The gun-grabbers just never seem to take a day off.

For the second consecutive week, the Militia and Police Subcommittee will consider a raft of outrageous anti-gun bills.

Here are some of the worst measures up for consideration:

*** HB 2240 compels Virginia law-enforcement to register even more gun owners with Obama’s Attorney General Eric Holder. It will be used to prevent law-abiding folks like you and me from purchasing firearms.

*** HB 2251 bans any magazine over 20 rounds, setting the stage to ratchet down the legal magazine size step by step.

*** HB 2221 imposes huge burdens on dealers and private sellers, who could be tossed into jail simply because they "should have known" about their customers' private health matters.

*** HB 2263 gives government the power to seize firearms and ammunition based on not much more than a rumor.

*** HB 2327 reinstates the despotic one-gun per month law that was repealed in 2012 after a strenuous two-decade battle with gun-grabbing nanny-staters.

If you and I are going to stop these bills, pro-gun citizens must respectfully demand that the Delegates on the Sub-Committee kill each and every one.

Standing together, the grassroots can defeat the anti-gun crowd’s efforts to capitalize on tragedy and undermine freedom.

And with just one day until the meeting at 5:00pm on Thursday, January 24th, time is running out.