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Chesterfield, MO

#23 May 18, 2011
im nikkistokely but i dont know u.but a ahead have a fundraiser so u can buy some soap for u and teeth for joe
Lindseys Bestie

Bean Station, TN

#24 Jun 3, 2011
Chessika, Idk who you are, but I think you need to stop runnin your mouth about Lindsey. She is a good person and has always been there for me!!! She takes good care of her kids too. You obviously think ur big sh*t, but you apparently dont know a lot of Lindseys friends!! I know nikki, and she can whoop sum a**... And as for me, well, I can back my sh*t up also... So i would advise you to quit runnin that pie hole, straighten yourself up, and leave Lindsey alone!!!!

Mount Juliet, TN

#25 Jun 3, 2011
Ok whatever so over this bs nyway lindsey ran her carpet muncher bout me so ill finish it 4 her. And oh yah nikki most really be some tough stuff cuz i pretty much begged her to meet me i even said she could pick the place and the time we would just have to work it in around my working schedule but she wuldnt she just kept runnin that trap. cuz unlike her i dont wait 4 a man to support me. Although Nick, my fiance, gets me nything and evrything i want i make sure im able to return the favor. plus posting on this matter a few weeks after the fact just shows ur a drama queen wit an annoying bark and no bite if u want some just look round town 4 me im always out and about when i'm off and like i said b4 ull kno me when u see me just how bout you grow up and be done with the drama. and please check the posts i said nothing about her parenting by the way because her kids really have nothing to do with this matter all i said is i kno how she is bout money and i kno that eventually she'll holler joe don't help her when i kno he does. he did when we was together and he always will as long as he has the means to. oh by the way trust me i can stomp some major ass too. But i don't beat children ya'll acting like kids ill make sure i bend u over my knee and wear ur ass out with a belt like the child u r. You want be the first lil [email protected] ive done like that and u sure wuldn't be the last try me i dare u. U really don't wanna get urself in this bees nest. Just ask the right people. Plus fat girls r so slow nyway. ya'll gotta wait on ya'll fat rolls to flop the right way so can attempt to swing ur arm around. EITHER SQUARE UP OR SHUT UP CUZ IM OVER IT THIS WILL BE MY LAST POST UNLESS YA'LL WILLING TO MEET UP. AT THAT TIME WE WILL ARRANGE IT. F*CK YOU ALL

Since: Mar 11

Chesterfield, MO

#26 Jun 4, 2011
i know chessika. lol and yah she will whoop ur ass. haha

New Market, TN

#27 Jun 6, 2011
so just because chessicka weighs like 90 lbs soak and wet, that makes everyone on here fat? i mean, she prolly has no clue who the ppl are posting these comments lol...

Rathdrum, ID

#28 Jun 29, 2012
Chessika Webb isnt anything but a lanky ass, snitch bitch, shit talking, conceited, ugly, obnoxious rat. If you fuck with her or her ex Nickie Watts you will end up going to jail or she will call DCS on you.... Even if shes the one talking shit and you call her out on it. She likes to use people for their money and say you are her "friend" up until you dont have anything else for her to get. She shoots up, smokes crack & meth, then will talk shit about other people if they get high.. shes nothing but a dumb bitch with the mentality of a 10 year old. She uses nick for his money saying she "loves" him but will leave him for older drug addicts and once shes through having her fun she will go crawling back to nick, begging like dog and acting like a lost puppy dog looking all PATHETIC. Then nicks dumbass will take her back so she can use him all over again. Hell this time she left him for a 40 something year old man and already trying to have people call nick to talk to him for her. So funny. Maybe nick will get a lil smart and tell her to fuck off. But its not like hes any better. Hes just a lil snitching pussy boy that likes fucking lil 16 year old highschoolers. if you fuck with either one of them, you will prolly end up with the law or DCS knocking on your door eventually. Chessika likes to brag about calling DCS on people she calls "family" even. She cant handle her own shit, shes gotta involve any baby she can trying to hurt them too in the process. She always talked about wantin a baby. Maybe she never thought about that theres a reason god never gave her the miracke of a child. She dont deserve a baby. Every other day shes got something wrong with her... But all that is is a front to get people to feel sorry for her so she can get a free high. Shes always complaining of having a bad heart and worried that somethings gonna happen to her.. obviously shes not too worried about it or she wouldnt be doing all those drugs... Its sad that even her own damn family cant stand the annoying loud ass rat. Oh well. No one to blame but herself. But of course, she will find somebody else to blame everything on. And then talk like shes a big billy badass but all she does is get on a phone and call the law. If you see either one of them, for the sake of yourself and/or your kids and family, go the opposite direction and keep a distance. Just Saying.

Kodak, TN

#29 Jun 29, 2012
Idc bout joe being talked about because he is worthless but do not bring Evans name up in this no matter what your trying to say. He is like my own son n I know his mother very well. She will beat someone's ass if u bring him into this again.

Socorro, NM

#30 Jun 30, 2012
I dont believe i mentioned anyone by the name of Evan unless Nickie Watts is also named Evan so dont threaten me. I was saying how worthless Chessika and Nick are, and if anyone cares about their kids and family, it would be in their best interest to stay the hell away from them. Who the fuck is Evan?

Kodak, TN

#31 Jun 30, 2012
Yes Evans name was brought up which is joes son. Go back n read or can u do that? Was not talking to you. If you knew who joe was you would know who Evan is. His mother better not see any of this. I feel sorry for u all when she does.

Socorro, NM

#32 Jun 30, 2012
Well i dont know joe or evan, just worthless chessika and nick. I didnt say a word about him. Dont feel sorry for me... And i dont give a damn who gets mad at me.
Nickie Watts

United States

#33 Jul 1, 2012
Mother F'er I haven't snitched anyone and I know who the hell is posting this sh*t, I liked you guys and because of that B*tch it was hard to do anything at all, I already came up face to face and told you guys what happened.

She is the one that called DCS, yes I know this because I was working with my grandpa and she calls saying "guess what" what "i just got off the phone with dcs" so I didn't have sh*t to do with that, I know everything you guys do and even with that sh*t you still made sure your kids were doing good, I have tried being honest, stepping up to your F'ing house and telling branden, but I guess your to F'ing p*ssy to say this sh*t to my face and run to topix and spill out bs, From now on, if you got something to say, tell me to my face please.

She is also the one that called the dam fire dept over there one day being a bitch because she knew you guys were burning junk, yes I told her not to and she didn't care, you guys should believe me after you seen how she controlled me and sh*t I ain't with her and will never get back with her anymore Send a message on my facebook and I will give you my number and tell you every dam thing she did. If I was still p*ssed I wouldn't have offered to fix your dam system or anything which I doubt got relayed to you. thanks for reading and bye don't post drama bs on here anymore about me, you know where I live, I know where you live. handle it the country way.:D

United States

#34 Jul 1, 2012
Yea but can she dunk? Bet I can take her one on one a little inside move and Boom! Goes the dynamite lol

United States

#35 Jul 1, 2012
Boy if I still had a Facebook account I'd be looking u u sound sexy telling them how it is ;)

United States

#36 Jul 2, 2012
Chessika has very bad body odor. Her breath is bad too.

United States

#37 Jul 2, 2012
Well like i said, it was chessika using you and with you being with her when all that happened and still not even having the decency to come and tell us what she did, since you "liked" us so much like you claim. Hell even Branden said he actually thought you were his friend but after all that, he figured you just as bad she is. And you are with a lil 16 year old so thats not any BS. and with you stepping up to the house, your lucky you didnt knocked out. Yes, it was a very mature thing to do with you trying to talk to him, but we wouldnt of had a problem with you if you both would of had just Branden put in jail, but you let Chessika hurt the kids. No one ever said a damn thing to me about you trying to offer help with anything. The only thing that was said to me was when you asked about some lil mutt dog. And the comment about you being a lil snitching pussy boy wasnt words from me, they were words that i was told to post from the person you tried talking to. Like i said, you let that loud snitching bitch do what she wanted, and we wasnt even mad at you because Chessika was the one talking shit when Branden called her out on it and branden even told you that when all that went down. If you would of have acted like a MAN, and controlled your bitch, and like i said before, if you would of had the decency to tell us what the hell she done, things would of been fine between you and us. And the only way to prove to us it was all Chessika like you claim, is to go to the Sheriffs office with Branden and have Chessika charged with filing a false police report because Branden seen your name signed to the damn paper straight setting him out. THATS why your considered a snitch in out eyes because YOUR name is right there with hers. After seeing that, how would you expect us to act or say anything different. And if you dont take her back this time, you may have smarted up like i said, but only time will tell that. And i dont even see why you would of been pissed anyway... We were spending money on you both, taking you both out to eat and keeping gas in your truck, and after we ran out of money, you let her put Branden in jail and hurt our kids when everyone knows our kids ALWAYS put our kids first. I believe we were the only ones who had the right to be pissed. And with the thing about writing on topix, we done exactly what you let Chessika do to me by writing BULLSHIT. And you dont want me to tell Branden to handle it the country way, you know damn well Branden isnt scared of you or any fucking body else. If you want Branden to change the way he thinks about you, you gotta do what i said, cuz your name is right there on that damn paper at the sheriffs office.
Nickie Watts

Knoxville, TN

#39 Jul 3, 2012
I will do that, idc. and about the whooping my a55 no offense, but you don't wanna go there. only way it will happen is if the person im fighting has a weapon lol

I used to be fat n s hit with little muscle, slow and all that. but you don't know me now. so stop hinting with those little threats please.

I will definately go to the court house though and state that like I said I didn't sign no paper. so if my name is on it, it isn't my signature and I will get her for that to. instead of doing all this here, unblock me on facebook which I see you have cause I tried txting you through it, and get my number.
Nickie Watts

Knoxville, TN

#40 Jul 3, 2012
And the reason I could never tell you guys about all that is cause she never even let me out of the dam house without her going, plus I figured you guys wouldn't talk to me anyways. I do have to say though I miss you guys, the only real friends I had and It's all F'ed up now.

United States

#41 Jul 6, 2012
Well I do want to say thank you Nickie. Now everyone knows I wasn't just talking shit about her. Now they can see that someone that used to be with her on and off for years can also tell everyone just how much of a piece of shit snitching she is and how she likes to call DCS on anyone and everyone she gets mad at, just cuz she gets caught running that loud ass mouth of hers to our best friend/brother. Maybe one of these days she will grow up.

Since: Aug 14

United States

#42 Aug 22, 2014
You people really need to grow up and Find Jesus !!!

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