How "JUDITH DEVENEY" links to Boston ...

How "JUDITH DEVENEY" links to Boston like Aftin Deveney.

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Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#1 May 5, 2013
"JUDITH DEVENEY" is the scumbag LEVEL of the ROGUE FBI like Aftin Deveny si the lowerand military scumbag level of it that all heads in it's JOHN NY HERKIMER to Boston..

DOG is the clue..let me take this all the way back to the beginning from when my mother hit my Jeep in "reverse" while it was parked just about a month after I bought it ..This was 2001 and I was renting a room off Wendy Dumez's a second address close to my work on the north end of Fulton end..That is why my mother tried to start the fruad issue then over bought bought it..That IS the same JEEP in the Oswego Library restoration and addition photo..and that is part of the overkill of ROGUE FBI links to "why" former oswego School LIBRARUAN Lori Breshnahan was set up to be murdered on 3-14-13 on the NYS POLICE ROGUE VER PLANCK RD location..

The DOG links like this "JUDITH" dog of the same breed she named CHARLIE..My mother blamed the dog for what she had done to my Jeep..He was nto driving or in the vehicle she was..and my father took it all out on the dog from her words just like he used to kids..I was more about about he beat the dog than I was the Jeep...but thats my mothers shit for you..

So scumbag recruit JUDITH had to have a dog named Charlie...the same breed as the dog in the Jeep issue my mother made first in "re reverse" That is how my mother is linked ot what my sister Chris did in "reverse" on 3-29-05 and hwo Chris was trying to tke her place in all of it..while Bill played it cool..Now do you know why they wan my father wha he saw and heard Bill do in all of this ..its NOT because he beat the dog..The ROGUE FBI shot theirs in HERKIMER..

Now what is "in the middle" of all of that is the scumbag activity of "THE THRIULL OF THE KILL" ....Right now its again focused on JUDITH who;s using the scorned woman act to cover Aftin started the issues with her boyfriends mother to get herself back to her mommy Peggy on my moher 10-25 birthday...THAT was the ROGUE clue to me about how her grandmother really died on the day she did..TANKSGIVING and more shit that would start boyfriend was so frustrated by Aftin then and I did not like how he was trying to get along with her on a false front..she had already tried to start shit with me in what she views as her mothers well kept can't get much worse than it is and now you now how military scumbag recruits are found..links ot Beverly and Val and back to dottie abd Bill a drunk in an old room.."reverse" it and it all makes sense "perfect" sense..

Now I will get back to the "JUDITH" motion now..Her role is to cause all the financial hardship she can on her husband..BY this time next summer he will to face the financial issues of the mobile home he owes on..he can;t decalre bankruptcy again for 7 this was all timed on him just off his bankruptcy clock work..JUDITH is so proudly wiping him put now..becuase he "promised" her something in the marriage...From there..He loves animlas so she piled them in name by narration name..beginning with ROSIE..THE ROSE "beneath the bitter snow" plan on me..there is even a CODY dog(fire Dept link in Granby, N.Y. where the Raponi's were well "THRILL" activity linked when this began)Now all JUDITH has to do and she knows it like Dottie Mills did is just do what she was recruited to do and the ROGUES will cover the rest..Like the David Renz Probation Dept who's "THE THRILL OF THE KILL" "integrity" is all protected now by a NYS JUDGE Sharpe(link to the mother on the Sharp rd-mine) It's all one big deadly family of "gain" off THE THRILL OF THE KILL" activity.
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#2 May 5, 2013
So that IS why man in 2-24 "line up" with my sons 2-25 birthday..refresher in FBI ROGUE narration Agent Nicholas Ivie's 0225 "friendly fire" badge number..

The NACO RHYMES with WACO and the "OFF MEXICO" scumbag link story of death called erin Maxwell's murder..a "reverse" ROGUE plan also for her killer off it all..

WACO was the ROGUE FBI clue 4 men MORE would die...and that plan was called HERKIMER..HER OR KIMER Raponi Steven's ..Now do you understand the MASSIVE POWER Plan hey have? My clues strongly indicate they're gonna do to anyway and right now use it like a fear factor as they have all though to pull it off so all the other horrors...

Scumbag JUDITH "WHO LET THE DOGS OUT" all with "perfect" names(daughters doings (?)I'll get back to that part) No one is dispensing them to her now. or holding them she advertises that herself..she used the 2-24 date line up my sons birthday to start it ...she probably dropped them off somewhere..Thats what my mother used to do our family pets when she got sick of them..

"JUDITH" had 9 "perfect" dog names..right down to the last one Charlie..

So JUDITH HAS to finsih what she beagn on her husband.. screaming scorened woman for sympathy cover of it all..Dotties was a "girlfriend" and disabled woman act..ROGUES have the bank calling..So we are now really going into a tough time frame worse than it's been.

I have heard talk she may even burn down or have someone torch it..when she leaves..It's an Erin Maxwell link to cover the dog damage..and there IS DOG damage..that is much more than the work of two dogs he had.

There is CAT damage also..

"JUDITH" will front as she has all along being "harrased" by scums because of my letters..that she is taking to higher NEWS and legal level..even in her owns words in HANNIBAL TOWN court because cops here "suck" while parading she DOES believe they shot "those cops"..well Like I said ..any idiot can figure out by now.

She's got some big bombhell plan to come down on Oswego County with it..

So YES the BANK now right on cue now of fit all can cover it as well timing..YES "JUDITH" had her own bankruptcy her teeth fixed later and had her surgery..Smashed her husbands Jeep ..etc.

IF the plant where he works cuts all overtime as being talked about now..YES Maegan BUCK claimed that also in 2008..YES I will back up scumbags on that one..JUDITH now also wants alimony..His bankruptcy was NOT full ..He is stil paying his his paycheck is limited by automatic deductions..Now slam the trailer payment on him ..whats left of her filth there..The bank wants their money..and threaten to "interest" him to death..Well if they do they're NO way he can her any of the "alimony" "JUDITH" feels she deserves now also..So we are preapring now as best we can while trying to live also...Scumbags still "food stamp" issues on me any way they can talk it..etc..BUT that is what scums do even when they are one the ones doing it..

I just don't want anyone to miss anything..or be miselad..BUT also there is a MASSIVE POWER plan in motion now also...WHY does a dog lick his balls? "because "He" can".... by scumbag fear factors..
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#4 May 6, 2013
Jeff_D_28681 wrote:
What does this have to do with terrorists?
As hard as you may find it to believe from my posts..which are current to the activity here in Oswego County, New York and do NOT always reflect the past links of how its all one BIG story..The Boston Bombings were set in motion by the ROGUE FBI behind it all..I's all part of the "reason" a Federal Agent was shot dead on 4-5-07 my father's birthday and another was shot dead on 10-2-12 in the NACO RHYMES with NACO(ROGUE FBI Gun Control plans that failed) the Agent shot dead in NACO in the "OFF MEXICO" clue location( I live in an "OFF MEXICO" New York location here now in Oswego County and I moved here suddenly on 12-13-12 after one of the scumbags recruits(as the two brothers are) was on me to set me up again.The link most overpowering on the second FEDS "friendly fire" death was his 0225 badge number ..its my sons 2-25 birthday link and it was deliberate a threat on his life held over my head here for years that is now changing to an "abuse" plan...There is an established history of scumbags recruits attempts this here in the courts and with police..each plan so far has failed..the last resulted in a "dismissel" of the charges in Fulton, New York..The issue is how cleverly the ROGUE manipulates off "profiling" like the TWO brothers who "sliped off the radar" as claimed of the FBI and then came to do this in BOSTON...The same way the rape of 10 year old and muder of her mother a former Oswego, New York librarian who was murdered on the VER PLANCK RD (already est location in this) in Onondaga County, N.Y. on 3-14-15 ..YOU must iof you have ever cared about a female read how the feindish child porn suspect David renz pulled off this brutal and savage crime on the vicitms who "associate" to all of this by clue link the unbelievable although it is very true MO of the ROGUE FBI..I myself was sitting inthe offices of the Syracuse FBI on 4-15-08 TAX DAY..also the MO "line up" date that is another overkill of use in all of this with what took place on VER PLANCK RD..regarding suspect David Renz who was under house arrest by the courts until his child porn trial..and it has now neen disclosed by a NYS JUDGE Sharpe(my parents live on the Sharp Rd-another example of how clues links here are overkill in each story that has so many almost every fact..dates were set etc.) It has now been disclosed that the Probation dept court ordered to monitor Renz completely ignored the 46 warning from his worn alarm in the month of FEB him time to perfect what he would do on 3-14-13. The FBI has custody of him now..

This is just a belief amount of the FACTS..I am very "associated" ot a attorner here in Oswego County named the shooters name in Newtown..very close to the name of the location I moved to the day before the shootings..YOu must know all the my as the FBI would present "crazy" story..who pretty much IS the pressure on all comply with their nwo "sex offender" plans ot set me up called Bill 8-11 Vickery..a story I have hard for years to confront my self..

Let me add this FACT..I had posted on the Utica,N.Y. forum the day after the bombings that the suspects were white and that there was no more than 3 of them..and they locals and no further away then NY before ANY solid info was given about them other then the bombings according to the FBI "had all the earmarks of an Al Qeada attack" YOU will NOT get on FED to look at this info NOT one..and YOU will be backed off on it..

Riverside, RI

#5 May 6, 2013
Diana Vickery

Cortland, NY

#8 May 6, 2013
No the ROGUE FEDS do not want us all dead..NOT all of us just those they select..

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