samantha frady?
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Morristown, TN

#1 Jun 19, 2010
who know her

Since: Mar 10

Location hidden

#2 Jun 22, 2010
trash. has always been trash. will always be trash.

Chesterfield, MO

#3 Jun 22, 2010
I know her she a hoe. on drugs and she ugly.

Morristown, TN

#4 Jun 22, 2010
that bitch is nasty she has a flat ass face she has herpes and she has a kid she dnt even take care of she pawns her kid of on her mom so she can go next door so she can go have sex with josh cutshaw

United States

#6 Sep 13, 2010
that girl is a nasty trashy low ass whore. Andrew Wise is a stupid SOB for droppin Heather for that nasty trash. She gave him everythng and made his sorry ass into something. he wana play pretend daddy to her hand me down baby, she dont even know who its real daddy is. she leaves it with her momma so she can go to the neighbors and do pills n smoke weed, shes one hell of a momma. Trashy sums her up.

Morristown, TN

#8 Sep 14, 2010
i know her. she is sweet and pretty. and has has a big wet p()$$y too

United States

#9 Sep 14, 2010
oh wow that is something to be proud of dont help her look like slut she is good enough at tht on her own.n she is a skank bitch and pretty? u need ur eyes checked n so does andrew wise that red headed girl was hot and i heard she was loaded to if he dont what her ass n her money ill take it

United States

#10 Sep 14, 2010
aww that's super sweet, n yea i gota lil in the bank haha. but she can keep andrew's sorry rag ass. aint nobody gona want him now.

Morristown, TN

#11 Oct 10, 2010
look here yall bunch of hatn ass hoes samantha ia a good girl and she takes good damn care of that baby and she has a college education which is alot more than most of yall hoes have and as far as you go heather you just mad cause she took yoyr man with no problem cause your are a fat junkie whore and you just need to take a look at yourself before you try to hate on someone and as far as herpes go thats just some dumbshit that your fat nasty ass made up ive known that girl all my life and she lives for her daughter and unlike you she doesnt do drugs either not ever not even weed dumbass and as far as andrew goes you can have his woman beatn ass cause she droped him like he deserved and she knows who her baby belongs too you really need to grow up and find something to do with your self like join a weight loss plan or something stop hating oh and she looks better than you will ever hope to look

Morristown, TN

#12 Oct 10, 2010
oh and you wanna talk about somebody being stupid atleast she didnt fake being pregant you depreate ass bit..

Bristol, VA

#13 Oct 12, 2010
im pretty sure i didnt even say her name. n u people can tlk bout me if u like, i realy dont care. cuz i have my "college education" since i already graduated and i left andrew before he met her. u can call me a junkie if it makes u feel better and hell go ahead and call me fat i dont really care about that either.and since it was brought up i really dont care what she does with herself or her child. its none of my concern n i dnt lose sleep worrying about it. so keep hatin thats just fine with me. like i said ill lose no sleep at nite.

Nashville, TN

#15 Oct 13, 2010
Am I GOD well hell no. But what I know.... I know such a Truth To Samantha She's worrying So much I predisct she hasn't been sleeping well At all. what I bet she dont fall asleep till atleast 4 in the morning. What I dont know is What time she gets up. What 4pm... 5pm.... Someone please post that answer I would like to know. No she dont know who her baby daddy is. But I bet she 90% sure she knows now and It was the last person She prayed for. See She knew from the beginiing That man that makes her worry so much rightnow was the one that stood 90% chance of being the father. She does not even try to collect child-support so the state would not try and find the bio-father. She never even listed him as a possabilty. She so worried she probably has stopped doing drugs.( which I pray everyone could. But who needs it I understand.) This other man has not ever know until 2 weeks ago when he was just searching myspace. I think he should find out the truth. Bet the man was in a bad spot when he met her and did not evn know the girl or anything about her. What all think on this. What should this man do. Do you think she is nervous? Well I would like to see if this man is going to be a man and try and found out if the baby is his and if so if he will be there to take care and protect this child with his life. Here another God like fact about this man. There are very few People that even know this man. Now thing is them people are well connected. and I dont mean just all them people of who you may just know knowing him. They may know of him u may know him hell I may even know this man nut none of us will know till we know how he going to act to this situation. I hate DREAMS!!!! been geting for almost a year.... But I know they will come to an end. So know you People of Newport stand up! What you got to say anout this... What you think of these two people. She tested one was not him.. yet there is still 1 man left that i guess but yet i.m even not sure if he holds a 10% chance of being the father. So PEOPLE SPEAK UP! SAY WHAT YOU THINK ON IT ALL AND KEEP POSTED OF HER DOINGS. NOW DONT BRAKE ANY LAWS JUST WHAT IS CONSIDERED PUBLIC RECORD!!!!!!

Morristown, TN

#16 Oct 14, 2010
ok GOd IM not or whatever why do you have to hide behind a fake name you idot why cant you tell who you are and if you live in sevierville then how you even know anyone in this situation you need to grow up and stop haten on ppl that are doing what they gotta do to make it in this life samantha is my best friend and i think what she does is none of yours or anyone elses buiness in this childish tread you like most need to grow up and find another hobbie and for that guy that your reffering to he is the one that keeps bothering her about testing her baby she is fine raising her daughter by herself so get your facts straight stupid ass haten hoe

Since: Oct 10

Nashville, TN

#17 Oct 14, 2010
Let me say this YOu all better just keep my name out ur mouths. I never heard of this site until today and all this sh** is a bunch of shit talking people..... I WILL JUST PULL UP TO UR F***ING HOUSE!!!!! Does not even 1 of you have a life? This whole Father Baby thing is no ones buisness but Samantha and MY DA** self!!!!! SO going ahead and run your mouth!!!!!

White Pine, TN

#18 Oct 15, 2010
thats right i agree with son of angels that child dna stuff has nothing to do with anyone other than samantha and him you all need to be more conserd with yourselfs then others your are probably just fat lazy people with no jobs buming of the goverment tryn to hate on people who are actually tring to make it with out the goverments assistants you bucnh of losers need to quit hating

Since: Apr 10

Seymour, TN

#19 Oct 15, 2010
ha I worked with samantha. At the time, she had no kids and kept saying she had like 3!!! she would pretend to talk to them on the phone. then she ran around telling everyone she was prego again. this time with twins. that bitch got some problems!!! i say "CHEROKEE!!!!" it was so funny she was talking to her "son" on the phone and then the phone started ringing ha ha she was like "oh honey, mommy must have got cut off!" shes a freak! i went to school with her too. she was all tweeked out and nervous all the time... and she dont know who her baby daddy is go figure ha ha

Since: Oct 10

Nashville, TN

#20 Oct 15, 2010
Last warning!!!! Leave her Alone!!!! She dont live off the state and thats what child support is mooney from the state regardless if the daddy pays or not. Me>>>> Well She has had every right to hide the truth from me because she knows whats going to happen if yall keep messing withe her. And if u have room to start shit guess i got room to call u a bit** as snitching fu**ing fags if u cant meet me and say something about her or her baby to me.

Nashville, TN

#22 Dec 14, 2010
Samantha Frady is NOTHING but a doper,a user of her friends and a liar.Did her dad REALLY have a heart attack?I don't care who likes it or who don't but she drug somebody and her baby into a drug house,gave a guy herpes.I loved sam like a sister and thats why I feel so let down.I still hope sam gets things straightened out but Sam or innocent bystander don't you laya hand on your friend you got it KPD or the Knox County Sheriffs Dept. theyre on standby if you touch one of your ex best friend or me will be more than happy to give you a ride,if you wanna call my bluff go ahead.I will help you however I can do WHATEVER I can but your threats and bullshit at ITT HAVE GOT TO STOP AND STOP RIGHT FUCKING NOW YOU GOT IT!!!I tried to be nice and tried to do everything you wanted but when you took somebody to a doper trailer I can be a mean,dirty,low down,nasty son of a bitch.Go ahead and have your pussy army threaten me because I got my own

Morristown, TN

#25 Dec 14, 2010
look here knoxville person sam just textd me and told me what was being said on here i dont know what your talkn about ( John Duty) but she has made no treats to you or misty AND SHE HAS TOLD NO ONE ELSE TO EITHER so ya both need to leave her alone and let her get on with her life and as far as school goes you both tryd to ruin that for her too but i guess it didnt work did it and she isnt on drugs she just passed a drug test for my dads work and yea her dad really did have a heart attack so for you to even make a comment on that just shows your lack of compasion for other ppl and she really loved misty like a sis and you like a bro fROm what she told me she never said a bad word about neither of ya but from the looks of it neither of ya really cared about her at all and she didnt take ya to a drug trailor or whatever you said that was my cuz house and nothing wouldve happened there misty is just worried cause she slept with a looser and now she thinks someone is going to jump her or whatever but when actually aint no one even streesing that including cheral cause i was there when sam had a little talk with that girl and even treatn her over misty after ya two did sam the way you did and you wanna sit here and say she didnt care about her friends and she just used them yea right dude you just dont know what kinda life that girl has been threw and she is the type that will be ya friend to the end but ya messed that up but just leave my girl alone okay you look your way and she will do the same and this is us being nice please dont make us act ugly ok OH AND ONE MORE THING DONT EVER BRING HER BABY INTO YOUR CONVERSTATION AGAIN CUZ YOUR GIRL KNOWS SAM LIVES FOR HER BABY SO DONT EVEN GO THERE DUCES

Indianapolis, IN

#26 Dec 15, 2010
Sorry I posted those nasty messages I had no excuse and apologize to samantha personally.I'm so sorry and good luck with everything.I just made a terribe mistake and snapped

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