Kevin Frye switching to democrat

Kevin Frye switching to democrat

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Voice of truth

Charlotte, NC

#1 May 12, 2012
Anyone know why fat corrupt lying politician slime-ball kevin Frye ("Brady Cop" liar) switched to supporting hippie democrat Doug Owne for commissioner or crook lawyer Tom McMurray for Coroner?

Was told he hates the current commissioenrs and commissioner candidate Reo Griffith so if Owen wins, fat man has a lapdog on the board and the commissioners left (4 repubs) would be politically weakened and humiliated by being the first to lose a seat to a dem in Avery history, so he would have a strong power for his budget. If all repubs win, he will say he wasn't supporting them.

He is using the fall election to break up straight ticket voting. He was supporting Clerk of court employee Linda Webb for coroner, but he found out she can't hold both offices and she dropped in, then out, then in again and evaded the primary, so he switched to supporting Lawyer Tom McMurray, the crook who framed Susie Smith to cover up his and Frye's mismanagement of ACADA funds. Frye also rented them the ACADA building.

Lindas Webb has no police, criinal court or investigation experience and Frye is trying to get her to run, then show how bad it is to have a coroner office when a dimwit like her with no qualifications can run for the office. SHe supposedly foud out recently and confronted him about it. This crook McMurray is a slimy democrat lawyer who Frye had run and an independent, but he's really a dem with no criminal court experience, no death investigation experience and no investigative experience or training. Who would vote for a money mishandling crook anyhow? What a joke!

Frye hates Coroner candidate John Milan so he has crossed party lines. I have heard the Repub party may censure him for abandoning the party.

Frye spent the spring politicking, even has his poor pathetic wife out slandering people now in the coroner race and commissioner race and congressional race. He quit working as sheriff and is bragging he will retire half into the next term he wins to run for the state house. I think we ned to get his fat ass out of office. His deputies are a bunch of undisciplined slobs and out-of-control cowboys,, out here running over honest people. I hear some damaging pics are out there floating around of Frye's deputies with half-naked underage girls drinking booze. Real sterling Chrisitian guy this Frye fat clown is...
X factor

Linville, NC

#2 May 12, 2012
He is more concerned about his own political agenda than the people.

Nebo, NC

#3 May 12, 2012
He is smart for abandoning the republican party! It has become a symbol of hate and bigotry! If I were republican I would fun like [email protected] from it!
Fast Eddy

Charlotte, NC

#4 May 14, 2012
Kevin Trye is absolutaly not concerned with hate and bigotry. He is def not a purple-haired queer liberal, just an opportunistic chameleon and backstabbing crook. He has no hispanic or black deputies and just fired his only female. He is a had-right type, just out for his own political ends and means. He is hated by the80% registered repubs now in avery county, but his lying, 2-faced side is coming out now....

Banner Elk, NC

#5 May 15, 2012
You have the nerve to call yourself the voice of truth when all you did is spit out hate and lies? It is one thing to civilly disagree on political issues and another to spit out hate, lies and insults. Also, after reading the post with such poor grammar, spelling and substance, the idea that you would call someone else a dimwit is unbelievable. Did you even make it past 6th grade? Obviously you don't know Doug Owen very well. Regardless of his political party, he is no one's lap dog. That was probably the most absurd thing is the whole post. To make blanket statements about the entire sherrif's dept regarding criminal activity is irresponsible. Unless you have real evidence regarding the accusations you made, you have just committed crimes yourself. Do you really think your post presents yourself as a "real sterling Christian guy????" You are a sad joke.

San Luis Obispo, CA

#6 May 15, 2012
"Unless you have real evidence regarding the accusations you made, you have just committed crimes yourself"

I don't really have a dog in this fight, but I know Frye, and I know he does what is expedient in keeping his job. It's been this way in Avery for about 100 years. My family has been dealing with law enforcement for about that long. Remember Edward Gwyn? Not very clean.
Regarding your comment, NO, "you have just committed crimes yourself."
Expressing an opinion is not a crime, though I may agree with it.:)
Fast Eddy

United States

#7 May 16, 2012
All fatso cares about is keeping his pathetic little job, which is why Mitchell Co deputies make 10 hard drug arrests a week and Avery is about ZERO!!! He will not offend ANY voters, even thugs and why his budget is 37K over limit and why he has botched up several death investigations. Kevin is scared a new commissioner (a cop) or a coroner (a ret cop) would watch over his dirty tricks which have gone unchallenged for 6 years thus far...He stinks like a garbage dump at low tide.
Fast Eddy

United States

#8 May 16, 2012
Doug Owen is a long haired, ear-ringed hippie liberal, hates guns, the military, law enforcement, veterans, churches and supports drug legalization and same-sex marriage. He's DEF too wayyy freeken out for Avery Co, but fatso is hoping he will win and humiliate this board of commissioners as the first board to lose a seat to a democrat. They will be politically weak and less likely to fight Kevin on his bloated budget is his thinking. His aunt (Trina) is one of hte highest paid deputies. It's a criminal sham!

Banner Elk, NC

#9 May 16, 2012
Funker: you are right to say that expressing an opinion is not a crime. If VOT was only expressing his/her opinion, I would not have made that statement. But . . . slander, libel, false accusations are crimes. They may not be felonies, but they are still crimes and unethical. That was my point.

Banner Elk, NC

#10 May 16, 2012
Fast Eddy, I see that it says that you are from/in Atlanta. Have you ever met Doug Owen? I ask this because your description of him is mostly off-base.

Long Hair: okay, this one is true. His hair does go past his collar.

Ear ring: Again true. He has worn a cross earring for about 20+ years. He only wears a cross because of his faith. Yes, he is a Christian.

Hippie liberal: He loves classic rock and he is a democrat so, okay, I'll give you that one too.

That's were the truth of your decription ends ...

Hate guns: Nope. He supports our 2nd amendment and he believes in responsible gun-ownership. It is possible to do both. BTW, he is a gun owner himself.

Hates military: Nope. Always been a proud supporter and has serval family members that were veterans including his father and father-in-law (US Navy, both of them)

Hates law enforcement: Nope. He has always supported them. One of his good friends is in law enforcement. Show me one piece of evidence-not your opinion-that proves he hates law enforcement.

Hates veterans: Nope, please re-read the section on the military.

Hates churches: Nope. Doug was raised in the Christian church and he has attended Banner Elk Christian Fellowship since moving to BE in 2003.

Supports drug legalization: Nope. Show me any evidence of this. You can't. You are just stereo-typing.

Same sex marriage: Doug was against Amendment 1 because he doesn't believe that the govt has a right to dictate citizens' personal lives.

He is too out there: You would be surprised by how many republicans have told him they will vote for him. He is reaching across party lines to get things done for Avery. No more politics as usual.

You should actual try talking TO him and not ABOUT him to learn the truth. If you still don't agree with him, fine. But at least open your mind and judge him on the facts and not opinions.

Banner Elk, NC

#11 May 16, 2012
I apologize for my typing errors in the above response but the facts stand true. I'll review more carefully next time.
High Country Truth Man

Charlotte, NC

#12 May 21, 2012
The issue is NOT Owen. He is not in political step with the majority of Avery people and he will get sent a pink slip a 2nd time this NOV but he is undoubtedly a nice man, just too liberal. The issue is this with Frye:
1. He supposedly told Milan he would not backstab a party nominee but did with Linda Webb as a write-in who evaded the primnary and who cannot hold clerk and coroner offices both.
2. Frye then stabbed Webb in the back and backed Democrat turned Independent Tom McMuray, the lawyer who was in charge of ACADA. McMurray and Frye have explaining to do themselves, not just Suzy Smith and this McMurray dude is responsible to the voters for the loss of ACADA funds.
3. Frye then stabbed McMurray in the back and decided to ask the commissioners to ask our representative to aboilish the coroner office.

Aside from the fact that Frye is trying to drag the commissioner election into the fall and help a democrat at the expense of Reo Griffith, he won't suceed. Reo was #2 vote-getter and the coroner post can't be abolished once someone has filed for it, so this would only apply in 4 years.

What is fatso afraid of to cause him to betray his own political party and lie rapid fire as he is doing? Is he afraid voters will learn of perv deputies or be reminded deputies maim innocent motorists repeatedly or that death cases are being botched?

Banner Elk, NC

#13 May 21, 2012
I realize that Doug Owen was not the initial or main issue, but lies were said about him that needed to be addressed.

I hope you and the others have facts and hard evidence to support your accusations of the other because those are serious charges.
Ridgerunner Joe

Charlotte, NC

#14 May 22, 2012
I heard Kevin Frye bought a car at Don Smith ford in Spruce Pine without a purchase order or budget line item authorization from the commissioners. He was told by commissioners they would not pay fopr it and to take it back. don Smith said they would prosecute him for the 1/3 depreciation and sue the county, so the commissioners grudgingly had to pay for it to avoid being sued. This fat, lying criminal slob needs to be prosecuted for larceny/false pretenses (a FELONY). Time for the lying fat man not only to GO but go to JAIL!!!
Mtn Ray

Charlotte, NC

#15 May 22, 2012
If Owen is so "PRO" individual rights, why is he supporting a marxist muslim president (Obama) who wants to disarm honest citizens the same as Hitler and Stalin did? He is a typical liberal loon...
Wild Mandy

Charlotte, NC

#16 May 22, 2012
GS 128-16 provides for (5) qualified electors of a county to file a removal pettition with the court against any sheriff or police officer for among other things: wilful maladministration in office, corruption and other offenses. Seems like fat kevin and his crew of misfits would fall into this category? Citizens maimed, perv deputies in pics with naked underage girls and booze, drug laws not being enforced, budget being abused and mismanaged...YOU be the judge good citizens!
Mtn Ray

Charlotte, NC

#17 May 23, 2012
Well the paper said fatso tried an unprecedented power grab to do away with the coroner office in Avery. Well he LOST! Commissioner Scott Heath supposedly said it was "sorry backroom politics" and should have been addressed 5 years ago, not immediately after someone qualified filed, which made it look like personal action. Glenn Johnson agreed with Scott, as did martha Hicks, who said it was sad it had become so mean-spirited for the county. Phyllis Forbes also agreed and commented you can't abolish an office just because someone might not like who ran and said they could do that to a fellow commissioner candidate. Jon Millen gave a speech to the board for the office and so did fatso against it. The commissioners then voted UNANIMOUSLY 5-0 to keep the coroner and that after they cut fatso's budget by over $100,000.00. Looks like those two humiliating defeats on top of Reo Griffith getting 2nd highest votes after fatso threw all his political might behind defeating him and dragging the election into the fall by backing a democrat shows that fatso has reached his political Waterloo. I saw in the paper they quoted Millen and there will be a larger story next week. Fatso ran Linda Webb against Milen to backstab him on a write-in but she couldn't be coroner because of a conflict-of-interest as a sworn clerk of court employee. Fatso then ran democrat turned independent slimy Boone lawyer Tom MacMurray (who mismanaged ACADA and framed Suzy Smith) against Webb and stabbed her in the back. He then moved to abolish the office and went on to stab MacMurray in the back. How can such a lying sleazeball be our sheriff? I hope we all remember this baloney in 2 years. Time for the fatman and his crew of slob, car-wrecking deputy pervs to go!
me thinks

Sugar Grove, NC

#18 May 30, 2012
i thought this rambling lookd familiar , it was in the avry post today, this is whats runnng for cornor, some venom filled rants, kinda scary this wood hold office
truth REALLY

Nebo, NC

#19 May 31, 2012
Amazing how people get on here and start crap when they are actually perverted old men who have made moves on numerous young girls at Avery High. Yes you know who you are and I know who you are......I dont mind a bit to tell about it shut your trap. You are an idiot, your wife was smart although you love to slander her on facebook. Guess she know you too well and all about your *young things*
Close shave dave

Charlotte, NC

#20 Jun 1, 2012
I agree. I am still speechless that Kevin frye's dirty old perv cop at Avery (Mike Darcy) that ran from the FBI on 421 and head-on hit a truck to avoid prison for raping a 15-year old. Didn't do him any good, he got I think 20 years in federal prison. Unreal! Seems like Frye is all out of gas this time. He lost his budget battle, lost his "back room political deaL" to block a coroner and his lying deputies just cost a kidnapping trial. Time for the fatman to GO!

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