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#1 Jun 16, 2010
Does anybody know him. Cause he is hot!
#2 Jun 16, 2010
this is Josh Sweeten, I know you are only starting this thread b.c my wife has been defending her dad on here. i advise you to quit running your damn mouth. i dnt care what you or any one else think of me im happily married and love my family. all of you that post on here are nothing but low life tramps. Get a hobby and worry about ur own miserable life!

United States

#3 Jun 16, 2010
I'm sry I did not know u were married . Your wife is a lucky girl . Cause u r hot . I didn't mean to cause any problems.
wet lips

Mission Viejo, CA

#4 Jun 17, 2010
I saw that Josh sweeten to he is hot
casey sweeten
#5 Jun 17, 2010
i know right,hes my husband i appreciate you thinking hes hot butdnt try to play dumb and act as if you didnt know he was married. in fact if you ever seen him he was with me.and to be honest you wouldnt have a snowball chance w. him,like he said we are happily married and are very blessed to have a wonderful family.I knew you skanks would start on Josh b.c of me standing up for my dad, and you think you can cause chaos in my family. you couldnt be more wrong! we laugh at ignorant,childish ppl like you.
casey sweeten
#6 Jun 17, 2010
snowball chance in hell i meant but u get my drift right?

United States

#7 Jun 17, 2010
Honey u better hold on tight to that one he's a keeper!!!
#8 Jun 17, 2010
HONEY, I DNT HAVE TO HOLD ON TIGHT. OUR LOVE IS AMAZING AND IF YOU HAVE ANY OTHER COMMENTS TO MAKE FEEL FREE TO email me otherwise good luck in finding yourself a man so maybe you will find s.thing better to do w. ur time rather than posting on topix 24-7. thanks and have a gr8 day!

United States

#9 Jun 17, 2010
If u make sure he's satisfied . He want go anywhere. Imake sure my hub gets what he wants!!!"

United States

#10 Jun 17, 2010
laugh it off

Waterloo, Canada

#11 Jun 18, 2010
Casey everybody knows Josh loves you and that baby more than anything... These are just stupid people trying to cause drama! you dnt need to hold on tight to him because he wouldn't dare think of straying away NO MATTER the circumstances! You guys have been married for a while so who ever started this thread is really desperate for some attention or lost in the past one! Stupid trashy girls of cocke county is what gives the rest of us happily married with a family people a bad name. Good luck with these ignorant people Casey! Just laugh them off because they are not worth a second of your time! And for those of you that run your mouth and try to start drama get a life and grow up! Perhaps if you wasn't so busy sitting behind a computer then you could find someone and be as lucky as Casey to have a husband and family!

Springfield, TN

#12 Jun 19, 2010
dear casey lets hope josh dont pick up bad habbits like ur mom and dad hes lied cheated for the past 25 years so lets just hope and pray he dnt pick up their habbits cause ur dad takes that love thy neighbor thing a little 2 far

Springfield, TN

#13 Jun 19, 2010
lord josh is 1 tall glass of good water better watch him casey cause i know i am
mrs sweeten

United States

#14 Jun 20, 2010
Yea your just a homewrecker ill teach you a lesson if you go to messin with my man you don't stand a chance! Yea you little go getter I know what you doin you think your gonna ruin what I got" but your not!!! Enough with the comments I'm tired of getting calls saying said this about josh, but I know and else knows why your doing this. Its funny that everytime someone writes about my dad, someone posts on josh! And sexi lmao my husband isn't tall what so ever he's 5"6 but I appreciate the comment and look all you want I know who he's with everyday and who he!

Morristown, TN

#15 Jun 20, 2010
I wonder if this is the same Josh Sweeten who hit us head on when my daugfhter was 8 years old and broke both her arms? If it is, I hope you never see your child go through the hell you put MINE through!

United States

#16 Jun 21, 2010
It was me . Nothing can explain how truely sorry I am for what happened that day . To put your family through that and espicialy your daughter . I hope that one day you and your daughter may be able to find it in your hearts to forgive me but I wouldn't blame u if u didn't .......
Mrs Sweeten

United States

#17 Jun 21, 2010
yes. it was this josh sweeten,my husband! when he told me about this, he told me it was his fault and he felt so terribly bad. this was 10 yr.s ago and since josh has fought in Iraq for all of us and i dnt take lightly ppl getting on this horrible site and posting negative things about my husband who is a wonderful father, he works hard to provide for us and he minds his own business. I do feel sorry for your daughter and hope her injuries are healed,but on the other hand the accident was 10 yr.s ago and he had consequences for what he done.i feel like if you wanted to address him further you should have done so many yr.s ago,instead of making yourself look just as bad for posting such negativity on here! makes mistakes thats how we grow as individuals!

Morristown, TN

#18 Jun 21, 2010
Josh that is all I ever wanted was an apology. Sounds like despite these peoples beefs with you, you have done well. Military and now a dad. Just be careful to not let your wife mouth get you introuble! LOL!

MS Sweeten, I didnt take lightly what happened either. I think your husband is a man and has answered for himself just fine without your input. If there were consequences we certainly were never told of them nor did we in any way initiate them. All we wanted is what was just given... an apology. That takes a man. As for addressing it any years ago I NEVER had a chance to. The only time I ever saw him that I know of was at the wreck and I was so upset then I dont even remember what he looks like. He could walk up to me now and I wouldnt know him. Yes we ALL make mistakes. I think the negativity was from OTHER posts. I simply asked if it was him and I sincerely stated I hope he never goes through that so maybe you need to back up and read who you were responding to sister.
mrs sweeten

United States

#19 Jun 21, 2010
If I misunderstood what you were trying to say then I apologize, I just hate this site within itself its full of negativity,defamation,slander, and down right cold heartidness. Yes josh is a real man by admitting what he done wrong but what I was saying was you could have called him or sent him a letter instead of posting what happened on here. He is one of the most sincere men I know, in the fact that he can admit his wrongdoing without worrying what ppl think of him. I know that this will get blown way out of proportion when others read this, just like everything on topix does. It is sad when people get on here under an anomyous name and try to ruin someones reputation, and that's what I thought you were trying to do by bringing up the past ,if anything I do open my mouth when stuff gets said about my family, but I don't start drama for no reason, again I'm sorry for what your daughter went through and I hope she is fully healed now, It just struck a wrong note with me when you posted that and worded it the way you did b.c I know what a good father he is and I know he would die before he let anything happen to our daughter. But you got your apology and its over so have a good day!!!!

Nashville, TN

#20 Jun 22, 2010
I agree this site is deplorable. Someone is really oing to get hurt from it. Just dont let people goad you into stooping to their level. I had no clue of a number or address to contact Josh. I didnt know if he was even in the area. People ned not blow this out of proportion. If they do... its bad on them. This was between me and Josh not me, Josh the topix forum or his wife. They need to leave this alone. Its no longer an issue at all since I recieved an apology. Let them talk if they wish. All that matters is a persons heart and their relationship with God. I was sincere in saying I hope he never knows that pain. I wouldnt wish that on any parent. Seems to me hes matured into quite a fine young man.... lol and according to these posts a hot one too haha! Let em be haters Mrs. Sweeten!!! Good luck with these dramatic people!

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