Does anyone happen to know anything a...

Does anyone happen to know anything about this teacher?

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nosey mama

Blytheville, AR

#2 Sep 14, 2008
My daughter had her on hers too, and after looking over it I deleted it!
Concerned Parent

Blytheville, AR

#3 Sep 17, 2008
Well, now her page is private unless ur her friend! Wasnt here recently! Wonder why that would be??
neighbor monitor

San Antonio, TX

#4 Sep 18, 2008
Concerned Parent wrote:
Well, now her page is private unless ur her friend! Wasnt here recently! Wonder why that would be??
MY Guess is to keep the children from seeing her night life LIKE YOU GOULS HAVE SUGGESTED!

SO YOU GOT YOUR WISH - find someone else to nag about. and quit being sooooo jealous...
Timberwolves grandparent assoc.

“Whose That Girl”

Since: Aug 08


#5 Sep 18, 2008
No you shouldn't have your daughter remove her. I have been friends with Jackie for nearly 4 years now, and she is a good person.

She loves kids and enjoys her job, I know for a fact that every child that is on her myspace page, she knows the parents. A good parent, a "Concerned Parent" would know their childs passwords and would be able to log on at any time.

So, before you make any judgments I think that you should discuss your concerns with her, not on some forum.

Blytheville, AR

#6 Sep 18, 2008
This was NOT started by me! I know nothing about this lady! She could teach Chinese in France for all I care! So JAMIE, find someone else to threaten!!
If I was gonna start an ugly thread on here it would be about YOU JB!!! So grow up!! Or I will, and what can you do about it? get the Topix cops to come arrest me?? FREEDOM OF SPEECH MORON!!

Lake Charles, LA

#7 Sep 18, 2008
Concerned Parent wrote:
Ms. Jackie Lewallen, math teacher? My daughter has her added as a friend on her myspace page and from the looks of her page, she parties often! Nothing wrong with having a life. but is it acceptable to have so many students having access to such personal aspects of her life? There are quite a few students on her page. Just wanting any opinions or info. Im thinkin about having my daughter remove her... should I?
Jackie is a wonderful person and cares about her students. Whoever posted this needs to get a life and leave her alone. Her professional life is separate from her private live, so get a life of your own and stop harassing her.
Debbie watkins

Olive Branch, MS

#8 Sep 18, 2008
yall really need to get off Jackie I have known her a very long time and she is a very respectable teacher dont hate on the fact that she has what u no longer do you really need to get a life and stop bashing people that u dont even know
Concerned Parent wrote:
Ms. Jackie Lewallen, math teacher? My daughter has her added as a friend on her myspace page and from the looks of her page, she parties often! Nothing wrong with having a life. but is it acceptable to have so many students having access to such personal aspects of her life? There are quite a few students on her page. Just wanting any opinions or info. Im thinkin about having my daughter remove her... should I?
Friend and Co-Worker

Lake Charles, LA

#9 Sep 19, 2008
Jackie is an amazing lady. She does her best to take care of her family and raise her six children. I think that if you do not know her personally then you need to keep your mouth shut. She is a WONDERFUL teacher who keeps her job absolutely professional. I happen to be a friend of hers on myspace and I have never seen any school age children as friends on her profile. I think you just need to find something better to do than harass a woman who is living her life like you all should!
High School Friend

Rogers, AR

#10 Sep 19, 2008
This sounds like there are some very sad, sad people out there. I have known Jackie since junior high, and it was always my observation that she was likely more responsible than any of the rest of us. I tend to worry more about people who are setting the examples for their own children that it is always better to sneak around and "dig up" second-hand information than it is to be a mature adult and address your issues directly with people. Great example, concerned parent! I notice you did NOT question her teaching ability... which is what I would expect a concerned parent to be, well, concerned with.

United States

#11 Sep 22, 2008
She is worried about her daughter and asked for adviced. I find this to be called being a good mother. I feel that a teacher should leave her night life for people her own age and not students. For that matter any adult should do the same. I cannot believe the comments these people have wrote about this question.
that teacher

Sulphur, LA

#12 Sep 23, 2008
First of all, I have never added a student from Caraway, Trumann, or Marked Tree. I have 12 school age students on my page and they are all one of my friends' children or my own children! Most of my pics are private unless you are my friend even when my page was public. This original post was not a concerned parent to begin with! I made my page private about two days before this post was made! So, someone (not naming names) tried to get people to dog me out so they can get dirt on me for an upcoming child custody battle! I'm raising my 3 kids and my boyfriends 3 kids. The post was all to slander my character and it the information was falsified to do so! I do keep my professional career and my personal life semi-seperate! I DON'T PARTY EVEN WEEKEND!!!! I WENT OUT FOR MY BIRTHDAY!!!! My boyfriend and I have 6 kids between us that range from 4-12 and we are lucky to have one night free a month!! SO, for everyone who thinks this is a concerned parent...I apologize that u had to waste your time worrying about her daughter who was never added to my page! For those trying to slander me...good luck! My children are my life...ALL 6 OF THEM!! I am doing my best to take care of their needs and I put theirs above mine everyday of the week! There is NO reason for any parent to be concerned with my moral character! I love my career and my students...ALL OF THEM..past and present!

I hope that clears up the false "concerned parent" issue and clears up any other concerns anyone should have about me!

Mountain Home, AR

#13 Sep 23, 2008
First of all this was not added by the person whom your boyfriend is accusing...nobody cares about getting dirt on you, there will never be a custody battle!!! Custody is already settled--the only reason that those kids are there is because of the money and these kids had a structured life at HOME! They chose to stay with their dad because they get to do what they want!! Why now?? Because he has someone to pay the bills and take care of them for him. Apparently "concerned parent" has their own issues with u!
great brittain

Sulphur, LA

#14 Sep 23, 2008
oh really this the dad and as paul harvey says heres the rest of the u dont really know the truth i see,they chose to live with me and was gona live with me before jackie came along,also i pay ex child support while i got them and there is a custody battle,shows how ignorant u are,they are happy and fine here it is what best for kids and as far as bills go, u are stupid u know nothing i see.and last they wont go back anyways and watever, if u have any guts use your name like i did.wat u got to hide for if u know everything and they are with me and are happy and settled and if u wana talk bout this feel free to call anytime im sure cindy will give u my number.

United States

#15 Sep 23, 2008
I don't need ur number fag! You like to be a copycat huh? You want to call names here, we can get ugly. Your the idiot, she has custody and u have visitation. You pay her child support which she has been giving back to u plus her part. TY. You wouldnt even help pay for the divorce, or show up to that hearing. You still havent paid a dime on the braces or any part of their medical bills. She has had her wages garnished 3 times in the 2 years u that have been divorced over medical bills, that u didnt pay your half on? What ur insurance pays doesnt count. And I happen to know who paid the bills when ya'll were married. Does ur GF know that u use ur money to go out and eat every night before work? She wants to pretend to be super mom--we'll see who feels ignorant when u drop her like a bad habit. ANd u didnt use ur real name either, there is nothing great about u. Your a (fruity) little freak aren't u? Had any good "screwdriver" lately??
Jerry Jerry Jerry

Sulphur, LA

#16 Sep 23, 2008
How many places do u live in whatever/TJackson?? LMAO

Jonesboro, AR

#17 Sep 23, 2008
Jerry Jerry Jerry wrote:
How many places do u live in whatever/TJackson?? LMAO
Only in Trumann, moron! Have you really not got a clue about how the cities work? Its based on your ISP. Boy you've never been the sharpest knife in the drawer and never will be huh! Im sure you dont wanna start shit with me Jamie brittain!!
Get a clue idiot, only a couple of these have come from me! If you didnt keep in touch with folks you have pissed off, you wouldnt find urself in this mess, huh! Doesnt pay to try to be a player does it? Especially when apparently the ones you're playing have WAAAAYYYY more game than you do! lmao
Jerry Jerry Jerry

Sulphur, LA

#18 Sep 23, 2008
ummm the sharpest knife in the drawer would have to be me. not! Can audience members get in on this episode cause I'm just here for the drama and look someone threw me a chair.
great brittain

Memphis, TN

#19 Sep 23, 2008
where u get your info from really?u want me to say something damning to use against me in court.that aint gona happen.the kids know the truth and all will come far as u go remember i know way more on u and so watch what u say bout are way off on all u said and we will see who smiling at the end and it will be me!!!!!!!!!! but guess what really matters is my daddy skills and cant talk shit bout that can u.but guess u do cindy talking for her,wait that right i forgot yall lovers that why u cant stand her to have anyone and why she cant go anywhere without u.bring it girl shall i start on shit u done in past 2 yrs ??????

Caraway, AR

#20 Sep 24, 2008
If you are talkin about me, you go rite ahead and spill whatever you "think" you know on me cuz I dont do shit that I would be embarrassed about! I dont sleep around, I dont use people, Im not an idiot, and you know you dont wannna start shit with me lil boy! Ur the one with the gay best bud, and thats the reason ur never gonna be happy with any woman, cuz you need a MAN!!I could care less who Cindy sees or does! As far as me and Cindy, you just hate it that she has a good friend. Ur childish BS is not cute! You need to decide to grow up and take some responsibilty!! Im sorry, but you have no daddy skills! If holding your kids upside down and beating the shit out of them is a "good quality" then sure, u have great daddy skills! Those kids were the biggest reason Cindy left you, cuz they HATED you! Remember that, cuz I do! What are the other reasons she left ur sick ass? Shall we get into those u sick freak? Where did you wear the hills and ho's you bought? The cantaloupe have any good lookin friends, and what about the final straw? I remember something about a sock, a screwdriver and sh** stains??? Ring any bells?
And as far as you saying anything to make you look bad in court, well, have to see it to believe it boy! You dont want those kids, you just dont wanna pay child support! You'll keep em and let em run wild as long as you got some one else to take care of em! mama wouldnt do it for free!!
I honestly dont care what stories your telling everyone, cuz the truth always comes out about you in the end! I dont know your girlfriend, but I feel sorry for her! Let her down easy, she seems like a good person! Dont try and use the same weak story that you used with all the others either! Cuz you know Cindy will NEVER have you back!!
And one more thing, might wanna stop tryin to hug and kiss on her when ur at her house too. She was on the phone with her BOYFREIEND the last time u were doin that. He knows you were just trying to piss him off, and it didnt work! You'll never compare to him... no way!
To Jackie, Im sorry if this thread was started about you if it wasnt true, and I have nothing against you, I dont even know you. Good luck with all you got going! Just know, that whatever his story is, Cindy is doing what she thinks the kids want! It breaks her heart that they dont wanna stay with her! But she also understands why. Not because they love either parent more or less, but because they get to have a lil fun there! She is a single parent, working third shift, and they never understood why she was so tired! She has no one to help her with them thru the week! No dependable babysitter, and no help gettin them to school. he never wanted to help with them before, and its new to the kids as well.
I really dont think its appropriate to tell ur daughter any of this BS either! The messages she has sent her mother are shameful! She shouldnt even have any knowledge of the fights between you two!! Cindy dooesnt show her the messages u send, or tell her the crap you say!
Your absolutely right when you say this is none of my business, I agree 100%. So stop draggin my name into it! I can promise you that I dont have any time to waste on this BS or you Jamie! But you go right on ahead and start telling lies on me, it wont end good for ya!
You hate it because I do know the facts, huh!
You always take, take, take. how many times has she had to buy food to bring to ur house on ur weekends with the kids, how many times did you "borrow" su of the child support money and never pay it back? How bout when ur dad passed, who was there handin you money, giving you her vehicle? How bout the computer you "bought" from her and never paid for it? It is wrong of you to use her kids against her like this!! If I thought u had a conscience, I would say u should be ashamed, but I know better!
great brittain

Sulphur, LA

#21 Sep 24, 2008
omg u got to be shitting me, are u serious?u as crazy as she is. guess u run over invisible ppl too and kiss hug and all the other stuff is just to start shit and think if jackie and me split the kids attitude change guess what bitch, one me and jackie are fine and pulling any more pranks and having them calling cops thinking it was a ex bf friend and im the monster no im not attack my character all u want because it all bs,oh and thank again for scaring the shit out of my kids and while u pretend to be another woman on the phone with cindy they were locked in a room cause they thought someone was coming after them.convincing her if the kids break in the apt of mine while u was on phone is totally legal contantly dogging me out in from of kids and all the shit u say is totally false and that is slander my dear so keep your talking up,oh yea how your nursing career going ?lmao.and why i dont go over there without someone cause of shit like that cindy famous for.if my kids hate me who they living with again?like i said u trying to get me to say something damning and aint gonna happen so put me down all u want and all you doing is making it harder on cindy so how good of a friend is that.

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