On October 23,2012 the Portsmouth Town Council will discuss the wind turbine options.

The turbine cost 3 million lasted three years and needs 650 thousand in repairs to last maybe another three years.

Town boards have said the turbine made $400,000.00 over the three years and the turbine should be repaired ?

The turbine has actually lost $200,000.00 if they repair the three million dollar wind turbine .They still owe a two million dollar bond on the turbine .

Scrap the turbine it's clunker !

Members of the Portsmouth Economic Development Committee ,PEDC were taken in by studies handed to them from wind turbine contractors . They failed Due Diligence to the public to educate themselves and the public to the downside of commercial wind turbnes.

Three members of the PEDC have left their positions over the embarrassment they have caused the town !