Baur said what everyone KNOWS.
NO cash should EVER be put in the hands of ANYONE on assistance. We have the electronic capability to pay benefits directly to landlords, utilities companies and grocery stores. Grocery stores already use bar-coding, and non-food items, including junk food can be coded to NOT register when paid for by food stamps or an EBT card.

Incredibly, people can still get cash from some ATMs using an EBT card.

Cash to spend as you choose should be a privilege of money that is EARNED. People should spend their own money that they have earned themselves on junk food, cigarettes, pet food.

The way social welfare programs, or the "safety net" are prioritized and managed is absolutely keeping people from ever having a chance to be self-supporting. If they get a low-wage or part-time job, there go their benefits. They can't pay for childcare. They don't have transportation. It's ridiculous.

NOBODY should be in a position where they are better off on assistance programs than working, even if all they can find or qualify for IS a low-wage and/or part-time job. What idiot would search for or take a menial job that has no future and pays LESS than being on assistance?

An end to cash put into the hands of people on assistance would be a strong motivator to go earn some. Tailoring assistance to support workers would make it actually POSSIBLE to HAVE a job.