If there is anyoe out there who can tell me what the operation hours of the Mayor's court? Do they even have a clerk of courts? how can I Pay a fine? I been trying for two weeks,I call each day and some man answers every time I ask him if the clerk of court is in he always replies no,then I ask him if he knows when someone will be in because my license have been suspened for a fine that was'nt paid, a fine that I was'nt even aware that I owed!until I was pulled over and the officer informed me that my plate came back as suspended.and gave me a TICKET!I NEVER PLEADED GUILTY OR SIGNED ANYTHING IN THIER MAYORS COURT SO HOW CAN I OWE A FINE! There is way more to this story' all that I know is that this court is trying to EXTORT ME FOR MONEY and when I try to get info no one knows anything.So please if anyone can help me find out when this court is open it would help.