Sashia Ledford
haha really

Concord, NC

#1 Dec 16, 2012
This girl is a pos mother. She is on them pills and gets high any chance she can. Always has a babysitter but don't let her baby daddy keep their daughter. All her babysitters are pill heads and she wants to to talk Shit about her babydaddys wife ha you're funny whore go get high and pawn your daughter off on someone else.

United States

#2 Dec 16, 2012
Hello Sam.
haha really

Elizabethton, TN

#3 Dec 17, 2012
I'm definitely not Sam. And don't even start this Shit about it ain't true because I know betta. She a ho and a pill head and wants to talk Shit about "junkies" she might not shoot em but she does em. So she's a pill head too. Ha Practice what you preach ho. And quit pawning your kid off on other people take responsibility if you didn't want your kid you shouldn't have had her like the other one... She knows what I'm talking about.
who knows

Knoxville, TN

#4 Dec 17, 2012
So sashia does do pills?

Englewood, CO

#5 Dec 18, 2012
this is sum funny shit really im a pillhead now lmao..i cnt imagine who wrote this n really dnt care ur prob jus mad bc ur man wants me but really this is jus childish n im sure ill nvr findout who wrote this but if ur gna talk shit say tha truth like call me a whore or w.e but i take care of my child by myself my baby daddy dnt do shit..ur prob a fkn pill head urself n im sure if i did pills my kid wudnt have everthing she wants n needs so fk off!!!

Englewood, CO

#6 Dec 18, 2012
n its kinda funny that outa nowhere i get into it w a few ppl than i get a forum on here y dnt u grow up take care ur men n maybe they wudnt want me have a nice fkn day!!!

Englewood, CO

#7 Dec 18, 2012
n really u wna talk bout my baby i cnt wait til u have urs its prob gna cum out retarded from all tha pills u do n all tha pot u smoke better watch ur fkn mouth bc karmas a fkn bitch ur how old n u have 2get on topix 2make urself feel so good really get a fkn life.i wud never fail a drugtest 4pills bet u cant fkn say tha same can ya hell no

Mauldin, SC

#8 Dec 18, 2012
Do they really call you "Sassy"? Sorta see why but, Trashy definatly suits better!! And you kiss that lil girl of yours with that filthy mouth? Lead Follow by example has me feeling sympathy for your youngin, if you're so grand you would want better for her such as showing her "Classy" not enforcing Trashy!! Idk you tbh, quite thankful for the fact but I am certain you can't be "all that" as you think you are, if you wer just half as much of "God's Gift to men" you sure wouldn't be tooting your own horn or blowing smoke up your own a$$ cuz see my dear those that truly are "hot stuff" don't need advertise the fact, it kinda does that for itself!! Conceited Much? So shudnt be!! The best thing you can do for your daughter is sign up for some parenting classes and look into maturity while at it! What a mess, not a hot mess just a pathedic mess!! Best Wishes and I truly mean that, you and yours need all can get!

Mauldin, SC

#9 Dec 18, 2012
For clarification I would like it to be known that NO I do NOT have a Dog in this "Fight" nor do I know any that do however I do have an opinion just as all else do and are entitled to even more so when its on a public site intended for that purpose which is also the very reason I have put my "2cents" in on this silly thread. To read that these commentors actually are raising children is the very reason I gave my opinion, if all else for the possibility the babies whom did not ask to be brought into such crazy lives can be spared some drama chaos idiocy then my deed is done! Good Lord "Girls" think about your children and how your actions, words good and bad alike are absorbed like a dry sponge because children believe their parents hung the moon they also think you are their hero and you should not let them down over not being able to control yourselves when having a spat for only yuns know the reasoning. If in any way yuns are worthy of parenting these precious Gifts then do rite by them and not what makes you feel better about the careles wreckles choices made that they can not help!! "Sassy" only reason I have replied to your "Greatnes" is unless you're soon to be the centerfold in a PlayBoy Mag you can't be all that and you should learn to control your conceitednes it only shows that you can never eat enough make-up to make you pretty on the inside, only does it help outer shell and that can be matched by how one carries themselves! People can appear 2b beautiful but if they are nasty souled makes their beauty turn ugly too!!! Happy Holidays especially to the little ones part of all this, it is what its all about after all and decent parents want better for their children then what they had, one day maybe that will shine through for the sake of those innocent babies (: God Bless!
haha really

Rock Hill, SC

#10 Dec 18, 2012
Yes she does. & She'll never take responsibility for what she does she got pregnant by a friend of mine and aborted that baby. So let's all just fuck around with 4-5 people and if we happen to get pregnant let's get rid of it. Worthless whore. NaNa is a gift from God and deserves to be with her daddy at least he would care for her and take care of her. Which I'm sure will happen once all the Dcs Shit is over with the rest of your family they'll be on you and maybe children who don't get taken care of will be given to the loving parent instead of the other way around.
Danielle Michelle

Rock Hill, SC

#11 Dec 18, 2012
You guys are stupid. Sassy doesn't do pills. You guys are really mature. Why not say this Shit to her face instead of on topix? She is a good mommy

United States

#13 Dec 23, 2012
You know Sassy I kinda feel bad for you for how you turned out from a child cuz you turned out worse than your mom n nene is going to be even worse from having a mom like you. Nobody thought that was possible 22 years ago but its going to happen wait & see. You even talk about giving her medicine to make her sleep so you can hit up your bars. And as far as any man wanting you? I'm just not seeing it because as far as I've read on here YOU are the only one posting that somebody's man wants you... Nobody else has said anything about that kind of shit. That must be what you tell yourself to make your skanky ass feel better about yourself. Idk if you do pills or not (except nerve pills) n you smoke pot but you are definitely an alcoholic & honey there is no drug worse than the other, even alcohol. Sorry to tell ya... I also don't know about any abortions but it is kind of fishy (i don't mean your smell or the std's) that the kid you had that passed didn't even have an autopsy? Only a drug test? Really? I've had family members with still borns n that just ain't right. You keep talking about nene has everything she needs but your presence is alot different than buying her what she wants. Anybody can spend $ on their child but what counts is the TIME you spend with them instead of hitting up the bar scene all the time. You will regret it when shes older because the age she is now till 5 years old is what is crucial, after that its too late. Look it up I ain't lying. From what I've heard abort you from people that have had their own experiences with you, what I've read about you, & my own experiences with you, yes you are a pos mom & a whore & a few people even say a homewrecker though I don't know the whole story behind that one. What I do know is you are the last person that has a right to talk about karma. I really do feel sorry for u & more for nene n I hope you think about this seriously n realize what I'm saying is true before its too late & you regret it. I still think your a whore but I don't wish for anybody to look back on their childs life & realize they've missed it because they were "young & just having fun". Those days should have ended or decreased to say once a month once you were even blessed with a child. Think about it...seriously.
southern belle

Gatlinburg, TN

#14 Dec 24, 2012
wow dannie that is pretty low to throw a stillborn child in the mother's face. you should be ashamed of yourself!

Newport, TN

#15 Dec 28, 2012
this is tha last time im gettin on here..i dont have time for this b.s if nene deserves to be with her dad how come iv recieved 80 dol in almost 5months im not gna bash chris on here but seriously grow..up i dnt take nerve pills never have..ya i do drink sumtimes when nene is w her dad n im 21 im allowed not like i spend my money on it n if u call drinkin once ina while an alcoholic so be it i guess i am lol..n i have my daughter everday except when shes w her dad or her mamaw which is very often..yal can kiss my butt bc i kno wat i do n wat i dont n nene knows im a good mom n thats all that matters to me..i dont ask ne1 for nething for her except a babysitter y i work like a real mother shud do..i dont have help w her ya i do go 2tha bar sumtimes so wat its my business not yals..n i havent been to tha bar since b4 thanksgivin but i dnthave to explain myself to ne1 im grown n i do it on my own i dnt get help from ne1 which is better than most children raisin a child as u say..tha 1st 3yrs of her life i was never a day away but when me n chris split i have no choice bc thats her dad so geta life n quit worryin bout wat i do..n me n chris kno tha situation w our stillborn n thats all that matters i cant bring her back but i kno i ddnt do nething wrong n i still wudnt wish that on my worst enemy..n i said sumbodys mad bc there man wants me bc thats reason this thread got started but idc i have a bf im not a homewrecker n if yal actually knew me than u wud kno i dnt do pills n im not a pos mom so therefore i can careless wat yals opionions r n theres no dcs on my family so maybe u shud get ur shit strait b4 u run ur mouth..n i give her mellatonin 2help her sleep bc she has adhd n thats wat tha docs told me to give her no its not ona daily basis either so kno wat ur talkin bout b4 u wana be a child n bash me on here.. n if bein w 15 ppl is a whore than i guess i am no im not perfect iv made mistakes who hasnt but im not that bad of a person if u actually kno me n get to kno me..i think i do a good job to be raisin a child bymyself i work my ass off to make sure she has everthing she wants n needs n i never miss work so therefore i think im doin pretty good to be a single parent iv never did pills ya iv smoked pot..but i dnt even smoke cigarettes in my house bet half yal cant say that esp tha 1s that i actually kno r commentin on this..n my kid doesnt stay w pillheads except chriss wife thats only person i kno thats round her on pills n thats his fk up n thats main reason she doesnt stay w him much n no im not gna bash her on here either even tho we have our differences bc im not a kid lol unlike yal have a nice day iv never been on topix but a few times til i heard bout this bc i have a life unlike yal i dnt stay on this dam site

United States

#16 Dec 29, 2012
15 people? That's all? Lol no honey that's not considered a who*e at all!!!
nasty ho

United States

#17 Jan 17, 2015
haha really wrote:
I'm definitely not Sam. And don't even start this Shit about it ain't true because I know betta. She a ho and a pill head and wants to talk Shit about "junkies" she might not shoot em but she does em. So she's a pill head too. Ha Practice what you preach ho. And quit pawning your kid off on other people take responsibility if you didn't want your kid you shouldn't have had her like the other one... She knows what I'm talking about.
That's some bs

Strawberry Plains, TN

#18 Jan 17, 2015
You all are the exact reason why newport gets made fun of. Obviously you cannot see how ignorant you all appear to be and obviously are.

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