
The only people who should join this group is if you are truly all alone and don't get out much. If you want company and something to do to pass your lonely hours - this could be great. Everyone in the group seems very nice and is truly just looking for company and something to do to get out of the house. BUT if you are actually looking to date THIS IS NOT THE CLUB FOR YOU. Also, if you do get out and enjoy good food and drinks and activities - KEEP ENJOYING THEM ON YOUR OWN or perhaps join some meetups. I was a member for a year - WORST THING I EVER DID. What a waste of money. Most of the event places were weird dive bars I've never heard of. The clientele was mainly folks who just never get out and want company. If you are between 20-45ish DO NOT JOIN THIS CLUB!!!

United States

#322 Feb 28, 2013
Jane wrote:
Thanks to all the people who have taken the time to write comments about this company. Today I made an appointment for tomorrow. After reading the preponderance of negative comments I will not go.
I joined E and A a year ago in Tampa and its the best thing I've done for my social life. They do have sales people and just like most places, the price is always discussed last. You may not like the sales process but you always have the right to say no. It seems that most of the people here who hate E and A did not get past the sales process which is to bad because they just did themselves a disservice. I have met some of the best friends thought this group, I've gone horseback riding, zip lining, kayaking, to the planetarium, picnics, games, happy hours and then Ive been invited to personal parties and so much more. Theres as event planned every day or night of the year, even Christmas!

The price is negotiable, so just remember that when you go in. I've also gone to meetup groups but the people were not my kind of people and they were not as organized. I didn't have a contact person when it came to the meet up groups and you can always pick up a stalker there cause its public to see who goes to the events when you RSVP. It's not like that at e and a. I don't know about you but I like my privacy. Also, E and A does do a background check.

Good luck!
former employee

United States

#323 Mar 7, 2013
I am post 80 - read it. Also read 106, 199, and 240.

Prices can range from 800 to 3500+ depending on what you work out. On a year to year level, you're looking at on average $1200 a year not including what you pay for food/drinks/tickets/entry to places.

The club I worked for skewed a lot more female.

E&A does not advertise on R&B/Rap/Spanish/World Music stations (see the next point for how that may affect you.

If you are Black, Indian, or Asian, there won't be too many of your race in the club, if you count my experience as an example. Don't let that deter you if you are open minded. If you are LGBT, forget it (on a dating level.)

I still hang out with many of the people outside of the group.

I'd recommend it to:

Those making $40,000+ a year
Those who will get out there and go to enough things to justify the cost
Those who are not explicitly looking for a soulmate, since while people date and get married, it's not the primary focus of the club
Those who want something laid out for you

140 E&A members on my phone. 16 married to each other and 3 in a relationship with each other (many overlap due to both parties being in my phone, so maybe 10/2 - I'm not going back to count.) Quite a few who actually put forth an effort - "Waste of money." Many - "I have lifetime friends." One person summed it up nicely "You're renting friends." I agree, in the fact that if you are no longer in the club it will be harder to hang out with people actively going to events, but at the same time, you can get these people's contact info and hang out with them outside of the club's activities.

Would I recommend it? In this day in age, I'd only recommend it to the type of people who still have AOL, those who have an iPhone because it "just works," and those who never cook. It's the cruise control of activity groups.

Am I in it? No. I can obtain a similar experience with a little bit of work that is vastly cheaper.

What activities do they do? It's right on their site. As of now, you can still go to , click calendar, click the city, and click on the calendar picture. You won't get a description, but you'll get a general idea of what the event is.

Lastly, like I said before, this is a big investment. They don't let you try it out beforehand, unless you go to an event with someone you know who is already a member. If you go to an event after paying, you will not get your money back. If you don't cancel immediately, you don't get your money back. You can still go to things if you are in a relationship that is not marriage... but unless you tell them people, how would they know? If you move away, getting your money back is difficult. If you look at the calendar, and you can't see yourself making it to more than 4 things a month, don't sign up. You can put your membership on hold a certain number of times in monthly blocks for vacations and life events at certain membership levels. Feel free to copy/paste this review or my first one.
former employee

United States

#324 Mar 7, 2013
Sorry, I am post 79. The other posts are:

1) an alternative + valid concerns (106)
2) a well rounded good review that I can say does not seem like a shill (199)
3) price negotiations (240)

There are plenty of bad reviews, so I did not feel the need to point out any one in particular, and I have spelled most if not all of that out in my last two posts.

Brookline, MA

#325 Mar 7, 2013
Hi guys,I am working on a Chinese teaching project with my friend, who specialized in Chinese teaching for many years. Now we are offering one free class to people who are interested in Chinese, the purpose of doing this is we need feedback from people to complete our project. We have limit 15 spots for the students. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you are interested.

The location: Boston

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