Starship! Agree or Disagree?

Starship! Agree or Disagree?

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Decatur, GA

#1 Jan 18, 2009
What are your thoughts about this new "to the area" business?

Sharpsburg, GA

#2 Jan 22, 2009

Norcross, GA

#3 Jan 23, 2009
Starship Sux!! I prefer to watch my porn and buy my drug paraphanalia online, like God intended!

For all you Bible thumpers out there, if you really want to see "Star-sh*t" fail, make sure you humiliate every single person who walks into the door. have a preacher stand just outside the facility with a megaphone, and have someone else photograph and/or write down the license plate of every car that parks there, then look up their names and prominantly display this list in your bulletin every Sunday. That will make the congregation, and this community love you!

Show this community that you can be the A**holes we all have grown up to love! Give the drivers on hwy 34 a target to throw their trash at!

I hate Starship, not because it sells porn, crack pipes and water bongs, among other things, it's because Kelly Rogers is a douchbag! When I heard his name, I thought, "that's a chick", then I realized he's got one of those gay could be a woman, could be a man name. Change your name to something cool, like "Johnny Bravo" (worked for Greg....)

He's also a nice guy who happens to sell things that will send him straight to hell, so that he can be Satans Butt Buddy. What I can't stand is the fact that he doesn't act like he's going to hell. He actually think he's on the right side of God, and that he is a good person because he plays a Fat Jolly Elf on X-mas every year! Hey A**hole!! It's called CHRISTmas for a reason. It's not your holiday! Stop being a hypocrite,and start acting like the drug/smut peddler you are. You're confusing the good people of Coweta County!
Dr Jackal

Chapel Hill, NC

#4 Jan 23, 2009
hey u guys should get the hell over it its just another place gas stations sell porn mags and what nots I don't get the big problem . and for the record I hate those bible humping f***s who think they're righteous standing out in front of place like walmart preaching about how everyone but them is going to hell. they should come down to earth with rest of us and mind their own f***ing business!

Atlanta, GA

#5 Jan 25, 2009
The shell station on 154 sells pipes, porn and small "massagers". Where are all of the complaints about that? I cannot wait until the city tries to sue and get's their butt whipped in court.:)

Tucker, GA

#6 Jan 26, 2009
This is just a store people! Not the anti christ! LET IT GO AND GET A LIFE!


Atlanta, GA

#7 Jan 27, 2009
another Scott has hit our county,need to go on line and see what this is going to cost TAX payers. call your commisoner and thank him for spreading our riches.
Send Starship to Grantville with Dr Starnes.
Go online Scott Bergthold

United States

#8 Jan 28, 2009
I agree With 'YAY' Its Just a Dang store people. You dont like it DONT GO IN.. I dont go into your Condeming Churches because I feel THEY degrade ME.... I choose to worship God at Home... I havnt been Smitted yet for shopping at Starship...

Cant wait for Starship to Kick Newnan's A$$ and OPEN their Doors!!

Sharpsburg, GA

#9 Jan 28, 2009
If you are in favor of starship opening, then sign the petition:

Since: Jan 09

United States

#10 Jan 30, 2009
Wow. That is all I can say.

A law abiding. Tax paying business. We deride, abuse and judge a business before it opens.
I find it interesting that people are disgusted. The poster above BRAVO has made a good point.

Where are you all posting your "disgust" and hate about this store when you walk in to MOST gas stations and see the crack pipes? Oh,, didn't see them?? They are wrapped and contain a small fake rose inside.
Or, what about their adult magazines??
I know, the "massagers". They are for the muscle aches of those of you who walk in and pay for your gas.

I won't give you or your beliefs any grief. But you had better have more than morality as an offense.

Since: Jan 09

Newnan, GA

#11 Jan 30, 2009
Just saw new paper article where the commissioners have played the TYPICAL underhanded , backdoor, politicians game.
They passed ordinances with 24 hour notice to keep a lawful, legal discussion and try to shut down the lawful, tax paying business from opening.
The county STOLE money from Starship in the forms of taxes and building permits then pushed them out the back door.
Commissioners should resign ! I will be spitting when I hear your names :
Paul Poole
District 1
Tim Lassetter
District 2
Randolph Collins
District 3
Rodney Brooks
District 4
Al Smith
District 5
Feel free to call them and express your disappointment at the lack of spinal columns.

Newnan, GA

#12 Feb 2, 2009
its going to be nice because you dont have to drive out of your way and some of us are just more exotic than others(old fashion. i hontestly dont see the problem and it would be wrong for preachers etc. to stand outside when they could be at a would preachers feel if people that didnt believe in god stood outside of a church? ramping and raving

Memphis, TN

#13 Feb 3, 2009
Commisioners Should giv Sherf Yeager mo mony to fight this high crime are with.
Put stiff fins on these crimnals saw one the other day buying that snake oil, she said ?
Wher did yall said that shop is in college park ar some wher Please let me no. Thank you
gone go by ther

Bristol, FL

#14 Feb 5, 2009
If u gon go by ther is u gon git yo self some snake oil or some them 'stiff fins'. i seen a lot of crimnals but none ever had no stiff fins! must have worked if they were that stiff. gone go by ther too.

Memphis, TN

#15 Feb 6, 2009
Ihope Starship's Mr Rogers ,dosent here about attorney Brad Shafer..


#16 Feb 9, 2009
Guess I misunderstood .I thought the question was about the pizza man. How would you like to have him cook your pizza?

Newnan, GA

#17 Feb 11, 2009
I'v read a couple comments and I was quite suprized with what I read. There are alot of negative thoughts about Starship. There will always be temptation in the world. What seperates you from temptation is the choice you make. If you didn't have temptation you wouldn't have to make a choice. If your making choices according to your beliefs it only makes you stronger within your faith. So without this temptation "Starship" your saying you want your faith to be an easy ride. I don't think it works that way.

Newnan, GA

#18 Feb 17, 2009
No one is saying that adults can't or aren't legally allowed to view porn in the privacy of their own homes. The problem is that the local government of communities get to choose what types of businesses can and can't opporate in their community. It's only fair to prohibit Starship as long as the law/code/ordainance is enforced evenly and doesn't allow Starships competitors to open in the same community.
If Starship sues and wins, it will undermind the authority of the local government and disolve the power of local democracy.
If you want change you have to be a part of that community and vote for it.

United States

#19 May 12, 2009
How much has county spent on Star Ship . How much do we

owe Mr Roger's now for not letting him open.
Let's not be Backslider's and be Honest on this,because lot's of people are watcking.

Stone Mountain, GA

#21 Sep 7, 2009
dave helm you are exactly right they sell permiys because the vulturs want the money the try to keep starship from opening. they knew what starship was when they sold him the permit.

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